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This is a story I have been working on for a while.  It is an Alternate Universe Teen Titans.  I took every spare moment for three days and wrote the whole story out… 2 years ago.  I loved it and wanted to post it online, but I needed someone to Beta it.  Well, I found a volunteer and her critic shattered all my confidence and I couldn’t even look at the story again.  Now, I am back to it and there are parts I really like, some areas need work.  I am going to post what I have, because the blog is for my work in progress.  I have to keep reminding myself of that.  Recommendations and suggestions are welcome.


Prisoners of War
by Nova

Teen Titans/Comic/AU

Character List:  (The Titans have many names, so here is a list to keep them straight)

Nightwing/ Richard Grayson / Dick
Flash / Wallace West / Wally
Changeling / Beast Boy / Garfield Logan / Gar
Jericho / Joseph Wilson / Joe / Joey
Raven / Rachel Roth
Starfire / Kory Anders / Koriandr’
Cyborg / Victor Stone / Vic
Wonder Girl / Donna Troy

Raven added a new element to her weekly routine.  At least once a week she took the king out for a ride.  Whenever they returned they would both be exhausted.  Dick didn’t like to think about what they did on those rides.

It took almost two months for things to get back to their normal routine.  What had happened weighed on all their souls.  Dick was finally ready to resume his weekly sessions with Raven.  She never mentioned his avoidance of her.  She simple welcomed him back as if nothing happened.

As time passed Nightwing was forced to deal with an undeniable fact.

He wanted Raven.

He hated admitting it.  Even to himself.  She was supposed to be his enemy.  But she protected her people.  She trusted him to do the same.  The people of this solar system trusted her to watch over them and she did.

She was vicious.  She was honorable.  She did not hesitate to kill.  She gave healing to all who needed it.

She did not fit into his clean black and white world.

His growing lust was a self hating agony.  It grew with every touch. Each shared conversation.  He hated himself for wanting the woman who imprisoned him.

She had more lovers right now, than he has had in his entire life.  Shouldn’t that bother him?  His fear of commitment was no help in this situation.  Kory had been hinting at marriage for years.  Raven would never ask.  God, he was twisted inside.

He didn’t know what he was going to do, but he did know, he really missed the option of a cold shower.

They had been training together for months now and he had noticed that when she exerted physical strength her skin changed color.  He finally had to ask.  “Why are you pink?”

She stayed focused on the movements of her body.  “When I draw on the power given to me by my father, not that which I was born with, my body changes.”

Gracefully her body shifted to the next position.  “Increased physical strength is all Trigon.”

The rest of the routine was finished in silence.  But if Dick was honest his mind wasn’t focused on the moves like he should.

He was watching the woman with him.  Here she was confident.  Sure of herself.  A warrior.  A leader of her people.

He wanted her.

Dick closed his eyes and forced himself to concentrate.  Batman wouldn’t be distracted.

Unless it was Selena Kile.  Damn.

When he opened his eyes she was stretching in her black leotard.  It left nothing to the imagination.  As he watched, her body responded to a cool breeze that wafted through an open window.

She met his heated gaze with cool empty eyes.  She took up her position opposite him ready to spare.

Dick pulled himself together.  They were not lovers.  She did not see him that way and he needed to accept that.  They bowed at each other and it began.

He brought her to the mat with a thud.  They were both breathing hard, their faces very close together.  His body responded to the feeling of her softness crushed beneath him.  She must have felt it, but her eyes remained clear and calm.  His male pride stung.  How could she feel nothing when he was going crazy?

The silence was too much.

“What do you do with the king?” he asked.

She blinked in surprise, then burst out laughing.  Her body convulsed with it.  The tremors vibrated against him; it was sweet torture.  Tears rolled down her cheeks, she laughed until she was gasping for breath. She wiped her eyes on his shoulder.  “Oh,” she gasped.  “Of all the men in my life, I didn’t expect you to be the one who would make me laugh.”  She laughed some more and sigh, “ahh, that felt good.”

She looked up at him, still pinned to the floor, grinning.  “I ride him.”

He stared into her eyes trying to determine what she really meant.  Here he was aroused, with the woman he wanted crushed beneath him, but he couldn’t get past the doubts in his head.  That unicorn bothered him.  He had seen her ride out on him and come back draped across the creature’s back looking satiated.

Her laughter twinkled in her eyes.  It was an expression he had never seen before.

“Richard, the king is a magical creature.  Not all species mate like humans.”

Dick thought about that.  Whatever happened, was on a magical level not a physical one.  Somehow, that made it more tolerable.  She was still fucking the thing, but in no way he could or needed, to compete with.

She calmed a little and explained.  “The King has the ability to send himself back to his herd.  But it takes a lot of power.  I keep him drained and planet bound.”

Dick had lost a little of what was said.  Raven had moved one of her legs causing him to settle more firmly against her inner thigh.

