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Writing Challenge 09-27-2014

The story is set in a temple. The story takes place in the early morning. During the story, a relative shows up. The story must involve a suit of armor in it. A character is controlling throughout most of the story.

Story Elements:
Controlling personality

Anime Characters:



The white building glittered in the moonlight.  Every tile reflected the moon beams defiantly into the darkness.  The temple was a beacon of hope to the multitude of war fearing refugees gathered in the city below.

Theirs was a city of peace, refusing to fight in the war destroying their world.  The Princess stood defiantly against the forces gathering on each of their borders.  She would not chose sides and she would not surrender.

Relena spent the two hours before dawn praying at the alter of the temple every morning.

Duo watched her; he was the only one who knew that she wept for her people.  Each day, before anyone else awoke; she prayed for guidance and cried for everyone depending on her strength.  She would turn those red puffy eyes to him and thank him.

It tore him apart.

Not her strength or her faith, but the knowledge that when she found out the truth about him, she would hate him.  All the trust she had given him would be lost.  It was his sacrifice to the war.

He turned from the kneeling princess and looked out the front window.

The first rays of the sun were just softening the black sky.  Duo was able to make out the darker outlines of approaching figures.

“Father,” said the soft voice behind him.  Inwardly Duo cringed; desperately he reminded himself, the deception was necessary.

“Yes, your highness,” Duo replied, turning back again, ready to lie to her face.  He was relieved to see her gaze was focused on the Goddess’s statue above the alter.

“I have prayed for guidance, for wisdom, for some way to save my people from this war.” Relena took a shuddering breath, “If she has answered, I have not heard.”  She turned shining blue eyes to him.  “Is there any hope?”

Duo’s hands were clasped before him.  His knuckles whitened in his effort to keep himself from reaching for her; from wrapping his arms around her and comforting her.  “Yes, my princess.  I know that there is a way to save your people.  Please continue your prayers, a solution will be found.”

She gave him a tight smile and returned to her kneeling position.

Silently bidding the princess goodbye, Duo slipped out the front doors, unable to watch her any longer.  Her prayers would be answered, but not the way she was expecting.  Duo had his part to play and he would not let her down.  Quickly he made his way to the gates guarding the temple.  He could see the figures gathering there in the dim light.

Somehow Duo had to keep the Generals out; he would not let them have Relena.  No matter what that meant.  Four men were mounted and glaring at each other outside the gate.

Two of the men wore bright silver armor gleaming in the early morning light.  The first had his helm down, with long blonde hair flowing down and draping over his mount.  The other was bare headed and a few paces away.  His eyes were calculating and arrogantly confident.

Facing off with them were a blue and an orange armored soldiers.  Duo recognized Kento who was completely armored up for battle; the large horned helm was intimidating.  The other man was Rowen, whose helmet was tucked under one arm and his blue hair hung in his face, softening the fierceness of his companion.  Duo grimaced; the goddess had an unfortunate sense of humor.  Of all the commanders the Yoroidens could have sent, they would pick the one man who knew his real identity.  Rowen gave him a crooked smile and nod.  He might have spoken, but the stranger in the silver helm demanded Duo’s attention.

“Father Maxwell,” the helmed man called.

Rowen snorted and shook his head.

The arrogant man moved forward, “I am Treize Khushrenada, please bring out the princess,” he demanded.

“Princess Relena is praying,” Duo replied, “and cannot be disturbed.”  He clasped his hands behind his back, putting on a face of calm confidence.

“The time for prayer is over, bring her forward.”

“Yes, Duo,” Rowen smirked, “lets be done with this farce.”

Treize turned his gaze on the blue headed commander.  “The princess will be leaving with us General Hashiba.  You and your troops will withdraw.”

“Why would we do that,” Rowan replied, cocking an eyebrow.  “We have offered her a much better deal than you.  You should reconcile yourself to her joining Yoroiden.”

If anything Treize’s expression was even more arrogant, “Because she will be handing leadership of her country back over to the rightful heir.”

“Who’s that?” Kento demanded.

Treize looked over at his companion, “Zechs, please.”

The armored man reached up and removed his helmet.  A familiar set of blue eyes looked out from long blonde bangs.

Duo’s heart picked up pace as his anger rose.  “So, the traitor returns.”  Zechs turned his cold gaze toward Duo.  “She will not hand over her Kingdom over to you, even if you are her brother, Milliardo.”

“She doesn’t need to be willing.”  Treize corrected.  “The people will gladly follow their Prince in action, rather than sit idly by while their princess prays their lives away.”

Treize’s condescension of Relena continued to infuriate Duo.  The Princess had withstood amazing pressure to keep her people free.  Surrendering would have been so easy, but she clung to her ideals and refused to give her people to either of these land grabbing assholes.  Relena’s dream for her people had served as a beacon for so many people.  Proof was in the bursting seams of the city below, people drawn by the strength and conviction of her words.  Backed up by actions that frustrated and stymied her enemies; it had drawn himself and his companions.  Rowen knew him for the paid mercenary he had always been.  Coin had lured him into the country, but the princess and the Goddess made him stay.  He had found his place to serve and serve he would.

“You’re wrong,” Duo said with conviction.  “They will fight both factions when they realize you have driven Princess Relena to make the ultimate sacrifice.”

“And what would that be?” Treize asked, watching him mockingly.

Duo felt a wave of heat hit his back and knew that no answer was necessary.  He could see the flames flickering off the generals’ armor.  Maintaining his calm demeanor, Duo turned to watch the Temple be consumed in a Goddess spread fire.  Before their eyes it became a towering inferno.  In the distance over the roar of the flames he could hear the populace cry out.  The charge had been called.

They had armed the people, and now their Princess had been murdered by the enemy.  The two armies were unprepared to do battle this day and would fall beneath the angry hordes of outraged Sanc citizens.  They all felt the call, the Goddess was with them.

The gate crashed open behind him and Milliardo raced by calling Relena’s name.  The temple was completely engulfed; there was no hope of finding anyone alive inside.

An armored hand gripped Duo’s arm.  Rowen yanked him around, “I don’t know what your game is Maxwell, but you just made a major mistake.”

Duo ignored the blue commander, he just watched the fire dance, hating what he had had to do, but not regretting it.  Now they would never get to the Princess.

Rowen called out and a guard came, bound the fake priest, and drug him away.  Duo looked up at the uni-banged guard leading him down the hill and smiled.  Everything was going as planned.  Noin would be leading the people to attack, Dorothy was distracting the commanders of OZ, Hilde would have freed the horses at Yoroiden’s camp, and Heero would be long gone with Princess Relena.

Long live Peacecraft.