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Writing Challenge 11/3/2014

A character becomes greedy during the story. During the story, a character finds a long-lost relative.


Kento reached down for the walkie-talkie at his waist.  Keying the mike “Hardrock here,” he said.

“Craps 7, code red” came the static garbled reply.

“On my way.”  Placing the walkie-talkie back in its holster, he made his way across the casino floor.  The crowded floor parted to allow him to move quickly, whether it was his size or the black t-shirt with ‘Security’ across the back, he didn’t question it.

He could hear the commotion before he could see the table.  A woman’s voice rang across out the gambling floor.  It had a deep booming quality that really carried.

She was screaming at the dealer, who refused to allow her to bet.  Other members of security were nearby incase she became physical, but they would keep their distance unless she forced their hand.  He was the handler; which meant he had the honor of escorting the violent customers out the door.

Kento was relieved that the action was happening at Integra’s table.  She was cool and aloof, not even blinking at the seething fury spiting in her face.

Integra gave him a sidelong glance as he arrived by her side.  They both kept a careful eye on the furious woman a couple feet away.

“So, what is the situation?” he asked.

In a bored voice Integra related, “The Lady has run out of house credit and she wants an extension.  I called the house and they have refused.  The Lady is not taking it well.”

He looked over the woman before him.  She wore a purple gown that he was afraid she might spill out of.  Long red hair rippled down her back and may have looked good at the beginning of the night, but now was frizzing and floated around like a red cloud.  Her eyes were too wide, showing all of her iris, and the whites had a yellow tint.  She was most likely an alcoholic and sometime this evening had ingested meth.  There was really no good way to deal with a person on drugs.  His only hope was to get her off the floor as quickly as possible.

“Ma’am, please come with me and we will see what we can do to help you.”  He extended a hand showing her the direction he wanted her to walk.

“Just tell that bitch,” the woman screamed, pointing one wickedly tipped finger at Integra, “to give me my fucking money!”

Kento stepped in front of Integra, blocking her with his body.  “Please come with me,” he said.

Whatever control the woman had left snapped.  With a scream of rage she launched herself at him.  Her fingers were tipped with wicked looking nails.  He raised an arm to protect his face, the nails sliced into his skin.  Ignoring the pain, he grasped her forearm, pulling her to the side which caused her to stumble.  Quickly, he twisted her arm around behind her back, pushing up it forced her to move in the direction he guided and extremely limited her ability to harm him.

The woman continued to scream obscenities at him as she marched forward.  People stopped and stared as they went by, but promptly went back to their gambling.  It was just another Vegas show for them.

Sally was waiting for him with a cell open and ready for their guest.

Kento guided the woman inside and giving her a shove, so she stumbled away, he released her stepping back out of the cell.  Sally closed the door, double checking that it was securely locked.

He followed Sally out of the holding area, the sound proofing door closed, sealing away the woman’s screams.  The head of security would have already contacted the authorities.  They only had to hold her until the police arrived.

With a sigh he took a seat at the table with the first aid supplies on it.  Sally sat down next to him and started examining his arm.

“Wow,” Sally said, “was she wearing knives?”

Kento chuckled, “it looked like it.”  He liked Sally, she was fun and efficient.  It was rare to find someone who knew what they were doing and had a sense of humor.

“I am going to recommend you let me stitch these.”

“Okay,” he said with false casualness, “I trust you more than some stranger at the hospital.”

She smiled sweetly at him and he hoped she didn’t realize the color flooding his face was a blush.  He wasn’t very good at flirting, but hopefully he would find a way to ask her out before one of the other guys did.  In an odd way it was lucky that he was the person injured most often.  He got to spend that much more time with her.

He was so wrapped up in his thoughts he didn’t realize his walkie-talkie was going off until Sally looked down at it.  With his uninjured arm he grabbed the walkie-talkie and keyed the mike.  “Hardrock here.”

“We have an elderly couple here who want to speak with you.”

“Sorry, I’m with the medic,” he responded.

“They claim to know the woman who attacked you.”

“Okay, ask them to wait, I’ll be with them as soon as Miss Po bandages me up.”  He looked apologetically at Sally.  She was shaking her head.  “I promise to come back for the stitches, right now just stop the bleeding.”

With a sigh she went to work, he hated to disappoint her, but he had work to do.


Kento stepped out to the security booth.  An elegantly dressed older couple hovered nearby.  He had been doing this job long enough to recognize old money.  “How may I help you?” he asked.

The gentleman’s lips were compressed, but lines of worry were around his eyes.  The woman looked like she might cry at any moment; her eyes were focused on his heavily bandaged arm.  “I am so sorry,” she said in an accented voice.

“It will be alright, just part of the job,” he tried to reassure her.  “How do you know the customer?”

“She is our daughter,” the gentleman replied.  “She has been missing for ten years.  May we see her?”

He was blown away.  Ten years? It made what he had to say that much harder.  “I’m sorry, but I can’t let you back there, we can’t take the chance that she might harm you.”

“Beryl would never harm me,” the lady protested.

Kento felt really bad for her, finding your child after ten years, only to see her dragged away.  Knowing that she would be in a jail cell that night; it couldn’t be easy.  “I’m sorry, but that is policy.”

The gentleman put an arm around her shoulders.  “Don’t worry dear, we have found her, we won’t lose her again.”  He turned his gaze to Kento, “I assume the Casino will be pressing charges?”

Kento nodded.

“We will contact our lawyers and let them handle getting us access to Beryl and address the charges.” He was all command now, “For now, we will wait till our daughter is escorted from the premises.”

It was a relief when they turned away.  They left him feeling like he had abducted their daughter.

Sighing he returned to the medical area.  He stopped short when he heard Sally laugh.  Standing next to her was a tall green eyed security guard.  A wave of jealous possessiveness hit him.  Damn it, he wasn’t witty, but he had to find a way to compete.

Reaching down he grasped his black T and pulled.  The sound of tearing fabric filled the room.  He dropped the shredded cloth to the floor.  Walking confidently over to Sally, he looked down at her, waiting for her eyes to work their way up over his chest to meet his gaze.

“I’m all yours.”