Raven brought his attention back.  “Have you ever seen Gar brush or run his fingers through Zwei’s hair?”

He frowned trying to think.  “Yes.”

She grinned again.

Blood worked its way back into his brain.  “Are you telling me, that for Zwei, that is sex?”

She nodded.  “On his planet long hair was a sign of virility.  He would have been considered very, umm, well endowed.” she finished, laughing again.

Her hand pushed against his chest and he lifted away.  She climbed to her feet without assistance and headed for the door.

Dick was frustrated.  If it had been Kory she would have had her way with him by now. All of the women he had been with in his life had made sure he knew what they wanted.  Raven never asked anything of him.  Even her looks didn’t convey any influence.  Letting him decide without any guidance from her.

She was almost out the door when he growled under his breath, “What do you want?”

Her answer drifted back to him, “Only what you are willing to give.” and she was gone.

He hesitated only a moment and he was following her out into the night.  He caught her half way to the castle.  Reaching out he gripped her arm spinning her around.  One hand cupped the back of her head, while the other wrapped around her waist pulling her against him.  He put all these months of frustration into the kiss he placed on her parted lips.  She welcomed him, sliding her hands into his hair and kissing him back.

When her fingers gently tugged the hair at the nape of his neck, he groaned.  He pulled away to trail lips down her neck.  She made a soft whimpering sound and his body tightened in response.

He brought his lips to the shell of her ear and whispered, “bed.”

In a black cloud of smoke they were gone.

It was late morning when Nightwing woke to the sound of the proximity alarm.  An arm and leg were draped across the warm body next to him.

Raven looked at him.  Her eyes were clear and empty again.  All of the softness and passion from the night before erased.


“Yes?” he asked concerned.

“Do you remember what I told you after you arrived here almost 2 years ago?” she asked, voice empty of all emotion.


“Good, you have a visitor.”  With that she disappeared.  Dick barely had time to pull on his pants before Gar flew in his window, closely followed by a familiar figure.

“Dick!” she cried, crashing into him.


He tried to ask her a question, but she wouldn’t stop kissing him.  She was pushing him back toward the bed.  Twelve hours ago, with his celibacy heavy upon him, this would have been so easy and welcome.  Now, with the bed still warm, he had doubts.  Kory on the other hand knew what she wanted and pushed his doubts aside.

Gar laughed and flew away.

A few hours later the Titans were all gathered in Nightwing’s room.  Dick and Kory were seated on the bed.  Kory was draped around his shoulders, like she was afraid to let go.  Wally and Joe were in the chairs and Gar was perched on the window sill.

“So Beautiful,” Gar asked, “what are you doing here?”

“Victor has been searching for your location since we repaired the tower’s computer.  This whole area is saturated with Raven’s power.  Since the Earth is as well, he just matched the pattern.  Once we knew the Solar system, I came to find you.”

“It is great to see you Starfire.  How is Earth?”  Wally asked.

“Progress is slow.  Battling famine has been a major problem.  Not enough food.  There is now a one world government.  It is based in Iceland, since it was the least damaged.  We are lucky the Titan’s Tower is self sufficient, because there is nothing left around it.  Only  a few pockets of people are left in North America.  The government is still struggling to deal with all the problems, but they are making headway.  Things are improving.  Once we get you back home, you can see for yourself.”

Everyone went still.

Kory blinked, coming out of her happy haze.  “Don’t worry, now that we know where you are, we will find a way to rescue you.”

Jericho shook his head.

Kory’s face became determined.  “I didn’t just come here without being prepared.  Cyborg has my coordinates.  I know that this planet doesn’t have a defense system to stop me or the T-Shuttle.  Getting you off planet won’t be hard.  Raven is the only obstacle.”  Her eyes glowed with anger.

“Sorry, Kory.” Garfield apologized.  “But count me out.  I’m staying here.”  He dropped backward out the window and he was gone.

Jericho signed, /I won’t leave Rachel.\  He stood and left.

“Starfire, I know it’s hard to understand, but a lot has changed for us.” Flash explained.  “We have new lives here.”  He walked over and hugged his friend goodbye.

When Flash was gone, Kory turned wide troubled eyes to Dick.  She gripped his arm.  “Dick?”

“I’m sorry, Kory.  We agreed to come here to save Earth.  If we leave that is all undone.  I have to stay.” he said gently.

Kory tightened her grip.  “The Earth is safe and we are preparing for the battle to defeat Trigon.  We won’t be caught unprepared this time.  We know what we will be facing.”

“No, Kory.” He said firmly.  “We will not risk the Earth for the chance of us going home.”

“Dick!”, Starfire cried.  “You can’t mean that!”

“I want you to tell Cyborg, that no rescue attempt is to be made.  Let Bruce know I’m alive and well.”  He tried to hug her, but she pulled away.

