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Okay, this is just a bunch of fluff.  I made myself write something.  When that happens I usually get craziness.  This time I didn’t have my sister or an overload of caffeine, so it is pretty mild.  That said, it is still just silliness. I took inspiration from a fanart pic, posted below.

Don’t be too harsh.



Ryo Lemon
by Nova

Ronin Warriors

Mia parked her jeep in the drive.  As she got out of the vehicle something felt wrong.  It took her a moment to realize what was wrong.  The large white house on the hill was oddly quiet.  Normally it was full of sound and activity.  The boys would be running around, play sports, blasting the TV or training out back.  She could actually hear the crunch of gravel under her shoe as she made her way to the front door.  She began to wonder if the guys were even home.  Since she had the only vehicle, they usually rode to town with her.  Once or twice they had made the trek on foot, but she hadn’t passed them on the way.  Where were they?

As she made her way through the house she was relieved to see four of the boys standing in the doorway of the kitchen.

“Hey guys,” she called.

They all jumped like they were caught doing something wrong.  It immediately made her worry about the condition of the kitchen.

She stopped, “What’s going on?  Is there something wrong with my kitchen?”  Normally, she considered the house to be home for all of them.  After all, they had been roommates for a long time.  Unfortunately, she did have a small issue.  When there was some kind of damage, the house automatically reverted to hers again.  She couldn’t help the instinctive reaction.

Sage flipped his blonde uni-bang, “the kitchen is fine.”

“Its Ryo,” Sai said.

“Is he okay?” Mia asked.

Kento shrugged, “we think so, but he’s kind of weirding us out.”

Mia was completely confused.  What was Ryo doing in the kitchen?

Rowen waved her over, “come look for yourself.”

Slowly she peeked around the door frame.

Ryo was sitting at the table staring at a bowl of fruit.  As she watched he picked up a lemon out of the bowl and examined it.  He turned it around in his hands, looking at it from different angles.  A frown marred his forehead as he looked intently at the sour fruit.

“How long has he been doing that?” Mia asked.

“Not sure, maybe an hour?”  Sai said.

“Has anyone asked him?” She asked.

Scratching the back of his head Kento answered, “Nah, we aren’t sure we want to know.”

Mia shook her head. Men.  Pushing the boys aside she stepped into the kitchen.  “Good afternoon Ryo.”

“Hey Mia,” he answered absently.

“What are you doing?” She tried to make the question seem casual by going to the cabinet for a glass.

Ryo picked up a lemon and sniffed it.  “Why would I be in a lemon?”

The glass thumped on the counter.  “What?”

“Rowen printed off some of my fan letters and they keep saying they like putting me in lemons.”  Obviously frustrated, he put the fruit back in the bowl.

“Dude!” Kento hollered from the doorway.  Ryo and Mia turned toward the commotion.  Rowen was rolling around on the floor laughing his head off.

Everyone stared at the blue haired ronin.

“What’s so funny?”  Mia asked.

Everyone shrugged.  Rowen only convulsed more.


Later that night while they were all sitting in front of the TV Rowen handed Ryo a sheet of paper.  He read over the contents and looked up in confusion.  “What is Minkland?”

“It’s a webpage,”  Rowen grinned throwing himself on the couch.  “Visit it dude.”

Ryo got up and left the room.


“Holy Shit!!”

Mia looked toward the library in surprise.  Ryo came storming out, his face was red and his breathing ragged.  As he looked at each of them he seemed to get more flushed, if that were possible.  “NO!” he screamed to the room in general and fled up the stairs.

Rowen slid off the couch on to the floor in an uncontrolled fit of mirth.


Later that night, with a shaking hand, Mia moved the mouse to the star on the computer screen.

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lemon again by Naga

lemon again by Naga