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by Nova

Gundam Wing AU (Dorothy/Quatre/Trowa)



It had been almost a year since Quatre’s death.

Lion slept on a pallet beside Dorothy’s bed. They often comforted each other, when they could not escape the nightmares, holding hands through the night.


Dorothy sat up in bed. She came awake with a shocked gasp, sweat beaded her flushed skin. She couldn’t remember what the dream had been, but she couldn’t seem to slow her ragged breathing. With a groan she fell back on the pillow. She must have tossed and turned during the night, because when she rolled over, she gave a shriek and fell off the bed.

She landed hard and Lion grunted in her ear.

“Oh my gosh, Lion!” Putting her hands on his shoulders she levered her upper body away so she could look him in the eye. “Are you okay?”

“Mostly, if you are done crushing me.”

Her mouth fell open in offense, “I’m the one who should be upset; landing on the floor would have been softer.” She glared at him, “and your dagger is digging into my hip.”

Lion just looked at her, cocking an eyebrow.

Sluggishly her brain registered that all she could see was naked skin. The sheet had slid down and his nude chest was beneath her hands. Her face flushed bright red. Quickly, she started scrambling to get off him.

“Dorothy,” Lion groaned, closing his eyes. “Stop wiggling.” He grasped her hips to stop her movements. She stilled, feeling him hot and hard against the inside of her thigh.

“I…,” she cleared her throat and tried again. “I didn’t think you could still…” she trailed off.

He opened his eyes and looked at her; those green irises burned with something she had never seen before. It set her already heated blood on fire. Closing her eyes she gathered her courage and slid herself down his body until his hardness pressed against the throbbing core of her. They both moaned at the contact. Her night gown and the sheet were a thin barrier between them. She couldn’t control the involuntary movements that made her rub against him. “Lion,” she moaned.

She tried to express what she was feeling.
“I want…” It felt so good.
“I need…” It burned everywhere they touched
“I don’t know…” she half sobbed. What was she going to do? Her body was striving for something her brain didn’t know how to obtain.

Lion sank his fingers into her hair, pulling her down for a hot, wet, open mouthed kiss. He tried to devour her and she ate back with equal ferocity. She collapsed on his chest plunging her fingers into his brown locks, gripping tightly as their tongues dueled. His hands ran down her back to grasp her ass forcing them closer together. Lion held her tight against him as he began to thrust. She could feel his burning skin through the thin layers of cloth. A wave of pleasure swept over her each time his hardness slid across her clitoris.

Something was building inside and when her world exploded, she was caught completely by surprise. Dorothy threw back her head and screamed. A few thrusts later Lion joined her.


Everyone knew something had changed. The heated looks, unconscious touching, screamed to anyone who looked that the couple had gone from friends to lovers.

Duke Dermail was pleased to see Dorothy recovering from the trauma of her life. Unfortunately, something needed to be done about her behavior. Even she couldn’t break some taboos.


Dorothy answered her grandfather’s summons. She walked down the corridor toward his suite, but her thoughts were on the man waiting for her back in her bed. They were enjoying learning about this intense meeting of bodies together. She wasn’t ready to try any of the positions that Quatre had forced on her, but she felt with time she could trust Lion enough to attempt them.

This new warm liquid feeling inside, she didn’t know quite how to deal with it. She had been so cold for so long. Was this what it felt like to be happy? To be excited for each new experience? An involuntary smile touched her lips; she could get used to this.

Pushing open the office door, she didn’t bother to knock. Her grandfather looked up and waved her to a chair. He wasn’t smiling and she did her best to present a somber appearance. She could feel the corners of her mouth twitching. Since when did suppressing a smile become a problem?

“Dorothy,” the Duke began, looking very somber. “I’m glad to see how well you have dealt with the challenges your life has presented you. I like to think I have been understanding and supportive of what you needed to cope.”

Dorothy nodded, no longer needing to suppress a smile, dread gnawed at her. Where he was going with this?

“Unfortunately, your latest…,” he cleared his throat, “activities have drawn a lot of attention. So, I feel it is time for you to get married.”

She was stunned.


Panic welled up inside her. How could he? After all she had been through, after all she had suffered. An arranged marriage was intolerable.


“Dorothy, you are a grown woman and if you are going to have marital relations, then you need a husband.”

This couldn’t be happening. The thought of a stranger touching her, she couldn’t comprehend it. Only Lion could touch her. Only Lion understood her.


She would have to give up Lion.

In that moment it hit her. She finally admitted to herself what Relena had known all along. She loved Lion. It was ridiculous that it had taken so long for her to realize.

How Relena would laugh. Dorothy in love with her slave. It was ridiculous, it was unthinkable, it was horribly true. Women in society should never fall in love. How could she be so stupid?

No, the princess wouldn’t laugh. She would sympathize and understand. Supportive and apologetic even though Dorothy had been mean and harsh. She had refused to understand Relena’s feelings for her bodyguard. Told her to give him up, that they could never be together. How vicious she had been.

Now here she was and she wasn’t going to take her own advise anymore than Relena had.

“No.” Dorothy stated, standing up. “I am not going to marry. I will never marry.” Her voice was hard and determined.

“Damn it, Dorothy. I will not tolerate a bastard!” Dermail thundered standing as well. “You will marry Lion or I will send him to the farthest reaches of this country!”

Dorothy stared at her grandfather in shock. “Lion?”

“If you are willing to take the chance of having his child then you will do it as his wife, not his mistress.” Dermail stomped around the desk to stare down into his granddaughter’s eyes. “So marry him or send him away.”

For long, drawn out seconds they stared at each other. Then suddenly, Dorothy threw her arms around his neck, hugging him tight.

Caught completely by surprise, Dermail slowly wrapped his arms around her slender frame.

Dorothy wept into his jacket. Her voice was muffled by the fabric, “Thank you. Thank you so much.”

They stood there for a long time.

The old wounds were finally healed, and they were ready to face a new future.

The End (sort of)


Author’s note:  If you enjoyed this story, Dorothy & Lion will be making appearances in “Gladiators” the working title for another story taking place in this world.  The time gaps you see in this story will be filled in.

Thanks for reading.