“What has happened to you?! How can you want to stay here?!”

“I have to.”

“She has done something to you.”  Starfire’s whole body crackled with anger.

“No, I gave my word.  It is my choice.”

“I didn’t give mine!”  The green of her eye flared with power.

“Please, try to understand.  Kory I…”

She interrupted, furious and determined.  “No!”  With a fiery streak she was gone.

He sighed.  This wasn’t over.

Nightwing found Raven in her meditation room.  She sat cross legged on the floor with Zwei’s head in her lap.  She was gently running her fingers through his hair.  Her eyes were closed, absolutely still, except for the stroking of her hands.

He turned to go.  It was awkward, now that he knew what she was doing with the man in her lap.

“Richard.” Her voice stopped him.  “come in.”

Dick sat down on floor near the door.  He squirmed uncomfortably at the look of rapture on Zwei’s face.

“Be at ease Richard.  He needs me right now, as do you.  I will care for you both.”  Her eyes were soft and calm.

Dick swallowed hard and looked at Raven’s face, doing his best to ignore the other man.  “Thank you for allowing Starfire to visit.”

She gave a gentle nod. “Of course.”

“You didn’t have to, and I really appreciate it.” He felt awkward and unsure how to continue.

“Richard,” she said quietly.  “Why would I deny you your friends?”

He replied frowning, “I just assumed prisoners weren’t allowed outside contact.”

“What restrictions have I put on you since you arrived here?”

Nightwing thought for a moment.  “Do not leave the planet.”

She nodded.

Dick felt like a fool.  All this time he had been operating on assumptions.  Restricting his own movements based on how he would treat a prisoner of war.  He could have contacted Earth anytime.  The technology on the ship would have made the task extremely simple.  She had given him all the opportunities, but he had ignored them, preferring to see her as his jailer.  Keeping his anger, instead of embracing his freedoms.



“Anywhere we go, if we are with you, it should be safe, right?” he asked.

“If you are with me, then the contract is not broken.”

“I am afraid of what my friends might do, trying to save us.  Would you be willing to take us to Titan’s Tower? ”

He watched her, it was an extreme show of trust, to allow them to go home.

Her calm eyes did not show hesitation or doubt.  “Whenever you like.”

His world broke open and changed again.  He was still a Titan.  His home was no longer on Earth, but nothing else had changed.  She took only what he was willing to give.  He had given her his freedom, his hope, his identity.  He had given it all up of his own free will.  He had choose to be a prisoner and she let him.

“I have been a fool.” he said.

“You were taken prisoner by a Demon.  Your confusion is understandable.”

“Why didn’t you ever say anything?”

“Would you have believed me?  Your friends embraced their freedom, but you held tight to your imprisonment.  Only you could set you free.”

“I owe you an apology.  I have thought terrible things about you.”

“No apology necessary.  I am evil.  I am vicious and cruel.” Raven spoke calmly, empty of all emotion.  “Never forget what I am.  The demon that almost destroyed your world.”

“You are also the woman who saved it.”  He didn’t give her time to deny it.  He stood, looking down at her, a smile on his face.  “Thank you, Raven.”

He walked away, finally finding his place in this world.

When the smoke cleared Nightwing saw they were standing in the meeting room of Titans Tower.  Starfire, Wonder Girl, & Cyborg were standing in front of the computer.  “We will have to abduct them against their will.” Starfire was saying.

“That won’t be necessary,” Nightwing said.

They turned, their faces registering shock.  “Dick!” Starfire flew over and embraced him.  Gar perched himself on Cyborg’s shoulder.  Flash was hugging Donna.

“Oh, Wally I didn’t know when I would see you again.”  Donna cried on his shoulder.

“Its okay,” he said. “We’re fine.”

“What have you been up to salad head?” Cyborg asked.

“Sowing lots of wild oats.  A multitude of females have been demanding my attention.” he bragged.

“That’s right, Gar. Tell him all about your conquests.”  Wally teased.  “We could introduce him, but they would think he was a snack.”

Gar’s face turned a muddy brown in embarrassment.

Dick and Wally laughed.  The others looked confused.

“It will take a little explaining.” Dick said.  “We have a lot to tell.”

“First things first, bird boy” Vic said.  “How did you get here?”

“Raven brought us.”  Dick replied, directing their attention toward the blue cloaked figure next to Jericho.

“Raven!” Starfire pushed Nightwing away, fists glowing green, she launched herself toward the half demon.

Jericho stepped in front of Raven, quickly followed by Flash and Changeling.  “Kory, No!” Nightwing called.

Kory stopped, hanging in the air, unwilling to attack her friends.

“She is one of us.”  Dick said.  Raven lifted her head, so he could meet her eyes shining from the darkness of her hood.  He was prepared to shock her for the first time in their acquaintance.

“She is a Titan.”