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Okay, I have completely lost interest in this story.  The ending is written, but I just don’t want to write Gundam battles or espionage.  So, I am just going to post the ending and leave it at that.  Sorry.

Gundam Wing – AU
by Nova


“Who’s your lover?”

This just goes to show, you can only blowup so many times without dire consequences. Heero wakes up in another dimension and boy is he in for a surprise.

Part 5

Insert Gundam battle and fighting their way through the facility.



Heero gathered Duo’s body close as he pressed his back against Wing.

“I am so sorry Heero,” Duo said, breaking into a hacking cough.

He frowned at the head resting on his shoulder. “Why?”

“That you will never return to your world and never get to tell Duo that you love him.”

Heero opened his mouth to speak, but she cut him off.  “I know you don’t think you could declare you feelings out loud, but I know if you are anything like my Heero and believe me you are, you would have found the courage just like he did.  I am so sorry that you have to die here with me and miss out on living your life with the one you love.”  Heero could hear the fluid gurgling in her chest as she struggled to speak.  “I’ll tell you a secret Heero.  I never expected to live out this war.  Heero and I, you and I are a spectacular team.  We would have crushed OZ, but I could never picture the war ending.  I have lived my life day by day for ten years now.  Even loving Wufei did not make me see anything beyond today.  Deep down I always expected to die in a blaze of glory.  You know, Shinigami took out the last of the enemy and peace is declared.  I followed you Heero, unblinking into every battle, knowing you would lead me to my death and I accepted it as my destiny.  But I never once considered that you would die with me.  You, the perfect solider, would find some way to survive.” She is coughing fiercely now and flecks of blood stain her lips.


“Heero, there is something I have to say before,” her breathing is ragged and she can barely speak, “I go.  I don’t want to die knowing that I never told you I love you.  Wufei has my heart, but you pull at my soul.  I felt it with my Heero and then with you.  I feel like there is a bond between us that even time and space can’t break.  You just can’t fight fate.  Since the moment I shot you and met your icy stare I knew, I was destined to spend the rest of my life with you.”  Her voice was barely audible and she mouthed ‘Heero’ before she went limp in his arms.  Those beautiful blue violet eyes stared lifelessly at him.

“I know.” He said softly to the most important person in his life. “Where ever or who ever you are Duo.  We will always be together.”  He tucked her head in the crock of his neck and hugged her close. “Forever.”  A single tear slowly slid down his cheek as he pressed the detonator.

The OZ under ground base collapsed and the river rushed in to claim its new territory.

The pain ripped at him.  This was a familiar feeling.  Dying hurt, but he did not remember this rocking and swaying, like he was at sea.  He could hear the wind moaning, it almost seemed to be saying his name.

When he opened his eyes it was not to see clouds or angels or flames.  He saw something so much more breathtaking – Duo’s face.  Death had come for him just as he had promised.  He watched fascinated by the way the light glistened off the tears running freely down Duo’s cheeks.

“Oh, thank god your alive Heero!”


Duo held Heero tight as he babbled about how scared he was and how he thought he would never see him again.

Heero pulled Duo back so he could look in his face.  Gently he took his thumb and wiped it across Duo’s cheek.  In a voice as gentle as he has ever spoken he said. “We will be together forever. It’s fate.”