When I put together a D&D campaign, I like to create many characters and explore their past and passions.  This was inspired by a half ogre villain.


The Disciple
by Nova

D&D Character background


Birth.  That is the way life begins. Two parents merge their bodies and create a new being made from parts of each.  This wonderful process has been the same for many millennia and will continue till time’s end.

For me this usually joyful event would be only the first nightmare experience of my life.  My mother gave birth to me behind the town pub in a trash filled vermin ridden alley.  Alone with no help almost guaranteed a slow agonized death for any would be mother.  Ahlou, (the name I gave her as a child) having survived a brutal rape by an ogre, was not about to let the monster’s offspring do her in.  I would later learn she had been a high priestess of the god of healing Penal.  She must have used Penal’s gift, there is no other explanation for our miraculous survival.

By all that is holy I should have died there, but mine is not the path of light.  Even only minutes old destiny, controlled by the goddess Futorie, intervened on my behalf.  Exhausted by the loss of blood and the use of power Ahlou could only lay still and await the return of her strength.  When she could once again move, she drew the crystal sacrificing dagger from its sheath and began the rite of blood over me. The rite frees the soul from its body so it may pass on to the next world without the pain of death.  It failed.  The art of sacrifice is many and varied.  I can imagine her frustration as spell after spell had no effect on the demon she had birthed.  With little power left she lifted the dagger over my chest in the age old way of death.

That’s when the rats came.

Called by a power I knew nothing about, but would serve for the rest of my life, the rodents swarmed over my body.  They ran up her arms, over her legs, biting and scratching.  Scrambling she tried to avoid the attacking mammals.  Mistakenly assuming I had died buried under the hungry furry bodies, she felt her task was done. She escaped the alley and went back to her life.

The rodents kept me warm and protected until my keeper came to retrieve me.  My life was saved, but my soul would be enslaved.