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Writing Challenge 10-16-2014

The story is set in a big city. The story takes place a thousand years into the future. The story must involve an earring.



Fate in Jade
by Nova

The gorgeous man with waist length red locks barely noticed the adoring gazes sent his way.

Nephrite walked confidently down the streets of Crystal Tokyo.  Life was good, he was healthy, happy, had good friends and thanks to the industrious work of his VP, his corporation was going to be doubling in size.  Agen-Esrev had just signed a contract to be the uniform supplier for the entire kingdom.  Fuu deserved something special for all her hard work.

He stopped before a shop featuring a large rose prominently on the sign reading “Sucric Blooms”.  The ladies at work loved to leave jewelry magazines spread around the office.  “Sucric Blooms” was very poplar, offering moderate to very high priced pieces.  The owner was well known for creating unique flower designs featuring an array of jewels & stones.

A light tinkling danced on the air when he opened the door to enter.  An old-fashioned sterling silver door ringer was mounted above the door, in the shape of a tulip.  “I’ll be right with you!” came a voice from behind the counter on the far side of the store.  He began to peruse the display cabinets.  The ladies were right, there were many choices of floral arrangements.  Interestingly, he found a cabinet of swords and knives featuring intricate inlay and etching.  They appeared to be functional as well as decorative.  Very unusual given the 300 years of peace they were currently experiencing.

Nephrite was looking over five perfectly matched daggers, when a voice spoke from the other side of the cabinet.

“Those are throwing knives, perfectly balanced, and hand made.  Would you like to examine them?” a female voice asked.

“No, I am here for-” Nephrite looked up and lost his train of thought.  A lovely smiling face greeted him, red curls danced around her shoulders, but the eyes caught him.  They were a fascinating blue bordering on violet.  He could only imagine how they would change with her mood, lightening with laughter or darkening with passion.

He was struck with a feeling of deja vu.  Something was so familiar, it teased the edges of his mind.  They had never met before, this he was sure, but an overwhelming feeling of protectiveness welled up inside him.  No where was safer than Crystal Tokyo, but he needed to put himself between her and any hint of danger.  She was his to protect.

He blinked hard, stepping back, attempting force the feeling away.  His brain insisted she was missing a ribbon in her hair, then she would be perfect.  What was happening to him?

The girl seemed to take his odd reaction in stride. “For?” she asked, giving him a reassuring smile.

“For?” he repeated, desperately he tried to rein his thoughts in.

She nodded slowly, “Yes, what are you looking for?  Perhaps I can help.”

“Yes,” he finally answered, “I am looking for a gift for one of my employees.”

“Alright,” she said, giving a professional nod.  “If you will follow me, over here we have some lovely necklaces and key chains.  Perfect for an impersonal and professional show of gratitude.”

Freed from her gaze he was able to drag himself back together.  Who was this girl, that inspired such intense feelings with only a glance?  What was happening to him?  He had had many relationships, but never had he felt this kind of connection before.  He did not believe in love at first sight, but he could not come up with a reasonable explanation for his feelings.

As she showed him the contents of another cabinet, he did his best to concentrate on the wares, while stealing glances at the sales girl.

“Does the lady have a favorite color?” she asked.

“Green,” he said, recalling the many times he saw Fuu in green suits and how they matched the color of her eyes.

“We have a fine selection of Jade, in many intricate designs,” she replied.

“This rose pendent in amazing,” he said.  The flower appeared to be a miniature rose in exquisite detail.

“Thank you,” she said, her voice rang with pride.  “I designed it myself.”

He looked up in surprise, “Really? I’m impressed.  Do the owners use many of your designs?”

Her pleased laughter ran a tingling hand down his back.

“You could say that,” she said with a mischievous glitter in her eyes.  “I’m one of the owners, Catherine Bloom.  My brother Triton and I do almost all the designs ourselves.”

He reached across the case to shake her hand.  “A pleasure to meet you Catherine, I’m Maxfield Nephrite Stanton.”

Catherine’s hand was strong and delicate in his.  The physical contact confirmed what he already suspected, he was attracted to Miss Bloom.  He had already noted the lack of a wedding band.  Deep down, he wasn’t certain if that would have stopped him or not, but it was convenient.

Her laughter again did wonderful things to him.

“Nephrite? Really?” Catherine grinned at him.  Taking her hand back, she gathered her red locks in her hands creating a ponytail high on her head.  “I made these to go with the pendent, but fell in love with them myself.  They are made of Nephrite Jade.”

Perfect green roses adorned her earlobes.

Again he was assaulted with an overwhelming feeling of familiarity.  This time instead of protectiveness, he felt pride.  He knew she was strong, independent, and his equal.  She could be seduced, adored, but never conquered.  The image of a woman with the strength of a warrior, but the bearing of a princess flooded his mind.

What was happening to him?  This woman had aroused more feeling in him over the last few minutes than he could remember experiencing with any other woman in his life.

He was no fool, he hadn’t built a multimillion dollar business by sitting on the sidelines wondering.  No way was he going to let this woman escape.  Somehow, she was meant for him.

Smiling at her with all the warmth she made him feel inside he said, “I’ll take the necklace and dinner with you tonight.”

She blinked at him in surprise and he thought for a moment she would refuse.  He held his breath waiting for her response, had he been too bold?  Then she nodded and he let out a relieved breath.  “Okay,” she said, “but only if my brother accompanies us.”  Catherine cocked an eyebrow at him as she issued her ultimatum.

He laughed and it felt really good.  “Excellent, who better to expose all of your most embarrassing secrets.”

A blush suffused her face, but she didn’t back down.  He looked forward to a very interesting evening.


Outside on the side walk, a figure in white watched the couple flirt inside the jewelry store.  A gentle smile graced her lips, “I wish you better luck this time.”

A warm arm wrapped itself around her waist.  “Will my old friend make it?”

She laid her head on his shoulder, “fate only knows, but there is a chance and that is all we can ask for.”

The royal couple strolled away, their thoughts and prayers with the man reaching for his future.