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For some reason I can’t let this fic go.  It keeps coming back and demanding I write.  So, here is another piece.  Hope you enjoy.


Chemical Response
by Nova

Teen Titans fanfic  (Raven/Nightwing)

Part 3

It was funny really.  How often did Roy Harper have one up on Richard Grayson?  He’d shoot himself with his own crossbow before admitting to anyone that he was jealous of their fearless leader.

Well, not so fearless now.

He propped a shoulder against the wall and watched Nightwing pace the living area.  Dick had been spending a lot more time at the Tower.  They were all welcome anytime, current and part-time Titans.  Normally, the older Titans kept busy and only occasionally visited.

During the last few weeks Nightwing had found a number of excuses to bring him in the Tower.  Lucky for Roy, Wally was a horrible gossip and had easily spilled the beans on Dick’s troubles.

“So, Dickie,” Roy said with a grin.  “Wally says you are in need of my help.”

“No, Roy.” Dick said, not looking up from the documents in his hands.

Roy sauntered over and sat himself on the arm of Dick’s chair.  “Trust me.  All I need is fifteen minutes, and when I’m done with you, you’ll be able to ‘tap that’ tonight.”

“I said, No Roy.” Dick looked up at his friend, “This isn’t one of you one night stands.  Raven is our teammate and friend.  I’m not using any of your slimy moves on her.”

Roy was surprised by how stung he was by the comment.  Women loved him and he let them.  So, he wasn’t as picky as Dick, none of his lovers ever left unsatisfied.  They didn’t exchange holiday cards, but he would be welcome back anytime.

He had honestly wanted to help.  To have his offer rejected made him want to turn the knife a little.

The woman in question came down the stairs.

He watched Nightwing tense, but Dick made no move toward their mystic friend.  I’ll show you boy blunder.

Roy took off after Raven.  When he entered the kitchen Raven was preparing some tea.  “Hey Rae,” he said.  She didn’t even glance at him.

“Roy,” Raven said.

“Why don’t you and me go to dinner?” he asked.  That got her attention.  She turned her head and he could just make out her eyes inside the hood.  He didn’t know if it was deliberate, but she could do intimidating.  His favorite shield, a cocky grin graced his lips as he continued.  “We haven’t spent much time together just you and me.  It will be a chance to get to know each other.”

It was a struggle to keep the grin in place under the pressure of her stare, but he managed it.  She turned back to the tea.  “No,” she said.

“Come on,” he coaxed.  “I know this lovely little Italian place.  You’ll love it.”

Still she didn’t bother to look at him.  “And how many women have you taken to this ‘lovely little place’,” she asked.

Tea in hand Raven turned to leave the kitchen.  Roy’s confident smile was firmly in place.  “Only you.” came his reply.

Again she silently stared at him.  Damn, no wonder Dick was having trouble, she knew how do icy.

“Roy,” she said.  “I’m an empath.  I know exactly what you are feeling.”

He ratcheted up the cocky another level, doing his best to ooze confidence.  “Sorry, I feel that way about every woman I ask out.”

She pushed her hood back and cocked an eyebrow at him.  “So nervous you might urinate in your pants?”

A blush infused his face.  Damn it, she was too good.  No other woman knew he was a nervous mess on the inside.  It was humiliating, but lying wouldn’t gain him any ground.

Roy ran a hand threw his hair and rubbed the back of his head.  His grin slipped into a sarcastic twist of lips.  “Yeah,” he answered.

Her head leaned to the side and she looked at him considering.  The blue eyes were softer, like she was seeing something different.  “Okay,” she said, moving past him toward the stairs.

As she reached the bottom of the stairs she stopped and nodded at Nightwing.  “Richard,” she said, before continuing up the steps.

When she was almost to the top Roy called after her.  “I’ll meet you here at 6 okay?”

She looked over the rail at him and nodded. “Alright,” He smiled after her as she left.

Once she was gone, he turned to find Nightwing right in his face.

“What the hell was that Harper?” Dick exploded.

“A date with Raven,” he said nonchalantly.  “I offered to help and you didn’t want it.  So, I got the date.”  He turned from Nightwing’s furious form, whistling he made for the door.  “Excuse me I have to go change.”

Dick’s silent fuming was wonderful.  Arrogant ass needed to come down a few notches.

As he was stepping out the door he stuck his head back in.  “Oh, and Dick,” he grinned at his friend, “Good luck.”


Dick couldn’t believe what he was doing.

At least it was a warm night as he crouched on the roof watching Roy and Raven have dinner.  She looked great in the little red dress; he knew Cassie had helped her buy a few years ago.  The last few weeks had exposed him to many new experiences, most of them emotional.  He had no right to feel possessive of Raven, but damn it, Roy knew he wanted her.  She knew he wanted her.  How could they be sitting so close together and enjoying themselves while he was tearing himself up.

Roy had always been able to have whatever girl he wanted and Dick had never been jealous.  Cool calm Raven had never responded to the archer’s casual flirting.  Nightwing hadn’t been willing to admit how much attention he paid to the small details of Raven’s life.  Now he was forced to accept, at least to himself, the depths of his distraction.

On any other night he would be patrolling the city or researching the crimes committed this week.

He should go, if she wanted to be with Roy, he needed to let her.


When Roy leaned in for a goodnight kiss Raven place a restraining hand on his chest, “That is enough Roy.  Stop torturing Richard.”

Roy leaned back and blinked his eyes in mock surprise.  “What do you mean?  Is he watching us?”

“You knew all along,” Raven replied.  “It was very wise of you not to touch my ass while walking from the car.  It would have pushed him over the edge you have goaded him onto.”

The mischievous glint in Roy’s eyes was unrepentant.  “He needed a push, who knows how long he would have continued to haunt the tower before he got up the nerve to confront you.”

“I am not what he really wants, Roy,” Raven said.  “You should have left it alone.”

“Stop fooling yourself,” Roy countered.  “You can feel his emotions; he is going crazy over you.  Have enough respect for him, to trust him, to know what he wants.  He wants to be with you.  If you don’t want him, just tell him.  Don’t keep pretending that this isn’t happening.”

She was afraid.  What if they tried this and Richard realized he couldn’t love her just like Gar?  They had become so close and Garfield realized he couldn’t live with the thought that she might turn on him given the wrong circumstances.  Wallace had learned the same lesson; he never forgave her for attacking him under Phobia’s influence.

Somehow, Roy seemed to interpret her fear. “He has seen you at your worst and he is still here.  Let him see you at your best and he’ll never leave.”  He gave her a gentle smile.

“Thank you, Roy,” Raven said.  Spontaneously she hugged him.  “You are a good friend.”  She stepped quickly back, “Now get out of here.”

With a laugh, Roy beat a hasty retreat.

Raven stepped into her room and the door slid shut behind her.  She stood in the dark waiting.  Did she dare risk another relationship with a teammate?  All her life she had suppressed herself and played it as safe as possible; where had it gotten her?  Still alone.

It occurred to her she had been standing near the door for longer than she expected.  She opened the door back up and spoke to the shadows across the hall.

“Come in, Richard.”


Part 4