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by Nova

Teen Titans (Animated)
(a series of PWP/Lemon dreams by Raven)



Raven tossed fitfully in her bed. It was coming again and there was nothing she could do to stop it.


She stood at the pool again. Her eyes could not move from the writhing couple. Each time she watched, it was a little different, playing out desires she couldn’t name or give voice to in her waking mind.

Here she could vicariously indulge in something unreachable in her real life.

Her body throbbed and burned with each caress. Involuntarily her hand moved to ease some of the building pressure. As she touched herself a gasp left her lips. Jynx’s hand beckoned.

She knew the plunge was coming and also knew there was no stopping it; her mind could not take the step required to join the imaginary couple.

Raven did not fight the fall and slipped beneath the waves. The warm water wrapped around her and she drifted. Light made beautiful patterns above her. Lower and lower she sank, leaving the light behind, until she came in contact with something solid.

Vaguely, she thought it must be the bottom of the pool, but it was warm against her back.

Gently, hands grasped her shoulders and turned her.

Aqualad smiled at her with heat in his eyes.

Her already pounding heart picked up speed.

He pulled her close so that there bodies were pressed together. Taking hold of her hands, he guided them around his waist. Then he clasped her face and lowered his lips to hers. His lips were warm and firm. The kiss was chaste, but so wonderful, sending tingles through her.

Part of her was finally willing to admit that she wanted to be touched; to feel the passion of two bodies coming together.

When his tongue caressed the crease between her lips requesting access, she opened to him. Eagerly he touched and explored the recess of her mouth. Her own tongue transmitted sensations she didn’t know were possible. She moaned in pleasure, tightening her grip, causing delicious friction between there bodies.

Aqualad’s hands drifted down over her back to cup her ass, kneading the taut flesh. A knee slipped between her legs and slid up to touch her sensitive outer lips. She moaned and he kissed her harder, tilting his head he deepened the kiss, swallowing the sound.

She was pulled along his strong thigh, every inch filled with waves of ecstasy. When their sexes came together and she felt his hard length against her womanhood, she couldn’t contain the rush of pleasure.

She pulled back from the kiss and gasped.

Water rushed into her throat.


Raven shot up in bed gasping and choking. After a few ragged breaths, she allowed her self to collapse back against her pillows. She was surprised they didn’t catch fire and combust on contact with her burning skin.

At this rate she was going to have to learn how to masturbate.

Dream 6