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Title: WildQuat
Author: Nova
Category:  PWP, Crossover-meld  (GW/She-Ra)
Pairing: Quatre x Trowa (with a twist)
Rating: MA
Warnings:  Yaoi & bestiality (hinted at)
Notes:  This very short fic is absolutely pointless.  It hints at everything but says nothing.  You do not need to have seen She-Ra to read this, but it adds a whole level of craziness.

It is late and I have had a large amount of caffeine.  I am sorry.  If you squick easily, turn away now.  You have been warned.


Quatre’s bedroom

Trowa lay naked on his stomach in the center of the bed with his hands handcuffed to the headboard while an equally naked Quatre nibbled and licked his way down Trowa’s spine.

“Trowa,” Quatre asked between nips, “you don’t mind me being in control do you?”

Trowa shuddered as Quatre slipped a hand under him to stroke his length.  Quatre had been teasing him for the last half hour and his was going crazy.  “No,” he groaned as the hand was removed.

“Good, because I have something very special planned.”

Trowa clenched his teeth in frustration as he felt Quatre leave the bed.  Turning his head he watched him open the nightstand drawer and pull something out.  Quatre held it out for his inspection.  It was a red domino style mask made to just cover the wearer’s eyes.

“I know you love masks and cats, so I bought this just for you.”

Trowa looked on questioningly as Quatre slipped it on.  He watched in shock as the eyes behind the mask turned green and predatory.  Quatre glowed and shimmered for a moment.

Trowa’s eyes went wide as Quatre was replaced with a white panther*.  The mask-wearing cat licked its lips and approached the bed.




In the Living Room

Heero sat typing way on his laptop and Duo lay sprawled on the couch.

Wufei had been there earlier till Duo started teasing him about how interesting a threesome would be between him, Sally, and Trieze.  He had thrown the C encyclopedia at Duo and stomped out.

Bored Duo flipped through the encyclopedia reading interesting facts out load.

“Heero did you know cats have barbs on their-”

From the bedroom came, “QUATREEEGGHHHHH!!”

“Sounds like Quatre is a real wildcat,” commented Duo casually flipping a page.


* Yes I know panthers are black, but for this fic it is white.
Did you know that panthers are really black leopards?  See you never know where you’re going to learn something.

Nova: “Disclaimer: No Gundam Pilots were hurt in the writing of this fic.”
Trowa: *Glares*
Nova: “Scared is not hurt.”
Quatra: *Sob*
Nova: “It was just a joke.  A play on names.”
5 Gundam Pilots: *Glare*
Nova:  *sigh* “Sorry.”