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by Nova

Teen Titans (Animated)
(a series of PWP/Lemon dreams by Raven)



Raven’s eyes felt heavy as she fought to stay awake.  Every night another dream, more burning passion and unmet desires.  She couldn’t take it anymore, she thought, as she lost the fight and slipped into sleep.


He was leaning over her.  His naked chest was dripping with moisture; drops ran down over taut muscles to be absorbed in the loose gray sweatpants.  He gently removed the book from her arms laying it on the coffee table.  She watched him through half-lidded eyes, the TV flickered silently behind him.

He turned back and gently lifted her into his arms.  Her head came to rest on his shoulder, her nose almost brushing his neck.  The only sound was the pounding of her heart as she stared at the long length of his neck.  Leaning forward, she laid her lips against the warm column of skin.  The slight tightening of his hands made her bolder and she allowed her tongue to taste the skin.  She felt his silent gasp against her side and the increased pace of his heart.  Lips, teeth, and tongue explored, tasted, and nipped the skin within easy reach.

This time she would be in control of the dream.  She would finally let go and take what she wanted.

The arms gently lay her down on her bed.  She wrapped one hand around the back of his neck keeping him close and with the other she grabbed the edge of his mask and peeled it away.

Richard’s amazing blue eyes looked down at her.

“Raven, what are you doing?”


She pulled him down, sealing her lips against his.  The mask slipped from her fingers and she plunged them into his hair.  Boldly she ran her tongue over his bottom lip.  He gasped and she slid it inside to mate with his.

Dick groaned and kissed her back.  He was strong, skillful, and so hot.  It was more amazing than anything she had yet imagined.  He brought the same determination and focus to this that he put into everything he did.

She could have spent all night just kissing him, if her body hadn’t reminded her that there was so much more.  The core of her throbbed and ached.  Night after night of these dreams had her already on the brink.  Tonight, she would get exactly what she needed, what she had denied herself in the other dreams.

Raven ran her hands over the naked flesh above her.  One nail skimmed over a nipple, drawing a moan of pleasure from the man in her arms.  She traced over each of his abs until she came to the waistband of his pants.  Confidently, she slipped her and inside and wrapped her fingers around his hard length.

Dick pulled his lips away gasping.  She could see the passion blazing in his eyes as he looked down on her.  “Raven, are you sure you-” he stopped short as she tightened her grip and stroked him.

“Yes, please Richard,” she begged, not caring how it sounded.  She was on fire and she wouldn’t go another night unsatisfied.

Quickly, he stripped them of their few clothes.  When he came back to her arms it was with the amazing sensation of flesh on flesh.  He was kissing her again, ravaging her mouth and she moaned wantonly.  The calluses on hands created delightful tingling across her skin as he explored her body.  Each touch wound her tighter and tighter.

He kept trying to slow down, but she was too far gone.  She couldn’t wait, she had wanted him, wanted this, for too long.  Desperate, she wrapped her legs around his waist, moaning, “please,” into his mouth.

She could feel him teasing her entrance as she writhed against him.

Gently, he eased the head into her dripping entrance.  She whimpered at his shallow thrusts.  He tightened his arms, holding her against his chest.  Then he surged forward, filling her.  He swallowed her surprised cry of pain.  It shocked her out of the moment for a second, then Dick was thrusting into her and the pain was forgotten.  Pleasure rushed through her drowning out everything else.

Swiftly she approached the peak, before she could fully appreciate the view, she was pushed over.  The orgasm slammed through her and she screamed her pleasure against Richard’s lips.

Distantly, she heard the shattering of glass, as the intense pleasure rolled away, but Dick was not done.  He continued to move against her and soon she found herself again falling, a second orgasm sweeping her away.  This time Richard joined her, crying out his own pleasure.

Exhausted he lay atop her, his head beside her on the bed.  She could feel his ragged breath on her ear.

Slowly, she realized there was a chill wind blowing across her skin.  Carefully turning her head she could see where the windows of her room had been shattered and her curtains floated on the wind.

Reality settled in.

Raven blinked hard at the ceiling above her bed.  She wasn’t sleeping.

Very slowly, she turned to look at the face lying next to hers.

“Richard, what just happened?”

“A dream came true.”