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This writing challenge really appealed to me, so I wrote three different stories.  Here is the Sailor Moon version.


Writing Challenge 2015-04-24

Get dressed

With careful precise movements Beryl stepped into her gown.  One of her minions appeared to secure the clasp and hand her the staff.  Reverently the crown was returned to her head.  She only ever removed it for him.  Only the man on the bed ever brought her down to the mortal level.

Darien breathed shallowly around the leather belt that bound him to the headboard by his throat. His body was covered in sweat and shook from exertion.  He stared up at her with empty eyes, not comprehending his punishment.

Walking back to him she ran a hand down his face to cup a cheek.  Gently she brushed her thumb over his lower lip.  “You called out her name again.”

She rose and walked toward the door.  Serena had stolen her pleasure again; robbed her of the triumph and orgasm that should have been hers. If she had to destroy the universe to do so, she would punish Serena for possessing Darien’s love. If she couldn’t have the man she loved, than no one would know love again.

Reaching the door she turned to her servant.  “Teach him how to scream my name.”


Sitting on her throne Beryl listened to the castle ring with her name.