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This is pretty old, it was my first Fluff fic ever.  Not sure it is worth publishing, but it is collecting dust and someone out there might enjoy it.


Pleasant Dreams
By Nova

“Guys, I am going to bed.”  Said Rowen as he headed for the stairs.

“Its only 8 o’clock!”  Shouted Kento after him.

“That boy is going to sleep his life away.” Stated Mia with a shake of her head.

Rowen closed door against the noise.  He stripped down to his dark blue silk boxers and threw himself on the bed.  The moment his head hit the pillow he began drifting off.

Rowen rolled over and fell onto the floor.  He blinked up at the ceiling wondering how he had gotten there. Oh yeah, he had fallen asleep on the couch.  He picked himself up and looked around.  No one was in the living room.  He followed the drone of voices, which seemed to be coming from the kitchen.  As he pushed open the door he saw his friends’ familiar faces.

“Haley!! NO! Get away from that stew!!” Shouted Kitara as she slammed the lid on the pot.  Protecting it from Haley who hovered a foot above.

“I just wanted a taste.” Pouted the fairy.

“Yeah right!! Last time you tasted my vegetable soup it turned into fairy soup.  I had to throw it all out when you used it for a hot tub!!”

Landing gently on the counter, Haley pulled herself up to her full 1½ ft height.  “I’ll have you know.  I only fell in after I gagged on my first bite.”  She quickly flew into the air to avoid getting swatted with a wooden spoon.  The girls at the table laugh at this familiar sight.

As Haley made her way back to the table, she noticed Rowen in the doorway.  “Rowen!!” she cried in delight, “Your back!!”  Flying over she kissed him on the tip of the nose and placed herself on her favorite seat, the top of Rowen’s head.

Kitara grinned at him from the stove. “How is it you always show up when it is time to eat?”

“I don’t know.  Good timing?” Grabbing a chair, he flipped it around and sat down.

“I cannot figure out why you spend all of your time sleeping.” Said Lynette, as she leaned her arms on the table.  Causing her hair to fall forward and her elven ears to peak out through her red tresses.  “You definitely do not need the beauty sleep.”

Tremean snorted, “Stop.  His head is big enough as it is.  Any bigger and you will be able to sit on it.”

“His head is not where I would like to sit.” Lynette replied giving Rowen a wink.

“You’re just jealous.” Haley teased Tremean, “because, you centaurs do not have such lovely men.”

“And thank the stars.  I have enough trouble competing with females, much less other men.  You can keep all the boys who are beautiful enough to be girls.” Said Tremean with a swish of her tail.

“Ok, we don’t mind.”  Said Haley in a giggling voice as she stroked Rowen’s hair.

“What do you mean we?” asked Lynette with a raised eyebrow.  “I was planning to keep him all to my self.”

“Over my dead body.”

“Ohh, I think that can be arranged.  Where is that flyswatter?” she asked as she looked about the room.

Kitara groaned.  “You guys, I swear I am going to get you T-shirts that say Rowen’s fan club.”

“I already have a pair of underwear that say “I Love Rowen” on them.”  Lynette’s big green eyes locked with Rowen’s.  “Want to see?” she offered as she began to stand.

“No!!” cried Haley covering Rowen’s eyes.

“Not at the table.” Rebuked Kitara.  “Dinner is ready.”

She placed a huge bowl of stew in front of Rowen and handed him a spoon.  “I know you are starving, so eat up before you fall asleep again.”  She served up bowls to the others and sat down with her own.

“Hey!! What about me?” Haley shouted.

“If I have told you once, I have told you a thousand times.  No, eating on Rowen’s head.  If you want some come down and eat with everyone else.”

She sat, playing indecisively with a few strands of his hair.  With a huge sigh she flew over to her place at the table where a bowl awaited her.  Looking longingly at Rowen she slowly took a bite.  Taste exploded in the mouth “mmmmmm.” The spoon became a blur as she began shoveling it in.

