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Writing Challenge 11-5-2014

During the story, there is a delivery made. During the story, a character finds a pleasant surprise.

Wally West

There was a knock on the door and Catherine opened it to see a delivery man.  The large package blocked the person, except for the cap on their head.  The lightening bolt logo with the line, “delivered in a flash” arched over the top.

“Catherine Bloom?” asked the person.

“Yes,” Catherine said.

A clipboard appeared around the package, “Please sign here.”

She took the pen, tied with a string dangling from the clipboard, and signed.

The delivery person sat the box down and she could see it was a man with red hair and blue eyes.  He bowed, “good day,” he said, and was gone.

The box was too large to fit easily inside her trailer, so she opened it right on her step.  Inside she found a sheet of paper lying on top of the packing material.  It was directions, instructing her to take out the container in the box, fill it with water, and leave it outside.

Carefully she unpacked the box and found a beautiful green multi-faceted glass vase.  It reminded her of Trowa’s eyes.

A quick search around the circus and she was able to find a suitable wooden crate.  She placed the vase on the crate outside her door.  After she added the water, went inside to put on her exercise outfit.

A short time later she stepped out to go for her run and found a flower in the vase.  It was a beautiful yellow rose.  She grinned and looked around to see who might have placed the flower, but there wasn’t anyone around.  Giving the flower another look, she took off.

When she arrived back twenty minutes later, two more flowers had joined the rose, a pink carnation and red tulip.  She smiled touching the flowers lovingly.  Who was delivering her such a unique bouquet?

As she moved up the steps to enter her trailer a breeze caused her hair to whip around her face.  Concerned for the flowers, she stepped back to look at the vase.  She gasped in surprise; a sunflower had joined the other blooms.

“How?” she asked the empty area around her trailer.

Throughout the day, the vase filled with flowers.  Each one was different and unique; some she knew, some were completely new and fascinating.

Finally that evening a card arrived.  Inside it listed each flower and its original location.

“Happy Birthday, Catherine,” a voice said behind her.

She turned to find the Manager standing there.  “Are these from you?” she asked.

He nodded.  Catherine threw her arms around him in a fierce hug.  Manager laughed and hugged her back.  “I’m glad you like them.  I thought you would enjoy a memento of our journey here on Earth.  Each flower originates from a country we visited.”

“It is wonderful!  How did you deliver them all day?”

He shook his head, “I didn’t.  I just asked that the flowers be delivered.”

There was a burst of wind and a business card appeared on the crate.

Delivered in a Flash

Catherine stared at the card, “they really mean it.”