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This writing challenge really appealed to me, so I wrote three different stories.  Here is the Teen Titans version.


Writing Challenge 2015-04-24

Get dressed

Robin woke to a silent tower.  The team had decided to go camping.  Which was fine, he didn’t mind taking off a day, but a whole week?  That just wasn’t happening. There had been a lot of complaining and guilt, but he had held fast.

He ran a hand through his hair and sat up still tired. His uniform was uncharacteristically tossed on the floor.  After his teammates had left yesterday morning, he had headed into the city and hadn’t returned until the late morning hours.  He had worn himself out and upon returning only had enough energy to strip and collapse.

Reluctantly, he climbed out of bed and pulled on a pair of sweats.  He would take his uniform to the wash and put in a few hours at the gym.


Wet from the gym shower, towel wrapped around his waist, Robin swapped out his uniform for the soiled sweats.  He carried the clean clothes up to his room.  Opening the door he immediately noticed that something was not right.  It only took a half second to realize his tool belt was missing from the floor.  A quick search produced nothing.  Going to the closet for a spare, he could only gape in surprise. All of the belts were missing.

Quickly he made his way to the main computer room.  The security cameras must have recorded the culprit. He punched in the pass code and impatiently waited the fraction of a second it took for the door to open.  Dashing across the room he started pulling up the camera feed.

“Looking for something?” A voice said behind him.

Robin whirled around.  Leaning against the wall was a naked figure with his belt draped around their hips.  He couldn’t stop his gaze from roaming over the glory of the nude form before him.  When his eyes finally met those of the thief, he found them twinkling with laughter.

“If you want it; come and get it.”

Robin grinned.