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By Nova

Teen Titans (Animated)
(A series of PWP/Lemon dreams by Raven)



She was running, weaving in and out of the trees.

Somewhere behind her she could feel it pursuing her. She refused to face whatever sought her. Every time it came close enough to see, she ran harder.

The moon was full and offered speckled bits of light through the leaves. Her heart was pounding, the throbbing of her blood thudded in her ears. Harsh gasping breaths drowned out any other sound that might have been heard.

Limbs and brush seemed to appear out of nowhere snagging on her uniform, trying to slow her down. She ducked under a large branch, only to feel it grab her cape. It tightened around her throat, dragging her to a stop. Desperately she wrestled with the clasp. Her fingers wouldn’t respond properly! It seemed an eternity before she freed herself. She thought she felt breath upon her cheek; leaving her cloak and communicator behind she ran.

As she moved through the never-ending night, some part of her knew she had done this before. Always she ran from that which she did not want to face.

She was running from herself.

She began to slow. It too slowed, moving in the darkness just beyond her vision. The fear still coursed through her. The cool calm that was her shield was torn away, leaving her naked to her own emotions.

It was a dream, she knew this with certainty. She was chasing herself in circles.

She came to a stop, standing in a beam of moonlight. Slowly, she turned to face her pursuer.

At first it was still, testing her resolve. When she did not move, it advanced into the circle of light.

The large furred creature towered over her, its teeth exposed in a snarl. It looked down at her expectantly, waiting for something. She watched it in confusion, then she recognized it.

Beast Boy.

As that thought took hold, it began to shrink and take on the familiar form of her teammate. The young ungainly boy she had always known. It was familiar and comforting. She almost smiled in relief, but something was different. The look in his eyes was not playful or sweet. The green orbs were demanding and aggressive. He wanted something from her.

She swallowed hard, all the tension returning.

BB walked toward her, changing shape with each step. He was growing taller, muscles filling in, his stride confident and sure. His lips moved as he approached. She stepped back, uncomfortable with how BB was changing before her eyes. Where was her friend?

Her back pressed against the trunk of a tree; she had no where else to run.

Beast Boy placed his hands on either side of her head, an as he leaned in close she could feel his warm breath on her cheek. Still his lips moved, trying to tell her something.

He wasn’t that boy any longer.

His lips settled on hers, warmth spilled through her body and she thought she would burst with the pleasure.


Raven woke suddenly and sat up straight on the bed. Her hands flew up to cover her still burning lips.

Dream 4