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Writing Challenge 2015-07-08

Ends during a charity event
Takes place 5 years in the past
Dramatic discovery

She stared at the reflection in the mirror.  Would she ever get used to the stranger looking back at her?  Large blue eyes framed in long bangs, short spiky orange hair, small nose, large mouth that easily shaped itself into a smile. If you looked closely you could see the scars along a cheek, down across the chin, and at the hairline.  Logically, she understood, amnesia and plastic surgery, it would lead to uncertainty and confusion.  Still, five years of looking at a stranger was unsettling.

“Mia!,” called a voice, “are you ready?”

“Coming!,” she called back.

After she was released from the hospital, the Chiba Amnesia Foundation had helped her get back on her feet.  They couldn’t tell her who she was or where she came from, but they made sure she was taken care of.  She had a job, an apartment, and friends.  Every Thursday she led to a support group for amnesiacs. Her roommate, Catherine, had a brother who attended on occasion.

Mia grabbed her purse and dashed to the door.  Trowa was there holding the door open.  She smiled up at him.  “Thanks for escorting us to the Chiba Charity Auction”.

“My pleasure,” he replied.

Mia wandered off by herself.  She was looking at all the art up for auction.  Most of the pieces had bid sheets lying nearby.  She reached a dead end and found a small picture in an alcove.  It was of yellow flowers scattered on the floor surrounded by water and broken glass.

She felt a shock run through her whole body.  Those were her flowers.  Images flooded her mind.  Suddenly, she found herself in a different hallway in front of a door.

She shifted the vase to her hip as she dug in her pocket for her key.  It felt like her face might split from smile.  She couldn’t stop.  Her life was so wonderful; she hadn’t known she could be so happy.

Mina resisted the urge to kiss the house key Malachite had given her last night.  He was slow to commit, but this was a huge step.  They weren’t lovers yet, but what else could this gesture mean?  He was ready to take the next step.

A giggle slipped out as she juggled the large vase.  Water lapped at the edge.  Finally, she got the key in the lock.  Malachite wouldn’t be home, but she wanted to surprise him.  To let him know how much his gift meant to her.

She dropped her purse on the table and headed for the dining room.  As she passed the living room a sound made her stop and turn.

The air froze in her chest.

He was home.

Malachite sat on the couch, his head thrown back, exposing the long line of his throat.  A red shirt gaped open, draping each side of his naked chest.  His breathing was ragged coming in gasps.  His hands were buried in honey colored locks in his lap.

Mina gave a strangled whimper.  The vase slipped from her numb fingers.  The sound of shattering glass filled the air.

His head shot up, staring at her in shock.  “Mina!”

Choking on a sob, she dashed from the room.

No, no, no, no… how could he? This wasn’t happening!

She ran out of the building, not watching where she was going.

Tears rolled down Mia’s face.  They said she was hit by a truck, but there was nothing between heartbreak and the hospital room.

“I’m sorry,” said a deep voice behind her.  “’Loss’ isn’t for sale.  It was brought here by mistake.”

Slowly she turned.  She didn’t want to look, but she had no choice.  She had to see his face.

He stood there in a tuxedo, his silver hair pulled back in a ponytail.  Those beautiful gray eyes, were looking sadly at the painting.

Her heart hurt just looking at him.  “You…you painted this?” she asked quietly.

Pain flashed through his eyes, “yes.”  He finally turned his attention to her.  Malachite looked directly into her eyes.  She couldn’t take a breath, waiting, waiting for him to see her.

He reached out a hand to brush away her tears.  “You honor me with your emotion.  No one else has ever perceived the depth of this image before.  Thank you.”

Mina felt her heartbreak all over again as he turned and walked away.