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The fourth and final chapter of my Nightwing/Raven fic.



Chemical Response
by Nova

Teen Titans fanfic  (Raven/Nightwing)

Part 4

For a moment Raven thought he might not enter.  He was a turmoil of emotions, she couldn’t decipher what he was feeling and she doubted even he knew.

Nightwing strode from the shadows, quickly passed her and took up residence in front of the window.  The moonlight at his back threw his face into shadow, so she couldn’t read his expression, even if she could somehow see through his mask.

Raven stepped away from the doorway and the metal door slid shut with a low swish.  The room suddenly felt very small.  Swallowing she continued into the room and leaned against back of the closest arm chair.  It left another chair between them and she desperately wanted the distance.  Being close to him now was so much harder than it had been a month ago.  She fiddled with the edge of her dress, wishing she had thought to put on her cape before inviting Nightwing in.

For the first time in her life Raven felt the need to fill the silence.  “You should have joined us, the food was excellent.”

Nightwing snorted, “Somehow, I doubt Roy would have liked me along on his date.”

“Well, it would have been easier to hear our conversation then guessing at it from the rooftop.”

Dick stiffened and internally cursed; of course she had known he was there.  Empath, Grayson, she could usually pinpoint members of the team around the city, how could you forget that?  He refused to act guilty, they are the ones who should be feeling guilt.  Roy damn well should have kept his hands off.  He decided to go for confident, “Are you sure of that?”

A slight smile curled one corner of her mouth and her eyes looked at him through half cast lids.  He wanted to step over and kiss that uplifted portion of lip. “Unless you bugged one of us, which I concluded you hadn’t, when Roy explained in graphic detail how he wanted to take me on the table.”

Dick shot to a standing position.  That Son-Of-A-Bitch!  Roy was nothing, but a lousy Man-Whore!  How dare he talk to Raven like that?  If he wanted to be with her, he should at least have the decency to treat her like a lady.  He was going to force feed the Archer some of his own arrows.  He was so angry; he was headed for the door before he realized he had made the decision to hunt Roy down.

Raven’s calm voice stopped him.  “And when you didn’t react as you are now, we knew you weren’t listening.”  When he turned to look at her he was very close and had to look down on her form.  A wayward part of his brain acknowledged he could see down her dress from this angle; the gentleman, brought his eyes back to her face and remained there.  “After that, the conversation was much calmer and I didn’t have to threaten his soul’s existence anymore.”

He could stop the relieved smile.  Raven could take care of herself and it would take a lot more than slick talking Roy to get to her.

She stepped away, around the other side of the chair.

“So, what did you talk about?” he asked.  Not that he really cared at this moment.  All he could think about was the image of Raven stretched out across that small square table.  Her head would hang off the far side, all that glorious hair falling around her.  Long slim arms would reach up toward him as he stepped between her thighs.  Her ass was perched on the edge of the table, so all he had to do was slide-

“Lian mostly.”

That reminder was the bucket of cold water he needed.

“He is still suffering.  I know Roy intended the evening to draw you out, but once he realized you were only watching, he opened up.  The loss of his daughter has really changed him.  He may still give the impression that he is a lady’s man, but I suspect it is mostly an act.  A familiar mask, just a way to get through the days without drawing our attention.”

He was concerned for his friend, but that would wait for another day.  He had come here to finally confront Raven.  It hadn’t escaped his notice that she was keeping items of furniture between them.

“I didn’t come here to talk about Roy.  Is that why you asked me in?”  Dick asked.


She was back to fidgeting with the hem of her dress again.  Unconsciously, she was drawing up the edge, showing more and more thigh.

Delicately clearing her throat, Raven continued, “I don’t think it is a good idea for us to be together.”

He’d expected it, but he wasn’t going to let her get off that easily.  “Why?”

She looked surprised at the question.  Did she not understand how important this was to him?  How could she possibly think that all this turmoil was something so casual that she could shrug it off with one comment?

“What about Starfire?  She still loves you,” Raven said.

“Yes, but we have already had that discussion.  She doesn’t want me back if I am in love with someone else.”  He took a step around the chair.  Raven hesitated for a moment, before taking a few steps away toward the window.  “I have spoken to her about my attraction to you.”

