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by Nova

Gundam Wing AU (Dorothy/Quatre/Trowa)


Chapter 9

Duke Dermail arrived just after Noon the next day.

The Winners had put up no fight when Lion took over their camp. Most seemed relieved to have the situation over.

It seems Quatre had lost the last bits of his sanity when he killed his father during a fit of rage over loosing Trowa. He hadn’t known that his father had been the one to release the poor tortured slave. Lion hadn’t known either.

Since then Quatre had been ruling everyone with fear. They never knew which one of them would be the next victim.

They confessed to all their involvement in the kidnapping and forced marriage.

Duke Dermail was glad to find Dorothy alive and saddened to find not in one piece. Quatre had followed through with his last threat. The healer had been unable to save the eye.

Lion had spent most of his time holding Dorothy’s hand. He only left her side once, when she wanted to speak with the healer in private. After a brief conversation she gave Dorothy a small bag.

Shortly after the Duke’s arrival, everything was packed up and they were headed back to the city. Everything, that is, except Quatre’s tent, which they set on fire. It burned to the ground with the body inside.

Later that night, when Dermail setup camp, Dorothy dumped the contents of the bag into her tea.

Upon their return Dorothy locked herself in her rooms and refused to leave. Only Dermail and Lion were allowed entrance.

Lion moved himself back in and Dorothy didn’t object.

She went through the motions of living. She read, wrote, studied the documents left by the Duke. Her Grandfather would stop by and they would discuss finances and politics. She seemed fine except, there was no fire left in her eyes.

They never spoke of it, but Lion & Duke Dermail were both afraid she might end her own life.

A month into her self-induced imprisonment, Lion returned from running an errand to find Dorothy sitting on the floor by the fire. She was doubled over shaking. As he approached he realized she was being racked by deep sobs. Gently he laid a hand on her shoulder. When she didn’t pull away he brought up his other hand and gently massaged her shoulders till her sobs eased.

He just listened as she began to speak.

“I know you have been worried and you were right to be.” She said softly, “I have been preparing myself to do what was necessary.” Something inside him clenched in fear. “When Quatre took me he had a new obsession. Every time he… he… every time he would…”

Lion gave her shoulders a comforting squeeze. “I know.”

She swallowed hard and went on, “He kept telling me I would bare him a child. That our love was destined to create life.” Dorothy choked on a sob. “I couldn’t face it. I would rather die.”

Lion’s hands tightened on her shoulders. The continued torment she had been dealing with and the thought of losing her warred inside him. He would never ask her to go through that, but how could he let her go? She had saved his soul; her death would break his heart.

She slid a hand up to cover his. “It is going to be okay. Now I know it won’t happen. Quatre is gone. I will not bring his child into this world.”

They stayed like that, staring into the fire, each lost in their own thoughts.


After that Dorothy was ready to face life again.

Duke Dermail threw a large ball to welcome her back to the world.

It was impossible to keep the kidnapping secret. People were aware that Quatre Winner abducted the Romefeller heir and that he died during the rescue. Lion was welcomed among the populace as her savior. Everyone conveniently forgot that he had once been a slave. He was now a Romefeller and a hero. Lion had questioned the suggestion of Dorothy’s first appearance being at a huge event. Rumors had run rampant of Dorothy’s condition and mental state. She and the Duke agreed the best way was to hit them all at the same time.

When Dorothy appeared at the top of the stairs overlooking the ballroom, a silence fell. She was magnificent. A lemon yellow silk dress flowed around her, barely clinging to her shoulders. Long billowing sleeves ended at her wrists. Her long blonde tresses were swept up and piled on her head showing off her long slender neck. The star piece was the matching eye patch across her left eye. She stood tall and confident. Her good eye meeting every gaze that dared.

Duke Dermail took her arm and walked her down the stairs. When they reached the bottom he handed her off to Lion who led her onto the dance floor.

The crowd erupted in applause.

The band struck the cords and the dancing began. After the first dance Lion handed her off. From the shadows he watched partner after partner sweep her across the floor.

Quatre had been wrong.

Losing her eye hadn’t made her less attractive to others. It made her seem more accessible and human. It showed that she understood suffering. She had gained their sympathy and respect.

Much to her annoyance, eye patches became all the rage. It made him smile.

Dorothy had always had wealth and power, now she had the people.




Fanart by Nova