At a speed that would leave Kento in the dust thought Rowen.  Shaking his head he began to eat his own and his eyes widened the moment it touched his tongue.  “Wow, this is good.” He complimented.  “What is in it?  I have to tell Cye.”

A slight blush stained Kitara’s cheeks at his praise.  She would never admit it, but she also adored Rowen.  “Well, I used Corsha, Rainpeals, Dednips, chopped Mirineth, and a few slices of Chinite.”

“Uh, never mind, it wouldn’t be the same anyway.”

“So, Rowen how is life in your world?” asked Kitara.

“Yeah, is Sage still the blonde bombshell leaving you unappreciated?” spoke up Lynette.

“Yep, same old same old.  Today at school Sage found a bra in his locker with a phone number on it.” Said Rowen with a shake of his head.

“What did he do?”

“Nothing just brushed it aside and acted like it was nothing out of the ordinary.”

“How about Ryo and Mia?” This came from Tremean.

“Those two are going to drive all of us insane.  Neither one of them will make the first move.  There are a lot of blushes and mumbled apologies every time those to touch or brush against each other, but the worst thing is the awkward silences every time they are in the same room.  Which is, of course, all the time.  The guys and I are tempted to lock them in a room and refuse to let them out until they work something out.”  Finishing his stew he pushed his bowl away.  “This is the only place I can relax.”

This brought pleased smiles from all four female faces.

After they finished the meal everyone helped with cleanup.  Haley’s version of helping is to give orders from atop Rowen’s head.

“Where is Calli and Adriana?” asked Rowen

“Oh, that is right you weren’t here.” Said Tremean as she scrubbed the stew pot.  “Calli was married a few days ago to Traginmere the blue dragon.”

“How did she end up with a dragon?”

“As you know Calli is a shape-shifter.  Well, since shape-shifters are only born female, they can choose any person or creature they want.” Explained Kitara.

“Yeah, and did she choose well.  Traginmere’s 2nd chosen shape (dragons choose a 2nd shape on their 250th year) is elven and man is he one good looking elf.”  Lynette gives a wolf whistle and sigh.

“Don’t worry Rowen,” says Haley as she pats his head.  “He can’t be cuter than you.”

“I don’t know.” Replies Lynette rubbing her chin. “He really is sexy with that long straight pale blue hair.  Combined with those golden eyes and that tiny dragon earring.”

“No one is cuter than Rowen just look at this beautiful face.  Not to mention his charming personality.” Stated Haley loyally.

She looks Rowen up and down. “Maybe you’re right.  There is just one little thing wrong with this picture.”

“What?” asked Haley as she leaned over to look at Rowen from head to toe.

“This.” Lynette plucked Haley off and thru her in the dishwater.  “Now he is perfect.” She said as she wrapped her arms around his neck.  She leaned in to kiss him, but before she could lock lips a soaking wet Haley shot out of the sink.  Lynette began running around the kitchen followed closely by Haley brandishing a wooden spoon.

Laughing the others left them to their fun and went to the living room.

Rowen turned back to Kitara.  “What about Adriana?”

“She is in the basement.  She was up till dawn and since the sun has set I expect her any time.”

“Did I hear my name?” said a head as it peered around the door.

“Hey, speak of the devil.”

“Now Rowen you know very well I am a vampire not a devil.” She teased as she came over and kissed his cheek. She then took a seat in her leather chair, strategically placed in a dark corner.

“Are you feeling okay?” asked Tremean.  “You did not try to bite Rowen.”

An evil little grin spread across her face.  “That is because last night I found one of the most beautiful necks I have ever seen.  He lead me a merry chase and I did not catch him until minutes before dawn.”

Rowen tried to focus on the conversation, but could feel himself slipping into sleep.

“I did not get a chance to enjoy him last night, so I have him locked up down stairs.  He is gorgeous I cannot wait for you to meet him.”

The words were now fading away.

“So, what is this gorgeous boy’s name?”

He could barley make out the words.

“He calls himself Wufei.”

No thought Rowen, it’s my fan club.

“Look at him.  Asleep already.” Said Tremean. “That boy is going to sleep his life away.”