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Chemical Response
by Nova

Teen Titans fanfic  (Raven/Nightwing)

Part 2

Dick stared blankly at the empty foyer.  He couldn’t quite believe it.

She’d left.

So, much for doing the gentlemanly thing.  He thought sardonically to himself.

What had gone wrong?  He replayed it in his mind.


Dick pulled back to look at the woman trembling in his arms.

Tonight, that gas had targeted the emotions he tried to hide the most.  Deliberately going after what he denied the hardest.

Tim said it contained an aphrodisiac, but it was more than that.  Ivy said, “You aren’t going to be able to resist anymore.  Now you will indulge your darkest desire.”  Obviously, she thought he would fall for her.  It was her typical MO.  She didn’t know him well.  He didn’t have much in the way of forbidden desires.  Unfortunately, one of them was standing in front of him.

Raven’s powers freed him from the compulsion of the drug, but that just left him facing something he had always wanted.

He knew she wanted him as much as he wanted her.  Raven had responded to each kiss, each caress.  All these years he had known, if they only had the opportunity, they would be lovers.  Still, he didn’t want any doubt between them.

Slowly, he removed his hands and stepped back.  They were both breathing heavily, staring at each other across the small space between them.  “Raven,” he said a little unsteadily, “I want you.”   Her eyes widened, pupils so dilated only a slim ring of blue could be seen.  “I want you to stay here with me tonight, but if you want to go, you need to leave now or I’m going to make love to you.”  His eyes never left her face, so she could see his sincerity.  He also did something he rarely let happen.  The emotions he kept firmly locked away spilled out, there could be no doubt about what he really felt.

He watched her shudder as she absorbed the emotions into herself.  Raven swallowed hard, he watched in fascination as her tongue appeared and ran over her lips.  She opened her mouth as if to speak and he was preparing to step forward.  Then a chill wind ran up his spine and the room was filled with dark smoke.  It took only seconds for it to clear, but she was already gone.


Lost in his own thoughts, he didn’t know how long the beeping had been going on when he finally noticed it.  He walked to the living room to retrieve Raven’s communicator.  Pressing the glowing red button he answered, “Dick here.”

“Nightwing,” came Cyborg’s voice, “are you alright?”

Dick’s mouth curved in a smile.  Cyborg tried to keep an even calm voice, but he knew by the use of ‘Nightwing’ that Cy wasn’t really asking about him.

“Yes, Vic, I’m fine,” Dick said.  “I’m home and Raven’s gone.  She forgot her communicator.”

There was a pause, he could almost hear Cy trying to find the best way to ask what really wanted to know.  “Any idea where the Witch went?”

“Home, most likely.” He answered.  “Check the Tower, I bet you’ll find her there.”

“Alright,” Cy answered, sounding relieved.  “You need anything?”

“A really cold shower,” he mumbled to himself.  He should have known better around Cyborg’s enhanced hearing.  Dick heard a chuckle from the communicator.

“Dude, if you need anything, you know how to contact me.”  Cy said.

“I know, thanks.” he pushed the red button ending the conversation.

With a sigh he dropped the communicator on the couch.  Rubbing a weary hand over his face he sank on to the cushions.  The drug had opened up all the feelings he had buried for years.

He had loved Kory and part of him still did, but he had always noticed Raven.  She was a mystery a puzzle.  He was a detective and had spent many hours trying to figure her out.  Though the two had not been together, Dick had always considered Raven Wally’s girl.  You didn’t hit on your best friend’s girl.  Then Wally was gone and Raven was slipping away, being consumed by Trigon.  It took so long for her to recover from the aftermath.  He and Kory were in a committed relationship by then.  Everything was fine, they were friends.

Then came that kiss.

It was easy to blame it on her powers, but the truth was she didn’t make him do anything he hadn’t already thought about.  That kiss haunted him.  He forced it down and refused to think about it.  Kory was his life his future.  Then Raven returned possessed and tore it all apart. After the disaster of his wedding it was never the same again.  He had lost Kory and Raven.

When she came back it was obvious that Gar wanted her.  By that time he was used to not looking too close at his feelings for his teammate.

Tonight, he couldn’t stop feeling.  Damn, Ivy.

Tim had sent the most obvious choice to rescue him.  It made sense, but was absolutely the wrong decision.  Any other Titan and he would have been fine.  The worst thing he would have faced was the urge to go dancing.  Yes, his other deep dark desire was he loved to dance.  Sad really, but a man’s reputation had to come first.

No, he’d had to face Raven.  She’d stood in the darkness, only her eyes gleamed out of the folds of her hood.  He’d wanted her so bad it scared him.  The urge to touch her had been overwhelming.  She had held her hand to him and he knew if he touched her, he wouldn’t be able to stop.  It was a terrifying thought that he might force himself on his friend.  Could he stop if she said no?  The doubt frightened him.

