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Well, I enjoyed the writing challenge 9/28/2014 so much, I had to continue.  So, below you are going to find the bits and pieces of ideas I have had.  I genuinely believe it will be a full story some day.


Hunting Wolves
by Nova

  • Sally & Wufei travel together / Wufei teaches gruffly
  • Run in with Vampires
  • Sally meets the Dragon Clan
  • Run in with Vampires
  • Seek the Sky Clan
  • Welcomed

FYI: Wufei is made the Alpha of his Clan, but his Grandfather is the honored leader.



The Ceremony


Grandfather insists on taking a stroll around the Ceremony grounds.  Wufei itches to be by Sally’s side, but he does his duty.  After they make two circuits, Grandfather leads the way into the trees where Sally will encounter the males for her choosing.  Wufei was determined to claim a place near the inner circle.   He didn’t trust the Sky males to honor the rules of not touching the female until she makes first contact.  Some Clans were known to setup snares or tripwires to arrange accidental contact.

His Grandfather chose a place a good distance from the first ring of trees and wanted to stop and rest.  He sat on the ground, legs crossed; eyes closed and began to meditate.  Wufei prowled around the immediate area, he couldn’t rest.  Soon, Sally would become his mate.  He wanted it with an intensity that frightened the human part of his brain.  The wolf, it was thrilled; it had known that first night, when she had curled against him in her sleep.  The man had been frustrated by Sally’s lack of response to his physical touch; the wolf had been patient and calm.  Now, they both were ready and impatient for it to be over.

“Wufei,” Grandfather spoke, “please, sit with me.  You are breaking my concentration.”

Reluctantly, Wufei sat at the base of a tree and sought his center.  Meditation had once been his greatest source of comfort, now it was only an annoyance dragging him away from thoughts of Sally in his arms.


The Sky Clan females gathered around Sally, she had been bathed and pampered for two days.  Now the ceremony was here.  She was stripped naked and stood with her arms out to her sides.  A woman stood before her, behind and at each wrist.  “This will hurt,” the Alpha female told her.  Sally gave her a grim smile and nodded.

She smiled back, “It will distract your body from the pain of the change.  A little saliva in the blood is all it takes, but we have found over the centuries that swift pain, that our minds understand, makes a faster easier transition to the wolf.” The Alpha explained, “When we are injured our body will instinctively seek the change.”

Sally couldn’t help her nervousness.  She tried to reassure herself that this was a ceremony that had been done for hundreds of years, just like child birth; it was something that was painful, but completely survivable.  Everyone had assured her that they couldn’t remember the last werewolf to not survive the first change.

“Alright ladies,” the Alpha said.  Each of the women put their mouths near her skin.  Sally could feel the tingle of the change rippling through the women.  There was a signal she didn’t see and they bit down.

Sally screamed.


Wufei shot up from where he had been seated.  Logically he knew that the scream meant the Ceremony was underway, Sally was going through her first change at this very moment.  The instinctive part of him wanted to tear across the ground the separated them and kill whatever had hurt her.

  • placating/funny comment from grandfather
  • Sky Clan Alpha requests their presence
  • Sally’s experience being a wolf


Sally collapsed on to her human knees.  The change had been amazing; she had never felt so alive.  All her life she had thought something was wrong with her.  None of the men she encountered over her 24 years had inspired even a small amount of lust.  Even after her travels with Wufei, she had found him fascinating, but only a small amount of physical interest.  She had kissed him, hoping to create something out of the interesting sensations that occurred when she touched his skin.  After meeting other Weres she was now aware that was a normal reaction within their species.

Now the blood thundered through her veins.  They had warned her that after the ceremony, her first urge would be to seek her mate, but if none suited her, she might resist.  Having not been aroused before, she was certain that she would easily resist; how wrong she had been.

She needed; oh how she needed.  Her body was on fire.  The whole world was alive with new sights, sounds, and wonderful smells.  There was a scent that teased her nose.  It tasted delicious on her tongue.  Letting her instincts lead her, she followed it into the forest.


