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This writing challenge really appealed to me, so I wrote three different stories.  Here is the Gundam Wing version.


Writing Challenge 2015-04-24

Get dressed

Relena sighed.

“What is wrong Miss Relena?” Dorothy asked, as she helped Relena slip into her gown.  I’m looking forward to the date, but I hate all the cameras.  It doesn’t matter what I do, the photos look terrible.”

Dorothy drew up the zipper; the blue silk conformed to Relena’s body like a second skin.  It was sleeveless showing off her shoulders and the mandarin collar emphasized her long neck.

“You look wonderful Miss Relena.” Dorothy said.  Her voice was high and enthusiastic, but her eyes were calculating.

They made their way down to the front door.  As Relena feared, paparazzi surrounded the waiting limo. With another heartfelt sigh she slid her arms into her coat.  When she went to buckle the belt it was missing.  Looking around briefly she saw Dorothy holding it.  “What are you doing? I need that.” Relena held out her hand.

Dorothy smiled with an evil gleam in her eye.  “Not today you don’t.”

“Dorothy,” Relena said seriously, “I have to go, please give me my belt.”

“No,” Dorothy opened the door and pushed her out, “You’ll thank me later.” As she shut the door she quickly stole the ribbon from Relena’s hair.  The door closed with a snap.

Relena was left with the choice of looking like a fool trying to get back into her own home or walking with dignity to her vehicle.  Lifting her chin, Relena made her way down the sidewalk.  The wind caught her trench coat whipping it like a cape behind her.  Long dark blonde locks freed from the braids fluttered about her face.

The cameras flashed and Relena wished she had remembered her tinted glasses.  As she approached the limo a strong tan hand reached out for her and guided her in.  As they settled inside she felt her companion’s intense gaze as it roved over her.  Her face warmed under the passionate scrutiny.

“You look good wearing the wind,” Trowa said softly.

“Thank you,” Relena said, blushing.  She also sent a silent thanks to Dorothy.

The next morning papers showed Ambassador Darlian leaving on a date with her fiancé.  Every shot was glorious.  The caption read “From Queen to Goddess.”

Dorothy smiled to herself; clipping the article she added it to her scrapbook.