“What?” Raven asked in surprise.

Dick smiled, “I always talk to Star before I date anyone.  She is one of my best friends.”

Whatever careful speech she might have been crafting in her head must have fled, because she was standing there with her mouth hanging open.  He had never thought of her as adorable before, but that was the only word that came to mind.  She was cute when she was caught off guard.

“Actually,” he continued, “I kind of cleared it with most of the team; Starfire, Gar, Vic, Wally, and Donna.” He ran a gloved hand through his hair.  “They are all very supportive and wished me luck.”

“Why didn’t anyone talk to me?” she asked, clearly not pleased.

“Honestly, you are something of a mystery even to those of us who know you best.  No one knew how you would react and they didn’t want to hurt my chances.”

Raven wrapped her arms around herself and moved to the window.  “Richard, I don’t think you really want this.”

Dick gripped the back of the chair and kept the distance she obviously wanted.  “Why, Raven,” he demanded.  What could she possible think stood in their way?

She spun around and shouted at him, “You’re afraid of me!”

He blinked in surprise, of all the different arguments he had imagined, that had not been one of them.  “Raven, I’m not-”

She cut him off, “Yes, you are.  That… that night you kissed me.  You were under a powerful aphrodisiac and you alternated from lust to fear.  The drug allowed you to over-come your fear, but it is still there.  You don’t want to be with me.  I can’t be trusted and deep down you know it.”

With a shove he removed the chair from his path.  He strode over and wrapped his arms around her, hugging her to him.  “That night, I was afraid, but not of you.”  She was stiff in the circle of his arms.  “I was afraid of myself.  I wanted you so badly, I was terrified that I might lose control and force you.”  Raven softened slightly in his embrace.  “I could never live with myself if I did something like that to you.”

“That is good to know,” Raven said.  “It doesn’t change the fact that I can’t be trusted.  I have turned on you before.  The team has suffered so much by my hands, I don’t want to put you in a position that you couldn’t act as their leader and do what was necessary to stop me.”

“I have been there at your worst Raven.  You have threaten, attacked, and even tortured us, but somehow you have held on to enough of yourself, to never murder your friends.  If you remember, I don’t have that luxury.”

Raven pulled back and looked up at him.  “Richard, you would never harm your friends.”

He shook his head at her.  “I did.  I killed you.”

“No,” she protested, “You were under the power of Trigon.  It wasn’t your fault.”

“When you have been in Trigon’s power, you didn’t kill, but I did.  So, which of us is more dangerous?  You say it is part of your nature and you can’t be trusted because, you will be tempted to do evil.  You say it isn’t in my nature, but I have done the worst thing I can imagine, with less excuse than you have,” he said.

Dick looked down at her, “I’m not afraid of you Raven.”

She reached up and cupped his face in her hands.  Gently she pulled him down, “And I trust you Richard.”  She kissed him, light and sweet; his arms tightened around her, but he did not deepen the kiss, letting her set the pace.

Raven pulled back, reaching up she removed his mask.  She looked deep into his eyes and he waited for her verdict.

“Richard,” she said, “I am not going to sleep with you tonight.”  Dick blushed, it hadn’t been a conscious thought, but he couldn’t deny that he had hoped the night might end in her bed.

“But,” she continued, “If you are willing to be patient with me, I would like to see where this might go.”

He nodded; a chance was all he needed.  Somehow he would convince her that they really did belong together.

“It’s late and I have a lot to think about,” Raven said.

Dick nodded and headed for the door.  It slid open and he turned to say goodbye.  Raven handed him his mask, but didn’t immediately let go.  He looked into her eyes questioningly.

“Before you go,” Raven said, “may I ask you one thing.”

He nodded.

“Kiss me?”

He complied, with a kiss that would keep them both awake for most of the night.


Author’s Note:

Well, that brings us full circle.  Back to a doorway and a kiss.  I think I am done with this fic now.  It still needs tweaking and more substance in some areas, but I am not going to do anymore chapters.  (At least I don’t think so.)

Hope you enjoyed.