He knew it was a bad idea even as he reached out for her.  The moment their fingers touched he was thankful for the darkness, because he was suddenly completely erect.  That was not something the suit was designed to hide.

When they arrived at the apartment, he’d thought for a moment that he could let her go.  Then she pulled her hand away and he couldn’t take it.  He had to have her.  The next few minutes were lost in a fog of desire.  He needed to touch her, to feel her.  Raven was the only thing he wanted.

She’d tried to offer him Starfire.  And Star would definitely have taken advantage of his aroused state, but she couldn’t put out this fire.  He burned for only Raven.

The cloud created by the poison was gone, but the aftermath was, he still wanted her and she was gone.  He had offered himself to her and she fled.  It shouldn’t have been completely unexpected.  Still, he was over come with shock.  There hadn’t been a doubt in his mind that they would be making love by now.  He honestly couldn’t remember the last time a woman had turned him down.  Wow, that sounded arrogant even in his own head.

With a self deprecating chuckle he dropped his head to the back of the couch.  He needed to talk to someone.  He had to work through this.

Dick pulled his own communicator out and paged his teammate.  When the face appeared on the screen he asked, “I don’t know if it was real for you, but do you still think about her?”

It seemed like a long pause, but it was probably only seconds.  “Yes,” came the reply.  A burst of air ruffled Dick’s hair and Flash stood in his living room.  They looked at each other, sharing one of their rare moments of serious understanding.  “The emotions aren’t fake,” Wally said.  “They are completely real.  I think that is why I have never been able to fully forgive her.  She showed me what it felt like to truly love someone.  It didn’t stay, but I remember the feeling and know that I haven’t found it again.”  He snorted and gave a ironic half smile.  “ I don’t even get to pretend.”

“How long did it take for you to get over her?” Dick asked.

Wally pulled his mask off and ran his fingers through his hair.  “A while, I wasn’t sure until we freed her from Brother Blood.  When I looked at her it no longer felt the same.”  He gave a soft chuckle and threw himself into a chair.  “Though I have to admit, a small part of me wanted to punch Gar the first time he touched Raven in front of me.”

Dick groaned in defeat.  He closed his eyes again, not wanting to watch his friend while he confessed.  “Please don’t punch me tonight Wally, but I still want her.  All these years later and I still want her.”

An uncomfortable silence filled the room for a few moments.

Luckily, Wally was Wally.  “So, why didn’t you punch Gar?”  Wally asked and they both chuckled.

“For the same reason you didn’t.  She doesn’t belong to me, I don’t have a right to be jealous.  Unlike you, I’ve been pretending that I didn’t feel anything, but friendship.” Dick said.

“Obviously, that’s over.  So, what are you going to do?” Wally asked.

“Go back to pretending.” He said, but his mind kept playing over the feel of her in his arms.  The way she responded, how she kissed him back.  Could he really forget?

“Why?”  Wally asked.

Dick looked at his friend.  “What do you mean?”

Wally cocked an eyebrow at him.  “You and Kory are done.  She and Gar broke it off over a year ago.  As far as we know, Raven possesses all of Trigon’s power, so he isn’t a threat for at least a few hundred years.”  The look in his eyes said the answer was obvious. “If you want her, why don’t you go after her?”

For a moment Dick was floored.  Pursue Raven like an ordinary woman?

He had to let the idea sink in for a few seconds.  Why hadn’t he thought of that himself?  Raven was mysterious and dangerous.  You didn’t date Raven.  Yet Gar had done just that.  She had to control her emotions at all times, she couldn’t risk feeling passionately.  Tonight he’d felt her response and hadn’t cared about the possible outcomes.  He felt strongly that to have her in his arms was worth the risk.  So, why hadn’t he thought of pursuing a relationship with her?  Convincing her to give them a try?

He and Wally came up with the answer at the same time.  The red head burst into laughter, “You’ve never had to romance anyone have you?”

Dick could feel some color stain his face.  It was true.  The women in his life had always pursued him.  He’d never chased a girl in his life.

Wally continued to chuckle, “Well, you picked the perfect one to start with.  No one plays hard to get like Raven.”

Ah, Shit.


Part 3

Author’s Note:

I imagine this wasn’t what anyone was expecting from the second piece.  The truth is I attempted multiple times to move from the first scene into the bedroom, but none felt right.  So, I scrapped all of them and put together something I was happier with.  It makes the fic more emotional and dramatic, but also gives me many more opportunities for seduction. Goodbye PWP, we now have plot.

Hope you enjoyed.