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Gundam Wing – AU
by Nova


“Who’s your lover?”

This just goes to show, you can only blowup so many times without dire consequences. Heero wakes up in another dimension and boy is he in for a surprise.

Part 4

It lay still like a viper ready to strike.  If left alone he would never know how deadly it could be.  But the choice wasn’t Heero’s anymore.  He tensed as he approached the laptop, unaware of his clenched fists until the sharp edges of the transmitter dug into his palm.  Forcing himself to relax, he stored the small piece of metal away on his person.  Duo had given it to him just before she left.

“Always keep this close.  It will transmit a better than average psychic shield around you.” A grimace flashed across her face quickly. “We learned the hard way that normal humans can’t fight this war.  Too many brain hackers and most of them untrained.  They go at your mind with a pickaxe and what’s left resembles vegetable soup.”

Brain hackers? What kind of world was this?

The answer to that question lay in the computer just a few steps away.

Ignoring his emotions as he had most of his life, he did what had to be done.  Sitting down, he opened the laptop.  As expected the information was in his own clinically precise style.

ac1862540600 – training 56% compete….
ac1881671200 – mobile suit training begins…
ac1932441830 – first mission.  Destroy mobile suit plant…
ac1932560510 – mission has caused set back.  Training resumed…

Each step of the training was rigorously documented.  Heero meticulously read each bit of information, learning about this new world he now found himself in.

6 hours later Heero sat back to think over all he had discovered.  Most surprisingly, the colonies and earth had had a mostly peaceful co-existence until the birth of 6th generation colonists.  Those children began displaying abnormal abilities.  The majority of these being heightened psychic power much like a sixth sense, but by the 8th generation telekinesis and pyrotechnics were appearing.  Fear of the colonies grew.  Earth, relying on their superior military, quarantined the colonies.

The scientists, funded by the Barton foundation, who felt colonists were superior to earthlings, developed the Gundams.  Operation Meteor.

Each of the Gundam pilots, being colony born, had their own unique abilities.

Duo was a Stealth able to fool the eye and seem almost invisible.  Her powers, like all the pilots, were much stronger than average colonists.  The limit of her ability has not yet been documented, but “Heero” had witnessed her expand her power over 2 mobile suits. ‘Heero’ had her listed as dangerous and volatile.

Trowa was telekinetic, a Tek.  If pushed to the limit he could hold his mobile suit off the ground for short periods of time.  This was much more than any other documented Tek.  Listed as calculating and objective orientated.

Quatre Raberba Winner, psychic, empathic, very sensitive to emotions, and able to crack almost any psychic shield.  Dr. H nicknamed this previously undocumented combination Omega  His powers were inhibited by his gentle nature making him much less dangerous than he had the potential to be.  Listed as a liability and powerful but underdeveloped.  Special note was made to investigate undisclosed past.  This Quatre’s history was a mystery.

Wufei’s abilities were pyrotechnic in nature.  A Pyro of above average potential with only average control.  Too influenced by his emotions, he was not always in command of his power.  Listed unstable but dependable and trustworthy.

The colonies had developed extra abilities first, but the Earth was following the same process.  They were only on their second documented generation of ‘heightened’ humans.

Relena a Persuasive, able to manipulate emotions.  Treize a Strategic, able to analyze down to an almost mathematical precision.  Lady Une, an average psychic and
Sally Poe a Healer.

‘Heero’s’ power was self-healing.  The colonists with this very rare condition were called Immortals.  Short of a bullet to the brain, nothing had been found that could kill him.  He had truly been the ultimate weapon.  That was until he met Relena.  Her untrained and unknown persuasive abilities had no effect on him, but her courage and determination did.  This ‘Heero’ kept tabs on Relena, every possible bit of information was documented.  School schedules, medical history, test scores, and even quotes from overheard conversations. There were more entries on her than any of the Gundam pilots or missions.

The log entries showed more emotion and personal thought until the last few.  They had reverted back the short computer-like sentences of the first entries.  This must have been after the confrontation with Relena that Duo had mentioned.

The last entry was a mission to investigate a testing facility rumored to be doing experiments with space-time manipulation.

Like a jigsaw puzzle the pieces began to fall into place. They had both been in the same facility when the explosion on his world had sent him here.  Then this other ‘Heero’ may be in his world.  He had been injured in the explosion, but when he had left the building it had very little damage.  Perhaps it is possible to duplicate the blast from this dimension.  He would have to return to the lab and see how much it differed from the original one.

He would find a way to return to his own world and his Duo.