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Writing Challenge 2014-11-25


Petals danced upon the breeze as Zoicite made his way through the garden.  Each bud raised its head and bloomed at his passing.  He hummed a happy tune and the roses danced.

Here he could be alone, here he was always welcome.  Nestled in the back, a small gazebo for two, decorated in the rarest of indigo blossoms, his lover awaited.

Their duties were many, but each week they found a little time to slip away and be together.  Anticipation made him quicken his step.  A burst of petals preceded him, blowing back the waterfall of roses hiding the entrance.

Zoicite stumbled in shock.  The figure seated in the gazebo lowered a book revealing blue eyes framed in glasses.

“What are you doing here?” Zoicite snapped.

“Reading, obviously,” came Treize’s casual reply, not at all phased by Zoicite’s obvious irritation.  He removed his glasses and ran a hand through his blonde locks.  “May I help you?”

“Yes,” he hissed, “you can leave.”

Treize slipped a silk ribbon into the book, closed it and tucked it under his arm.  “Am I interrupting you lover’s tryst?”

Zoicite couldn’t control the blush that stained his cheeks.  Treize’s booming laugh only deepened his color.  Fists clenched in frustration, he turned his eyes to the side, refusing to meet the other man’s mocking gaze.

There was the rustle of clothes as Treize rose and moved toward the doorway.  He stopped so close, that Zoicite could feel the warmth of the man’s body heat along his arm.  The feel of fingers on his cheek, brought his head up to find Treize’s eyes only inches from his own.

“That is a beautiful color on you.” Treize breathed against his lips, “I hope he appreciates it.”

Zoicite was frozen, caught in the intensity of those blue eyes.

So much passion barely controlled, just waiting for the slightest excuse.

If he swayed forward even a fraction that passion would be unleashed on him.

For a moment he wondered what it would be like.

For a moment…


The voice came from just behind him and freed him from the spell.  Carefully he stepped back.  Treize possessed passion, but ultimately it would be possession, not union.  Zoicite’s lover was his friend and knew him beyond his reputation, loved him despite it.

“Treize was just leaving,” Zoicite said.

Treize gave one more heated look and quickly walked away.

Zoicite turned and a figure stepped out of the blossoms.  “I thought we agreed that no one should know you are here?” Zoi asked.

“Yes, well… I was worried.  Treize is very handsome and obviously attracted to you.  I thought for a moment… maybe…”

“For a moment, so was I,” Zoi said.  He wrapped his arms around the slim figure, “but you saved me, my princess.”

She leaned into him, lifting her lips toward his.  “Zoi,” she said softly.

He breathed her name as his lips settled on hers.


The story must have a scholar in it. The story must have a talisman appear in the middle. A character opens a door.