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I started this fic a while ago, but I have always enjoyed it.  It was just for fun, inspired by a couple fics written by MadameHydra.  Hope you enjoy.


Gundam Wing – AU
by Nova


“Who’s your lover?”

This just goes to show, you can only blowup so many times without dire consequences. Heero wakes up in another dimension and boy is he in for a surprise.




The mission came in like so many others. Unconfirmed reports of experimentation on human test subjects, resulting in dramatic changes in personality and abilities. Mission: investigate what type of tests are being performed, acquire all available data, and destroy facility.

“Mission accepted.”

Heero snapped the laptop closed and gazed over at his bed where Duo lay. He wanted to go over and make love to Duo one more time before saying goodbye. It was likely to be weeks before he saw his lover again. The urge to wake Duo was so strong, Heero found himself half way to the bed without realizing he had even moved. Firmly he crushed the need and made his preparations to leave. Heero couldn’t or wouldn’t name the emotion that drew him to the braided pilot. Caring so much for a person was a weakness he could not afford. With effort, he slipped back into his soldier mode. Disturbingly, he realized the role was becoming harder and harder to assume. “What are you doing to me, Duo?” Heero wondered as he closed to the door and departed the safe house, without a word. An abandoned laptop the only evidence of the owner’s departure and intention of return, but for the slumbering pilot it would be more than enough.




Heero tucked away the last information disk and exited the lab. The explosives were set, and with only a skeleton crew of guards working this early in the morning, casualties would be minimal. He detonated the charges as he worked his way out of the facility.

Heero had learned the lab’s affiliation with OZ was shaky at best. The main funding was coming from a private party. He had attempted to locate the mystery donor, but he only found an account in an Earth bank, that was receiving transfers at irregular intervals from multiple colony banks.

The scientists had been attempting to open a door to the future and had met with minimal success. The technicians who had been involved in the tests in question had all suffered some kind of mental or physical change. The total count of victims, so far, was 12. 8 had complete character & personality changes, 1 died, another claimed psychic abilities and fell into a coma a day later. The most interesting was the woman who developed pyrotechnic abilities and had to be killed due to insanity. The last just disappeared and never came back. “The Gundam scientists would no doubt find this information very interesting,” Heero thought, as he set off the next round of charges.




Unfortunately, a young technician, who thought he had found the problem with the transfer conduit, was conducting unscheduled tests at the moment the generators were blown up. The backlash triggered the gate, which sent out a massive wave of energy.   Heero fell to his knees as the icy surge washed over him like a tidal wave. His muscles frozen in place, unable to even blink. If he could have taken a breath, he would have screamed in anguish at the burning tearing feeling of flesh being ripped from bone. Then, mercifully, blackness descended and he felt no more. The wave rushed on and touched every person within the compound, before the gate exploded taking most of the facility with it.





Heero let himself in to the safe house and unconsciously went directly to Duo’s room. It had been so long since he had seen the braided baka. He wanted nothing more than to lie in bed and let Duo make love to him. The small bubble of anticipation building in his chest burst. Duo was not in his room. He checked his own room, but still no Duo. Surprisingly, he found some interestingly amorous noises coming from Wufei’s room. “Wufei wouldn’t have brought Treize here would he?” Heero considered briefly. Preoccupied with his search he let it go for now. He didn’t see Trowa or Quatre, but they might be in their room; they were quiet lovers and it was often hard to tell.

Duo could be away on a mission, he reasoned. Ignoring the nagging disappointment pulling at him, Heero headed toward the kitchen. As he walked past the bathroom, the door opened, and Trowa stepped out.

“Where’s Duo?” Heero asked the damp pilot.

“Wufei’s room,” came the matter-of-fact reply.

Heero became perfectly still as the words, like dull knives, ripped through him. Part of him screamed in denial; Duo wouldn’t… couldn’t betray him like that. While another part grasped his training like a lifeline. Gather all available information, analyze situation, and determine plan of action.

“Heero?” asked Trowa, a slightly surprised look crossed his usually blank features at Heero’s noticeable lack of color.

“Wufei,” Heero said. His voice was cold and empty. Moving with quick precise movements he made his way to Wufei’s room. The unlocked door swung easily under his hand. The sighs and moans hit him full force freezing him in place as he took in the scene before him. He stared unbelieving at the familiar naked back covered in long wavy brown tresses. The knives were given a vicious twist and another wave of pain rushed through him.

Duo’s head snapped around at the sound of the door crashing into the wall. Wufei instinctively slipped Duo off him and under the covers, as he grabbed his sword, which he kept under his pillow, and stood at the ready beside the bed. Completely oblivious to his naked and aroused state, Wufei confronted Heero. “What the hell? Heero?”

“Omae o korosu.”

“WHAT?! Why?”

“Duo’s mine.”

A shocked gasp was heard from the bed.

“What is he talking about Duo?”

“Don’t you dare look at me like that, Wufei Chang! You know damn well you were my first! I have no idea what he’s talking about,” stated Duo in a high-pitched offended voice.

Meanwhile, Heero had drawn his gun and aimed it at Wufei. Emotions he couldn’t control rushed through him. Anger, jealousy, betrayal. He could do only what he had been trained to do – kill.

“HEERO, NO!” Duo leapt from the bed, sheet trailing, to stand in front of Wufei.

“Duo, move,” Heero and Wufei said in unison.

“No. I don’t know what the hell is going on here, but it is going to stop as of now. Heero, what has gotten into you? Just because you can’t have Relena doesn’t mean the rest of us have to suffer. If you don’t care for my choice in a lover, well, that is just too damn bad. You will just have to shoot me, because I’m not giving him up.”

Duo and Wufei leapt in opposite directions as the shot rang out. Heero kept the gun trained on Wufei and got another shot off before Duo tackled him. Wufei held his bleeding arm and watched them wrestle for the gun. Duo’s sheet tangled around them as they struggled. Finally Duo had Heero pinned to the ground, straddling his waist, and holding his wrists with his arms stretched above his head. “Heero! Stop! What is going on?” asked Duo in frustration. “What is wrong?”

“You betrayed me.”

“No, I wouldn’t do that. I am sorry about Relena, but you know I never touched her. We are just friends no matter how much she would like to change that. You know she isn’t my type.” Duo grinned, trying to lighten things up.


“Wufei again? What? Is it cause he’s your best friend? I’m not going to change him, Heero. I just like to make him smile every once in a while.” Duo leaned against Heero’s forehead. Their noses almost brushed. “I know sometimes we can barely stand each other, but can’t we all be friends? Please, Heero.” Pleading violet blue eyes stared into cobalt blue ones.

“No,” said Heero before taking Duo’s lips in a fierce kiss. Taking advantage of Duo’s surprise, Heero rolled them over so that he was on top. He then deepened the kiss in Duo’s shocked unresisting mouth. Frowning Heero pulled back. The body underneath him was familiar yet different. Something was wrong. The attraction and desire were the same; the need was just as strong. It just didn’t feel the same. He looked into confused violet blue eyes as he tried to figure out what was different.

Wufei stood above them fuming, ready to rip Heero apart limb by limb. “Heero,” he said calmly and coldly, “get off my woman.”

Part 2