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Now this part of the story you can see a definite influence from one of my favorite writers.  Jayne Ann Krentz aka Amanda Quick aka Jayne Castle,  I adore her Harmony stories and her Arcane Society Novels.


Gundam Wing – AU
by Nova


“Who’s your lover?”

This just goes to show, you can only blowup so many times without dire consequences. Heero wakes up in another dimension and boy is he in for a surprise.



Part 2

No one moved and time seemed to stand still.  Heero could feel each distinct beat of his heart and the gentle puffs of Duo’s breath.  Why wasn’t Duo reacting to being called a woman?

A familiar beeping coming from the laptop in the corner broke the moment.

“Shit, shit, shit, of all the lousy times to get a mission.”  Duo shoved Heero off and untangled herself from the sheet as she quickly moved to the computer.

“WOMAN, put some clothes on!!”

Duo began to read the incoming message.  “Mission:  Munitions warehouse, mobile suit prototype.  Location: South America, Brazil.”

“DUO MAXWELL, are you listening to me?!”

“Yes, Wu, in a minute.”

Meanwhile, Heero had stood up and was now staring uncomprehendingly at a naked female Duo Maxwell.

Disgusted, Wufei took the now abandoned sheet from the floor and tossed it on Duo’s head.

“Thanks, and you might cover your cute ass while you’re at it,” Duo said distractedly as she wrapped the sheet around herself, not taking her eyes from the screen.

Secretly, Heero was relieved; the mission distracted Duo and Wufei and gave him a few minutes to think.  Wufei’s words kept running through his head. Woman. Woman. Woman?  He had made love to Duo too many times to not know that his Duo was definitely male.  Yet, the Duo before him was obviously female.  With the sheet now wrapped around her torso, she looked exactly like his Duo.  It had been mentioned more than once Duo would make a good-looking girl.  They had not known how right they were.

Heero’s usually quick and agile mind sluggishly tried to understand what was happening.  Where had she come from?  Where was his Duo?  What had happen since he left Duo safely asleep on his bed?

As his mind ran in place Heero gazed unseeing at Duo.  He didn’t see Wufei, who angrily stared at him, or the fist that knocked him out.


Heero kept perfectly still as he woke.  In his normal way, he knew exactly where he was and what had happened.  A quick check showed that except for a new throbbing along his jaw he was uninjured.  Obviously, someone had knocked him unconscious.

He opened his eyes and gazed about the room.  It was his room, just the way he left it.  The laptop placed precisely in the center of the table, reassured and disconcerted him.  It lay in the exact position he had left it. But Duo had been in the room and he knew the braided pilot would not have been able to resist touching it.  His eyes softened as he recalled the time he had returned to find it covered in pink heart stickers.

The look quickly vanished as he heard a female voice ring clearly through the closed door.

“Wufei,” Duo exclaimed, “calm down before you catch the whole place on fire.  Man, remind me never to introduce you to any of my ex-boyfriends.”

“DUO! You…”

“Seriously, Duo,” Quatre cut in before Wufei could start up again.  “Something is definitely wrong with Heero,” he said worriedly.  “I checked him over and everything seems okay, but his shields were completely gone.”

“Completely?  Are you sure?”


“Mmm-hhm, he was asleep so I couldn’t read his thoughts, but the feeling echoes were of betrayal and great confusion.  Duo, all of it revolved around you.”

Heero rose from the bed and approached the door.  Carefully listening to the conversation taking place in the next room.  Since when did Quatre openly admit to his empathic abilities?

“Damn it! This is all Relena’s fault.  Heero must be taking her rejection harder than I thought.  If I hadn’t seen it for myself, I would never believe she could be such a cold-hearted bitch.  Discarding him and hitting on me in the same breath.  With that Catalonia chick watching and laughing at the whole thing.”  Duo’s furious voice rang through the safe house.


“Dorothy Catalonia?” Quatre asked.  There was ring of fear in his question.

“Yeah, I think that was her name.  Do you know her Quatre?”

“Unfortunately.  Dorothy is a powerful Psychic.  If she is in the picture, then there is every likelihood that Relena is being controlled.”


“Relena is a strong Persuasive.  She should be able to fight off a psychic attack.”

“Dorothy isn’t ordinary.  They say if Treize were not a Strategic, she would be the head of Romaffeller.”

“Shit, so you are saying we may have lost our only ally?”

“No,” Trowa broke in calmly, “just our contact.  One of us will need to speak with Zechs or Noin.  If we continue with our current plan of action.”

“What do you mean ‘if’?” Duo asked.

Heero could clearly see her frown in his mind’s eye.

“It was Heero’s plan,” replied Wufei.  “We don’t know how reliable he is now.  First he ran off on that suicide mission. Then he comes back and you saw what happened.”

“WHAT!!  Just because he is hurt and confused about Relena is no reason to start doubting him.  He is my partner.  I trust him with my life.  If he hadn’t freaked out when the woman he loved told him to fuck off, then I would be worried.  You guys are totally overreacting,” Duo argued.

In love? With Relena?

“He’s wounded,” Quatre said sadly.

A quiet pause filled the room.

“No, he can’t be he…” Duo began uncertainly.

“His ribs are wrapped and he has unhealed lacerations and bruises,” reported Trowa.

“But the explosion was days ago.  He should be completely healed.  Trowa you saw it yourself.  When Heero self detonated his Gundam, his self-healing powers saved him when anyone else would have died.  He was awake in hours and days later it was like it never happened.”


“He’s Lost,” Wufei said in a resigned voice.

“No.  He just needs time to recover.  Who knows what kind of testing they were doing at that lab.  This could just be a side effect from exsposure.”


“Duo…” Wufei began in an irritated voice.

“No. You are wrong, we haven’t Lost Heero.  It doesn’t matter anyway.  He doesn’t need healing to pilot Wing.  The plan stands. Don’t you worry, Heero and I will do our part.” Her tone left no room for argument.  “I am going to check on Heero.”

“He’s awake and very confused,” informed Quatre.  “Tell him I’m sorry.  He doesn’t like my reading his thoughts.”

“That’s because you are such a busybody Quatre.  Always trying to fix our heads.”

Duo’s grin was directed at Quatre as she entered.  Turning to Heero she closed the door and leaned against it.  “I know you heard what they said, but I don’t believe it.  I put up a shield around both of us so they can’t hear or sense us.”

He watched her as she approached.  She wore black jeans with a sleeveless red zippered top.  The outfit clearly showed off her feminine form beneath.  He didn’t take his eyes off her as she plopped herself down Indian style on the end of his bed.

Heero’s eyes met concerned blue violet ones.  Looking into those sparkling depths it was so easy to believe he was with his Duo.  How many times had he come back from a mission, determined to continue working and Duo just as determined to stop him?  He would sit with the computer in his lap and his Duo would sit on the end of the bed, just as she was, chattering away.  It wouldn’t be long before the ever-restless braided pilot would start moving around and touching him.  Nothing particularly arousing, but the casual human contact people take for granted.  Contact that he had not experienced before Duo.

“How many times have I told you not to stare at my breasts?” Duo asked with a slight grin.

His eyes drifted to the mentioned part of her anatomy and back to her face.

“You’re supposed to say ‘Baka’,” she said, on a sigh.  “You almost had me fooled.  Until just now I wasn’t sure, but I know my Heero too well.”

All traces of laughter left her face, the air around her seemed to darken, and her eyes glittered with controlled rage.  “Who are you and what have you done with my Heero?”


Part 3