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Writing Challenge 10-11-2014

The story must have a bull at the beginning. The story must involve some ointment in the beginning. During the story, a character is forced to go shopping.


“Son of a Bitch! That hurts!” Duo looked over his shoulder at the man holding him down.

Ryo grimaced, but didn’t let Duo up.  “Let Kento finish, then you will feel better.”

Duo moaned burying his head in the pillow.  “My ass can’t take anymore,” came Duo’s muffled reply.

Kento adjusted his grip on Duo’s thigh; easing his fingers along the cleft between the pilot’s ass-cheeks he spread the ointment in a thick layer.

Duo whimpered.

Kento chuckled, “relax dude, I know what I’m doing.”

“I’m never going to be the same,” Duo wailed, “My beautiful ass is ruined.”

The Ronins couldn’t suppress their laughter.  Ryo felt sorry for their friend, but he had asked for it.

“You’re the one who wanted ‘run with the bulls’, Dude,” Kento said.  He gave the undamaged cheek a slap.  “He only gave you a love tap; that scratch will heal in no time.”

Duo sobbed into the pillow, “It was a demon bull out to kill me.”

Kento taped on some gauze and let the gundam pilot up.

Duo ran to the room’s bathroom and stared at his rear on the mirror.  “Look how swollen it is!  I’ll never fit into my pants!”

Kento threw himself down on the couch.  “You can borrow a pair of my shorts.”

“Oh, thanks Kento, I always wanted to wear a tent!” Duo replied.

The orange ronin gave Ryo a grin, “wait until we take you shopping in them.”  Ryo snorted.

“Great, ruin my posterior and my reputation.”

Kento turned on the TV and searched for something not in Spanish.  He cranked up the volume drowning out Duo’s complaints.

Finally, Duo emerged in a pair of Kento’s shorts, cinched so tight at the waist the folds made it look like a skirt.  Ryo tried not to laugh, but Kento guffawed loudly.  Duo gave a sarcastic grin, “Thanks, Buddy.”  The curtsy that accompanied those words had Kento rolling onto the floor laughing himself silly.

Ryo shook his head, “So, Duo, what’s next on the Bachelor’s list?”  The evil twinkle in the braided man’s eyes wiped the smile off his face.  This wasn’t going to be good.

“Swimming with the sharks.”

And so preceded Duo’s attempts to kill himself before the wedding.

Two days later…

Kento held Duo tight against his chest not letting him move, even after the pilot bit his shoulder.  He winced at Duo’s loud cries.  “Ryo! Pull it out! Pull it out!”

Ryo wasn’t feeling very sympathetic. “I’d think you’d be used to stuff in you ass by now,” he said, yanking out another shark tooth.