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Ai No Kusabi crossover with GW

Freaky Scientists / Dimensional transportation

Relena, Dorothy and Hilde are lost in the world of Ai No Kusabi.

The blonde beauties find themselves sold as pets to the aristocracy.

Hilde ends up fighting for her life in the world of mongrels.

Zechs and the G-boys enter the world in search of the girls.

Zechs takes charge, infiltrating the Blondies with Quatre and Duo as his pets and Trowa pretends to be furniture.  Heero and Wufei head for the slums in search of Hilde.








Wufei pushed the door open and stepped into the dark room.  He did not recognize the small form huddled against the far wall.

“Hilde?” he asked.  The figure did not move.

“Are you Duo Maxwell’s Hilde?” he asked again.  This time a face lifted to look at him.  It was horrible to see.  One eye was blackish purple and so swollen no eye could be seen.  The lips were chapped and split.  The nose had been broken and not reset.  One blue eye squinted at him.  He barely heard her whispered “Duo?”

Wufei nodded.  “He is not with me, but he is here. I am his colleague Wufei Chang.  We are here to-”  He didn’t finish.

She cried “Wu-man!” and threw herself at him.  She buried her head in his chest and sobbed.  One arm wrapped around his waist, while the other hung limply at her side.

Wufei could not stop the grimace at the nickname.  Awkwardly he patted the girl’s back.  Thankfully it did not take her long to pull her self together.  She stepped back, looking up at him outwardly calm.  Wufei respected her strength.  She walked over to a filthy disgusting mattress, stuck her hand under one corner and pulled out a ragged piece of metal.  She came back holding it like a knife.  “So,” came her voice gaining strength, “do we fight our way out?”

He looked at the ragged person in front of him.  One eye, one arm, and a small bit of metal no longer than his thumb.  Prepared to go into battle.  She rose another notch in his esteem.

“No,” he responded.  “Heero and I have won the right to have you.”

Hilde flinched.  She hid the bit of metal in her palm.  “What kind of transportation do you have?”

“We are walking, but we can carry you if we need to.”

She shook her head. “Do you know how to be a Victor?”

Wufei frowned, “Victor?”

“It is how you show the others you are the winner.  You will need to,” she faltered a moment before taking a breath and continuing. “grab me by the hair at the back of my head and force me to walk in front of you.  Heero will need to walk in front of me.”

Wufei frowned. “we are not-”

Hilde cut him off.  “It will show that you just won me and it will keep others from attacking you.  The rules state that you get at least one night to bed me before someone else can try to take me.”

Wufei was repulsed.  He wanted no part of this.

Hilde saw how he felt and give him a shadow of a smile.  “It is okay Wufei, I’ll be fine.  It won’t be the first time and I would do anything to get out of this place.”

Wufei studied her.  Before this meeting, he had been surly and angry about this assignment.  He was being sent to find idiot Maxwell’s girlfriend.  It was below him.  Now, having an idea of what she had suffered and the strength she had to go on.  He was beginning to think she was too good for Duo.  He wished he had more soldiers like her at Preventors.

“Okay, let’s go.”