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by Nova

Teen Titans (Animated)
(a series of PWP/Lemon dreams by Raven)



She moved through the silent halls of the tower. Something was pulling at her, some emotion, strong and demanding. She followed it and found herself standing by the pool.

Waves were lapping at the sides, something was agitating the surface.

As she looked down the length of the pool, sitting on the edge with her legs kicking at the water was Jynx. She didn’t seem to notice Raven. Her lips moved as if talking to someone.

Raven felt her cape ripple in the air. The wind snagged the bands from Jynx’s hair causing the pink locks to fall about her face.

Jynx laughed, moving to stand beside the pool. She lifted her arms above her head and her dress quickly disappeared. The Mystic Mistress stood in skimpy black lace underwear and black boots.

It finally occurred to Raven’s slow mind that Kid Flash must be here.

Of course, her rational brain filled in, she was dreaming about the story KF had told the male members of the team. At the time, she had known it was a bad idea to listen. She knew better.

Kid Flash appeared in front of Jynx. He leaned in and kissed her. Black tipped nails ran up to grip his hair.

Their desire simmered in the air, filling Raven’s lungs with every breath. The emotion pressed against her demanding that she accept it. She fought not to submit, all the while unable to look away from the passionate scene before her.

The couple continued to move. After returning the kiss for a few minutes, Jynx used her grip to pull his head back and push him down. He obliged, trailing kisses down her neck, over a collar bone, across a breast, latching on to a nipple through the thin material. Jynx’s mouth opened in a quiet gasp.

Raven felt her own nipples tingle in response. She could feel the warmth of his breath, the rasp of his tongue across the sensitive flesh.

Kid Flash reached around to remove the bra. Jynx shook her head; again she applied pressure, moving his head farther down. He glanced up, his lips moving, questioning. She nodded, a promise to reciprocate later.

His lips came back to her body, sliding down over her taut stomach. Playfully, his tongue teased her belly button.

Raven felt every movement of those searing lips over her skin. Her heart beat faster, the blood burned in her veins.

KF abandoned the bra, hands grazed over her back, sliding under the edges of the lace panties to grip Jynx’s ass. This caused the underwear to fall down completely, exposing her to his descending mouth.

As his tongue slid between her wet folds, Raven could not hold back an answering moan.

The couple’s eyes turned to her.

Raven could only stare back.

Jynx raised a hand and signaled for her to come join them.

Raven took a hesitant step forward, and plunged into the pool.


Raven’s eyes shot open, her arms were flung to the side as if attempting to swim. The throbbing of her body let her know it was going to be a long night.

Chapter 5