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Okay, this is old.  Wrote it way back in 2000.  It has just been laying around.  I couldn’t think of anything original, so I pulled this one out and did a little tweaking.  Its cute, not great, but it reminds me of how I felt when I wrote it.  So, I am going to throw it out there in case someone else may enjoy it too.



Happy Birthday Heero
By Nova

Gundam Wing fic

“Happy Birthday Heero.” Said Relena lovingly.  The dark eyes just stared back at her blankly from a pillow on her bed.

“It’s my 20th birthday.  That means we have been together 4 years now.”  As she spoke she slowly crawled on to the bed.

Now stretched out comfortably on the coverlet she continued to talk to, in her opinion, a most adorable unchanging face. “Everyone threw me a huge party.  You know it was one of those big political things that are incrediblely dull and boring.  I could have spent the day in my office and had a better time.  At least there I would not have had to force a smile and make small talk.  But Relena Peacecraft cannot have a birthday without every leader in the world wanting to be there.  It could have been much worse.  God bless Noin and Une, they had everyone gone by 10:30. ”
“As I was leaving the ballroom guess whom I ran into?  No idea? Duo Maxwell.  I still cannot believe he is married.  Hilde told me how he convinced her to marry him.  Believe it or not, Hilde didn’t want to get married.  Duo had been asking for 6 months and she kept turning him down.  She didn’t really think he was serious and refused to enter into marriage on a prank.  Then one afternoon he came into her office with a pair of scissors and said either she marry him or he was cutting off his braid.  Needless to say she accepted quickly, she loves that braid almost as much as he does.”
“Anyway, we start talking, or at least Duo is talking, and at my suggestion head out to the gardens.  I really needed some fresh air after that stuffy ballroom.  As we head around that huge rosebush, you know the one just before the gazebo, I see the most wonderful sight in the whole world.  Every one of my friends, real friends, shouting surprise.  They had thrown me a surprise party.  Oh, it was beautiful Heero.  There was a cake with 20 candles and it was surrounded with gaily wrapped packages.  I was ready to cry I was so happy.  They sang happy birthday and Duo made everyone wear birthday hats.  You should have seen Wufei’s face.  He just acted as if it wasn’t there and he even called me by my name.  Though, poor Sally was still addressed as woman. ”
“Oh, I cannot remember when I have laughed so much.  Most of the gifts were little gags and attached to short funny stories.  But the real gift was from everyone, they gave me a huge picture of the entire gang.  It was a collage of photographs, even you are there.  I am going to hang it in my office, so now I will never be lonely.  At the office I will have everyone and at home I have you.”
Reaching up she plucks Heero from his pillow and hugs him to her chest.  “I love you Heero.”  She whispers in his ear.  Slowly she drifts off to sleep.

Her teddy bear clutched tightly in her arms.

A few miles away a figure sits hunched over a laptop.  He reads silently as the words flash across the screen.  He stares at the last four words and in a quiet voice replies.  “and I you, Relena.”


Authors Not:  I know, I know another depressing Heero Relena fic.  I just couldn’t help myself.  I got to thinking about why would Heero give Relena a teddy bear?  And could Heero really leave Relena alone?  Well, here is my answer.  A bugged teddy bear.