Wufei stood very still.  He wanted to explode across the room and attack the Sky alpha.  Honor was the only thing that kept him silent as he let his grandfather handle the situation.

“Why have you denied my grandson the right to participate in Sally’s Awakening ceremony?” the old man asked calmly.

The Alpha kept his face stiff and cold.  “We have too few Sky Clan wolves left to us.  We cannot afford to lose one of our females to the Dragon Clan.”

“Wufei brought Sally back to you, honor demands he should be at the Choosing if he desires.”

“We don’t have the luxury of honor.  I’m sorry, but she will mate with one of our males.” Sky Alpha said.

Wufei clenched his jaw, fury eating at him.  If he did not leave soon, he would miss the Choosing, the female mated within minutes of the ceremony’s ending.  He couldn’t stomach the thought of another male touching her.

Grandfather’s voice was calm and speaking slowly.  “The Dragon Clan will be very offended if Wufei is not permitted to participate.”

“I am sorry for that, but it cannot be helped.  It is done.”

Wufei’s gut clenched, “What do you mean?”

“She has chosen.”

“No.” Wufei took a step forward, but his grandfather’s hand stopped him.

“The ceremony is completed?” the old man asked.

“Yes, she has become one of the Clan, I can feel her determination.  She is consumed in the pursuit of her mate.” Sky Alpha turned his frigid gaze on Wufei, “there is nothing left here for you.”

The snarl forced its way out of his throat before Wufei could control it.  Sally was his woman.  Every fiber of him knew it.

His grandfather again forced him to calm.  “Wufei, all will be well.  We need only wait.”
The Sky Alpha frowned, “what do you mean?”

Just then the door burst open, torn from its hinges.  Wufei spun and placed himself protectively in front of his grandfather.  He caught a brief glimpse of blue eyes and braids, and then his arms were full of female werewolf.

Sally kissed him, growling deep in her throat.  Her arms wrapped tight around his neck and her legs encircled his waist.  Wufei kissed her back, sinking his fingers into her hair.  She tore at his clothes, grinding herself against him.  Wufei growled in response.  He shifted her head to a better angle and deepened the kiss.  One hand left her hair, moved down her body to grip her ass.  The tips of his fingers touched her wetness.

Vaguely he heard his grandfather speak behind him.  “You are correct, it is over.  She has chosen.”


Wufei slid out of Sally’s arms, she didn’t stir.  He tucked the sheets around his exhausted mate.  The extreme endorphin burn from her first change had finally worn off and she would sleep for a while.  He made his way to the living room where his grandfather sat on the floor before the fire.

“You knew,” Wufei said.

Grandfather did not open his eyes or turn.  “Of course,” he said.

Wufei asked, “How?”

The old man sighed, “Honor demanded we bring Sally back to her clan for the ceremony.  Sadly, there is little honor left among the Wolf Clans.  Sally is strong vibrant intelligent and a born Alpha.  There was no way they would risk losing her.”

“You deliberately spread my scent over the ceremony area, so she could track me down.”

He nodded.

“How did you know she would choose me?” Wufei asked.

Grandfather looked at him then, a small smile on his face, “I didn’t.”

Wufei’s eyes narrowed, “then why did you say we only had to wait?”

Now he grinned, “Sally was pursuing her mate.”

Wufei stared at him blankly.

A chuckle escaped the old man, “every available Sky male would have been in the trees waiting for her.  If she was chasing down a male, there was only one not in easy reach.”  He looked at his grandson a little more seriously, “You need to learn to trust your wolf more.  Did it doubt who your mate was?”


“Then you should have been patient and waited.  Stop letting your human head get in the way of wolf matters.”


Grandfather said, “we should leave this area soon.  Sally is Dragon Clan now, I can feel her.  She is powerful and the Sky Clan will be bitter at having lost such a wolf.”