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Writing Challenge 12/11/2014

Theme: Cougar

Lady Une – Gundam Wing
Sai Mouri – Ronin Warriors

“Ah!! It tried to bite me!!” Duo screamed, yanking his hand away from the cage.

Trowa just blinked at him.

“You’re not supposed to stick your hand in the cougar’s cage.” Quatre said gently.

Duo shook an accusing finger at Trowa.  “He just got done scratching behind her ear!”

“Yes, well…” Quatre searched for the right answer and finally shrugged, “He’s Trowa.”

He tried not to laugh at the exaggerated pout on Duo’s face.  The braided man spent a few more minutes being sullen and scratching the toe of his boot in the dirt before finally turning away from the cage.  Duo yawned stretching his arms above his head and bowing backward until his spine cracked.  Resuming a vertical stance, he linked his hands behind his head.

“So, when is this party going to start?  I’m bored.” Duo said.

Quatre checked his watch.  “It should be soon.  I checked on Chef Mouri when he arrived and he said it should all be ready in a few hours, which is only fifteen minutes away.”

Duo frowned, “you mean the red headed kid you were talking to is the Chef?”

Quatre nodded.  “He may only be 21, but I have used him for multiple functions already and he is excellent.”

The gurgling of Duo’s stomach filled the air.

Quatre laughed, “Well if you feel that way about it I’ll go check.  Why don’t you and Trowa see if you can get everyone into positions?  Lady Une should be arriving and we can get her surprise party underway.”

Quatre made his way to the makeshift kitchen they had erected for Chef Mouri’s use.  It was hidden off to the side, so it couldn’t be easily seen and ruin the surprise.  Every year the Preventers attempted to throw Lady Une a birthday party and every year she had come up with a way to thwart their plans or turn the tables.  This year they were doing it a month early and staging it at the Circus between acts.

This year the surprise was going to be theirs.

As he came around a corner he saw a couple embracing in the shadowy corridor.  Normally, he would just find another way around, but they were directly in front of the only entry into the kitchen.  He gently cleared his throat.  The couple did not notice.  After three attempts, each one louder than the last, the shorter figure pulled away and noticed him over the taller figure’s shoulder.

The man sprang back from the embrace, a blush suffusing his face, and began to stutter, “Mr. Winner! I… I.. I’m sorry.  I… I… was just going to… to come get you.”

“That is alright Chef Mouri.” Quatre said in a sympathetic voice, “Our guest of honor should be arriving very soon and we want to make sure everything…” Quatre’s voice faded away into stunned silence as the tall figure turned to face him.

The only sound was the crunch of dirt under boots.  A slim hand reached out and closed Quatre’s gapping mouth.  “I’m turning Forty, I’m not dead.”

He could only stare as Lady Une walked away.

And the Surprise goes to Lady Une