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Writing Challenge 10/28/2014

Character eats and is optimistic

Roy Harper

Roy dipped his fry into the red sauce on the table and watched his companions follow suit.  He popped it into his mouth and chewed slowly, savoring the burning sensation in his mouth.

He reached for another fry, not even trying to suppress his grin at the mass scrapping of chair legs as the other Titans exploded from the table.  Robin fought Cyborg for the milk, Gar had his head under the faucet, and Starfire flew from the room.

One red eyebrow shot up when another fry joined his in the sauce.  Raven looked him in the eye as she bit into her fry.

“What do you think of the Ghost pepper sauce?” he asked.

Raven gave a slow blink, “hot.”

“I know,” Roy said, “but what about the sauce?”

Roy licked the sauce running down his face and leaned back with a smile.

The look on her flushed face was totally worth it.

He liked it spicy.