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Gundam Wing – AU
by Nova


“Who’s your lover?”

This just goes to show, you can only blowup so many times without dire consequences. Heero wakes up in another dimension and boy is he in for a surprise.

Part 3

The feeling of danger was almost palatable.  It radiated off her like a mist, filling the room.  The shadows seemed to deepen and gather around her.

“Who are you?”

“Heero Yuy.”  He held the glittering amethyst gaze unflinching.

For a few endless moments nothing happened.  The tension dug into the muscles of neck as those oh so familiar eyes bore into his.  What did she see?  His lover had always been able reach behind his barriers to the man locked there.  How far did her resemblance to his Duo go?

Whatever she saw must have pleased her for the room lightened as Duo chuckled huskily, “I believe it.  If you were anyone but Heero, Quatre would have picked up on it immediately; he’s like a walking, talking, blue-eyed lie detector.”

Her eyes ran over him, searching for he didn’t know what.

“You are almost an exact replica of my Heero.” Her voice held a note of awe.  “How many other perfect soldiers are running around we don’t know about?”

“I don’t know. I’m not from this world.”  The minute the words left his mouth he knew they were true.  He had never considered the possibility before, but there were many who believed in the existence of other dimensions. The years spent training in Dr. J’s lab made the idea amazingly easy to except.

Names and places were the same, which explained the ease with which he returned to the safe house.  Relationships, physiology, and events appeared to be radically different.

He needed to gather more information, the soldier side of his brain reasoned.  He couldn’t stand much of a chance in this alternate world without an ally.  This Duo appeared to be the most likely choice.  Heero didn’t delve into the part of himself that instinctively knew Duo could be trusted.

“Were you created in the colonies?”

“No, I am from a different Earth or dimension, one very similar, but very different from this one.  I don’t know how I came here, but I need to get back.”

“Another dimension?” Duo’s jaw dropped in shock.

Heero felt a twinge in his chest.

So like my Duo.

“You have to help me.”

“Just like that?” Her voice was very soft.  She leapt off the bed, and her volume rose. “No word of warning! No, ‘Duo you aren’t going to believe this.’  Just ‘I am from a different dimension, help send me back.’ GOD! You couldn’t be more like my Heero if you tried.”

Her braid whipped about as she spun to glare him.

“Okay, let’s say I am stupid enough to even consider you believe you are telling the truth.  What gave you the crazy idea you are from a different dimension?”


Her eyes widened at that.  “Me?  What did I do?”

“You’re a woman.”

“Yeah, so?”

“The Duo I know is male.”

“Male.”  He almost smiled at the expressions crossing her face.  No one could do a face vault like Duo.

“So, you are trying to tell me, that when you kissed me in there,” she waved toward Wufei’s Room, “you thought I was a guy?”


Duo glanced down at her ample chest and back at Heero.  “Only you could say that and make it sound believable.”  A familiar mischievous smile spread across her face.  “Were you, like, at one time, attracted to Trowa?”

He was mildly irritated at the change in subject, but it never occurred to him not to tell the truth.  “Once.”

“Oh, this is too good.”  She bubbled with laughter as she bounced back onto the end of the bed.  “A word of advice, avoid Trowa.  The only reason he is with Quatre is because you turned him down.  Who knows what he would do if he found out you might be interested.”

Heero watched her as she continued to speak, hearing the words, but not paying much attention.  His mind was focused on controlling the urge to kiss those laughing lips.  Why hadn’t the feelings changed?  He knew she wasn’t his Duo, yet his body and heart weren’t listening.  When he had kissed her before, it had felt different, but not wrong.  He still wanted Duo, no matter his/her form.


Part 4