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Writing Challenge 2015-01-27

During the story, a character is forced to go shopping.


Ryo stared at the dark store front.  He didn’t want to do this.  Kento had said that this was the place he usually purchased their toys.  The large man had given specific instructions for the size and material he wanted.

If only he could have thought of a reasonable excuse to turn down Kento’s request.  Ryo growled in frustration, delaying entering the specialty store ‘Exotic’ as long as possible.

“Come on, Ryo,” he said to himself.  “just get in there and get it done.”

Grabbing the door handle, he jerked it open and stepped inside the dim interior.  The store was small, but it was packed with shelves.  A wide array of toys filled every available space.  Slowly, he looked over the items.

They had learned their lesson early that year, nothing that made noise or required batteries.  When tigers eat electronics, things get bad very quickly.  They were still paying for the Vet bill.

Twenty minutes later Ryo was ready to make a run for it and tell Kento he would have to do it himself.  Nothing in the store seemed to match his requirements.

Ryo jumped, scared out of his skin, when a voice spoke from behind him.  “May I help you?”

With a hand over his racing heart, Ryo turned to face the owner of the rasping voice.

A pale man with green hair and purple eye shadow stood much too close.  Especially, when he had a large snake draped around his shoulders.

Stepping quickly away from the stranger, he watched the snake with distrust.  He’d never liked snakes.  “Uh, maybe,” Ryo said.  “Kento said you carried-”

“Ah,” the man interrupted.  “If Kento sent you, then what you want is in the back.”

Ryo fought down a shudder at the way the store owner looked him up and down, plus the creepy smile.  Kento was definitely doing his own shopping from now on.

“Follow me,” the green haired man said.

Not seeing any other option, Ryo followed.


“Never again,” Ryo stated.  “I’m not going  back there again.”

“Why not?” Kento asked.

“I don’t like the way that guy looked at me.”

“Naza? He’s harmless.  Sure he spends a little too much quality time with his snakes, but he’s not a bad guy.  Anyway, he’s the only guy in town who carries what we need.”

Kento pulled the new toy out of the back of the jeep.  It was a length of rope, six feet long, six inches thick, with knots the size of bowling balls on either end.

White Blaze appeared out of nowhere to seize hold and attempt to pull it out of Kento’s hands.

“I’m not going back,” Ryo muttered under his breath.

Kento laughed, grunting he tugged the rope and dragged the white tiger a couple feet.  “Good luck finding anyone else who sells tiger toys.”