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by Nova

Teen Titans (Animated)
(a series of PWP/LemonLime dreams by Raven)



She walked along through a field of flowers, lovely rolling hills stretched before her. She held her hands out to the side and felt the soft brush of petals against her fingers. The wind delicately ruffled her hair.

The feeling of peace and contentment filled her. There weren’t any villains here; it was only a soft green sanctuary. She walked and walked. The soothing lack of emotions was so freeing. No fighting others’ emotions. She was finally free to just relax and feel nothing—Only peace.

Faintly, she could hear a tune carried on the breeze. She continued forward, following the enchanting sound.

At the crest of the next hill she could see a cabin in the distance. The flowers seemed to dance to the song. It swirled through her. Each step was light and carried her over the long distance swiftly. Soon she stood before the building. The song led her around the side and there sitting on a stump was a blonde head bent over a lute.

His sensitive fingers caressed the strings. The happiness and contentment echoed though the cords. Her soul sang with the music.

Slowly, he lifted his head and looked at her with crystal blue eyes. They were full of warmth and friendship.

She sat before him and he continued to play just for her. No music had ever been so beautiful.

When he finally lifted his fingers from the lute, they danced before her. She did not know sign language, but here and now she understood him perfectly.

He asked if she played. She shook her head. Would she like to learn? She nodded.

He handed the lute to her. She cradled the instrument in her arms, unsure of how to hold it.

Jericho’s arms came around her from behind and moved her hands to the proper position. Expertly, he guided her fingers to draw the most beautiful notes from the strings.

She knew she should be concentrating on the movement of her hands. Unfortunately, her mind kept wandering to the feel of him pressed against her back, the caress of his cheek on hers as he leaned over her. Her heart was beating out of time with the gentle strumming of the lute. She remembered feeling perfectly comfortable, but now it was too hot. Her face was flush. Her breathing was quicker than usual.

Somehow her fingers continued to follow his tutelage, filling the air with music.

As the song came to an end, she could feel his smile, pressed as he was to the side of her face. He drew her hand up to his mouth and kissed her fingers slowly, giving each one equal attention. Gently he turned her hand over and placed a scalding kiss against her palm.


Raven awoke with a gasp. Her hand clenched, palm tingling.

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