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The idea for this has been sitting in my computer for 12 years.   I took the original snipit and fleshed it out.  It was way too boring in its original concept.  I like to think I took it darker and more evil.

Oh well, call it a writing exercise.  I was determined to create something this week.  Hope it is not too disappointing.


Seed 01-03-02


Dorothy hurried to the door through the huge empty house. She could barely contain her excitement and triumph. All the years of waiting would finally pay off.

When she opened the door the man gazed at her with anger and defiance. They both knew why he was here. He had come to beg. The hunter bowing down to his prey. There was irony in this world.

Both of their eyes turned to the woman weakly clinging to his side. Thin white hair hung limply around her face. A face aged well beyond her years by pain and disease. A flash of pain flickered in the emotionless hunter’s eyes. Even Dorothy, as cold and merciless as her kind were, felt a stab of angry sorrow looking into those tormented enduring eyes. She shook off the long buried feelings. Her day of triumph was here and nothing was going to dampen that.

“Welcome to my home, Hunter,” she bid them enter. “This way.” She led them to a sitting room. A fine layer of dust rested on the sheet covered furniture. Dorothy ripped a sheet away to reveal a crimson colored sofa. Motioning for them to be seated she uncovered a matching overstuffed chair. Sitting she watched them with cool calculating eyes.

“So, what can I do for you Hunter?”

His deep blue eyes snapped at her with anger and hatred. “You know why,” he growled.

“Humor me.”

The muscles of his jaw worked as he clenched his teeth. The woman at his side laid a gentle hand on his arm. Her touch soothed the anger from his face, Dorothy noted with interest.

“I want you to change us.” No trace of the previous anger evident in his voice.

“So, you would like to become one of my kind. Interesting, considering your people have been hunting mine for generations. So you want to go from the hunter to the hunted. I must say a surprising change. Especially since your last attempt on my life, less than a month ago.” Dorothy watched the confusion flicker across the dying woman’s face.

“Has he told you what he wants me to do to you?” Dorothy asked her.

“I take full response…”

“No, Heero,” Dorothy interrupted. “This has to be her decision.”

She locked eyes with the disease ravaged girl. Aged beyond her years and dying before she really had a chance to live. In those blue depths she saw a strength and intelligence Heero was underestimating.

“Relena, do you know what I am and what he wants me to change you into?”

“No.” The voice was soft but with an underlying ring of steel

“I am one of the undead.” Dorothy watched her reaction closely. While she seemed mildly surprised, none of the revulsion or fear commonly associated with this revelation showed on her face.

“I am around 6000 years-old, the oldest of my kind, few of us that are left. Your companion, Heero, is a descendant of our long time enemies. They swore to rid the world of all ‘vampires’.” She flashed her fangs at Heero, in a feral smile. “Becoming one of us will destroy your disease and restore your youthful appearance. You will have-”

“My soul?” Relena interrupted. “Will I lose my soul?”

Dorothy’s eyes became cold, an evil gleam in their depths. She turned her gaze to Heero whose face had become stiff and unblinking. “Of course. We are an abomination. Our creation is a voluntary death, the unforgivable sin.” She turned her gaze to Relena. “You must give up the life given to you by God and be reborn with Satan’s power.” She could see Relena’s knuckles whiten on Heero’s wrist. “When Armageddon comes, we will be his soldiers.”

Relena’s voice trembled, “in a war against God?”

“Yes,” Dorothy hissed through her fangs. She was pleased to notice the fear and horror now showing in Relena’s eyes. With difficulty, she suppressed the wicked glee inside when the dying woman turned to Heero.

Relena pulled herself out of Heero’s arms and stared at him. He stood and she took a step away. “Why did you bring me here?”

Heero maintained his cool exterior. “I don’t want to lose you.”

Dorothy’s smile became sarcastic. Even when declaring his feelings it came off as cold and unemotional.

He stepped toward Relena, she again moved back. “We would be together,” he said.

Her head slowly shook back and forth. “We would lose everything.”

“We’d have each other.”

“It’s not enough,” Relena turned and stumbled toward the door.

She was halfway across the room when she began to collapse. Heero was there in an instant. “Relena!”

Weakly she struggled in his grip. “How could you bring me here?”

“Relena, I…” Heero sought to express something, Dorothy could only guess at.

The vampire’s senses were awash with the smell of death. She could hear Relena’s heartbeat slowing and the ragged gasps of her breathing.

Heero knelt to the floor gathering the dying woman in his arms.

Relena stared at the man she loved as if she didn’t know him. “How could… could-” Her body slumped in his arms.

Dorothy felt the girl’s soul flee her body. She relished Heero’s torment as he cradled Relena’s body.

Moving with un-natural speed, she sank her fangs into the hunter’s throat. Triumph rushed through her with each swallow of his blood. She would make sure Heero and Relena would never be together, not even in death.

Heero’s torment would be eternal.

She would see to that personally.