I’ve had the idea for this story for a very long time.  I was listening to music today and it came back to me.  I just made the names up.  This is not a fanfic, just original characters and a not so original idea.


Object of obsession


Devlin hit the intercom button on his desk.  “Roscoe, please come in.”

His heart rate increased, he had been waiting nine years for this day.

The large muscled man came through the doorway.  He took position in front of Devlin’s desk.  Legs spread, right hand gripping his left wrist, he looked at his boss through dark glasses.

“I need you to pick my step-mother up from the airport.”  He handed Roscoe a picture.  She was demurely dressed in an old fashioned suit with a long skirt.  Long dark hair hung down to her knees and chocolate brown eyes were framed in large gold rimmed glasses.  No one would have guessed she was only 28.  “Please escort her home.  I have dismissed all of my step-father’s employees”

Angelina was going to be his.


Angelina quickly removed her mourning clothes.  They landed in a pile on the floor of the hotel room.  From the shopping bags on the bed she pulled out blue jeans and a yellow tank top.  Quickly she donned her new outfit.  Her husband of nine years was finally in the ground.  She was thankful that his step-son couldn’t make it to the funeral.  No one here knew “Burke’s little Angel” as his friends had called her.  Angelina was spared all the ‘wonderful’ reminiscing.

She looked around the room, not seeing anything she wanted to take with her.  In the closet hung atrocious suits twenty years out of style.  Burke wanted her covered up at all times.  He had picked every item in her wardrobe.  Long wool skirts that hung all the way to her ankles.  What no one realized was that all the pockets were cut open, so he could slide his hand inside.  She was never allowed to wear underwear.  He would touch her in public and laugh when she reacted.  It was great sport for him when she became clumsy and embarrassed herself in front of his friends.

She blushed in humiliation every time they teased him about licking his fingers in public.

The diamonds of her wedding band glittered from a bedside table.

Nine years she had waited for this.  Turning around she grabbed her purse and left.


Devlin glanced at his watch for what seemed the hundredth time.  He couldn’t concentrate on his the financial papers.  His thoughts kept going back to the first time he laid eyes on Angelina.

He had been sixteen and home for the summer from boarding school.  The sound of Burke’s voice had brought him to the foyer.  Standing just inside the door clutching a small suit case stood a girl.  Well worn jeans hugged her legs, a red t-shirt stretched across her full breasts.  Her long black hair was pulled back in a high pony-tail, she kept twisting the end between nervous fingers.

She was looking around uncertainly when she caught sight of him.  A slightly nervous smile graced her full lips.  Large dark brown eyes were warm and hopeful.  Maybe it was just the glasses perched on her small nose that made her eyes seem large enough to drown in.

He knew he should say something, the silence between them was becoming uncomfortable, but his teenage hormones were going crazy.  What was a hot teenage girl doing in his house?

It looked like she might say something, when Burke came into the room.  “Devlin there you are boy.  Come here and meet Angelina.”

He had always had a good relationship with Burke.  His mother had married the man when Devlin was ten.  His step-father had stepped up, making Devlin feel like he had always been his son.  Within the year he had been officially adopted and Burke even went as far as to show him the revised Will that had his name included.  So, when his mother died in a car accident when he was fourteen, there was not question that Burke would take care of him.

“Angelina, this is my son Devlin.”

She let go of her hair and held out her hand.  They shook hands, but he pulled back as quickly as possible.  His skinned burned where they had touched.  He turned questioning eyes to his Father.  Why was she here?

Burke understood and answered the unspoken question.  With a grin he laughed, “She’s my new wife.”

Devlin looked at her in horrified shock.  She blushed looking at the floor.  His stomach clenched when Burke threw a familiar arm around her shoulders.  “She’s a little shy, but I’m sure you two will get along just fine.”


That day had begun the worst obsession of his life.  Angelina had been 19 at the time.  Burke had been looking at horses for his racing stable and she had been one of the work-out jockeys.  He had little interest in the horse she brought round, but her he had wanted immediately.  Burke was a handsome strong man in his prime at 45.  With his wealth and power, very few things were out of his reach.  Angelina may have resisted in the beginning, but his step-father knew how to romance a woman.

Burke confessed one day that it had taken three months to convince her to date him and then she wouldn’t sleep with him until their wedding night.  He had landed himself a bona fide virgin and had the stained sheets to prove it.  Burke took great pride in the fact that no other man had ever touched his wife.

Devlin had done his best to ignore and even hate his new step-mother.  Under all the nasty comments and derogatory language was his dark secret.  He wanted Angelina.  Most of his anger was from jealousy.  Every time he watched Burke run his fingers through her hair, his blood would pound.  He wished she would put it up, but her husband insisted she keep it down, never letting her even were a barrette to keep it out of her face.

One day Devlin had caught her sleeping in a chair, her glorious hair thrown over the back.  In a moment of stupidity, he couldn’t resist touching it.  The glossy strands were everything he’d dreamt they were.  Silky strands caressed his fingers, sliding sensually across his skin.  He couldn’t stop the stray thought of how it would feel on other parts of his body.  As with most teenage boys, that was all it took for him to be aroused.

Angelina’s breathing changed and he knew she was awake, but she didn’t open her eyes.  She must have thought it was Burke stoking her hair.  He hated her for that.  So, he continued to play with her hair, deciding to enjoy it until she forced him to stop.

When she finally looked up to see him standing at the arm of the chair her eyes went wide in surprise.  She blushed and her eyes dropped, coming to rest on his obvious erection.  She tried to pull away to the opposite side of the chair, but Devlin kept a hold on her hair.  It brought her to an abrupt stop, she looked him in the eye for the first time.  Whatever she saw there upset her, because she turned pale and he could see fear gather in her eyes.  Slowly he unclenched his fist and took a step back.  She leapt from the chair and fled upstairs.


Angelina ran her hands through the her new pixie cut hair style.  She felt so light with that three feet of heavy tresses gone.  One more memory of Burke washed away.

When the wealthy business man set out to woo her, she had been flattered, but uncertain she wanted a man her mother’s age.  Turning him away had been the wrong thing to do.  He just pursued her harder.  When she finally agreed, he had bowled her over.  So romantic and loving, sweet and spontaneous. Still, it was obvious that he wanted sex.  His heated kisses and strong hands were very tempting, but she agreed with her mother.  If a man loves you, he will wait.  So, when Burke proposed she was ready to say yes.  Soon she found herself wedded and bedded in short order.

The wedding night was not everything she dreamed it would be.  He had torn her beautiful dress to get to her.  She was afraid and nervous, but he was ready and couldn’t wait.  That first time hurt so much, she was torn asunder.  The blood, no one had said there would be so much blood.  He had looked at the sheets and laughed.  “You really were a virgin.”

Too soon he was ready again.  She protested that she was still sore.  He wouldn’t be denied, “Now is as tight as you are ever going to be.  I’m not going to let that go to waste.”  Twice more he took her that night, on those bloody sheets.  When he finally lay snoring next to her, she cried herself to sleep.

He would spend the rest of their marriage tainting how she felt about sex.  Oh, she could still be aroused and sometimes he delighted in doing just that.  Especially if she were upset or angry with him.  She had never experienced the mythological orgasm, she didn’t really think it existed.

Burke’s favorite thing was to wrap her hair in his hands and guide her toward whatever activity he had planned. He enjoyed control and humiliation in the bedroom.  She was personally sickened by some of the things he demanded of her.  Especially when he forced her to be aroused during it.  She hated herself most then.

Part 2

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