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Moving on


The phone rang and Hilde ran to pick it up.


“Hey Babe,” came the cheerful response.

A smile broke across her face in happiness and relief. “Duo, I’m so glad you called. I’ve been scrubbing the apartment and the shop will be closed all next week, so nothing should get in the way of your vacation.”

“Uh, yeah. That’s why I’m calling.” He began apologetically.

Her heart sunk, knowing what was coming.

“I can’t come home. Relena’s schedule has changed and Heero wants me on security.”

The receiver felt heavy in her hand as her heart hit the floor.

“But I promise to make it next month. Trowa and Quatre said they would fill in for me.”

Her voice seemed to come from far away. “Okay.”

“Thanks Babe, I knew you would understand. I’ve got to go. Love ya.” And he was gone before she could respond.

“I love you.” She told the empty air as the tears started falling.

Very slowly she hung up the phone and made her way to the couch. She sank into the cushions, gazing blindly at the wall. Her thoughts tormented by a woman she never met and Duo didn’t even attempt to hide.

He was in love with Relena. It hurt so much to se him on the news by her side; watching over her, laughing with her.

Hilde’s yes went to the magazine on the coffee table. On a two page spread in vibrant color was Relena in Duo’s arms dancing.

She didn’t even try to stem the tears rolling down her cheeks.

When Duo first left to help guard Relena during a visit to L2, she had been proud and excited. He would have a chance to see his old fiends and do something important. Then he was asked to join for the rest of the colony tours. She had happily seen him off. It had lasted two months and Duo came back. They celebrated and started to get back to normal. Only a week later Wufei called, Heero was undercover and they needed him to take over Relena’s security. She had been disappointed but understanding.

After that something always seemed to come up. Duo might make it back for a day or two, but never more. He had a room in the security wing of Relena’s mansion. Slowly his things made their way to Earth until there were little left of him in the apartment.

She didn’t like to think she was a jealous person. Duo was doing important work. She should be proud of him, but every time she saw his smile, his eyes, or even just his hand as he helped Relena from a car it hurt.

For over a year she had been holding on, hoping he would return to her. Then this vacation had come up. He promised this time he would make it. So, she threw herself into this last chance. Either he would make it home or she would leave.

It was over.

She loved him, but her heart couldn’t take someone else having all his time and attention.

She cried herself to sleep, tomorrow was soon enough to change her life.