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by Nova

Gundam Wing AU (Dorothy/Quatre/Trowa)


Chapter 8

It took a day and a half to catch up with the Winner’s caravan. It was early evening when he snuck up on their camp. The guard patrolling the woods was lazy and did not hear Lion approach. His neck was snapped before he had a chance to make a sound.

Quatre’s tent was easy enough to find. It was the farthest away, sitting by itself, and had pained whimpers coming from inside.

Lion considered waiting for nightfall, catching them asleep. He might be able to get Dorothy away without anyone noticing.

He could hear Quatre murmuring softly to someone, then a suppressed sob. That made his choice for him.

Pushing aside the tent flap he stepped inside.

The scene made him want to vomit. Dorothy was naked, suspended by her bound wrists from the center tent pole. Her face was a mass of bruises, small cuts littered her body, and the insides of her thighs were smeared with blood. She was un-gagged, of course, the monster wanted to hear her screams.

Lion was too late, not that he had ever had a chance. As soon as Quatre had her he would have begun. But Lion had held onto a slim hope that he would arrive before she was raped.

Quatre stood next to her, a knife in his hand, and blood splattered across his naked body. His face lit up with a beatific smile.

“Trowa!” Quatre stepped toward him. “You came back to me!”

For a moment Lion was frozen in horror. The memory of his life before Dorothy had begun to fade. To blur into something best forgotten. That voice, the smell of blood and he was back. In his mind he relived those three years. The unending pain. Love was torture, joy terror, and happiness agony.

“No!” Dorothy croaked from a throat hoarse from screaming. “Run! Please, run.”

Her eyes pleaded with him to save himself.

He and Quatre realized at the same moment, she had known all along.

She had protected him from his torturer and tried to get him out of the city. Knowing the danger to herself, knowing what the insane maniac might do if he found out. She tried to save him. He hadn’t understood how much she cared. Something broke open inside him. They would never be able to go back to their old relationship now.

He didn’t have long to wonder at the new feeling rushing through him.

“Stop looking at her like that!” Quatre screamed. He slapped Lion across the face. His head moved, but he did not blink. Old habits die hard.

“You’re supposed to Love Me! Not her! You can’t have her!” spittle flew as he raged. “She’s mine! MINE! Since the moment I was born, she was given to me. She has always been mine!” He looked back and forth between the two of them, as they ignored him, staring at each other. “STOP IT!”

Quatre took a step back, regaining his cold control. “What have you been up to, Trowa?” His eyes looked over Lion’s uniform. “Where Have you been? You’ve changed.” He stepped toward Dorothy, keeping his eyes on Lion. “What did you do to Trowa, Wife?”

Lion swallowed hard at that word. Dorothy flinched.

Quatre laid the point of the knife teasingly against her throat and spoke softly into her ear. “What did you do?”

Tears began gently rolling down her face, her eyes locked with Lion’s. “I set him free.”

A long pause followed. Only their breathing and the sound of dripping blood could be heard.

“I see.” The words were cold. Quatre turned his back on Lion. “You heard her Trowa. Go. I have some things to ‘discuss’ with my wife.” The threat in those words, the promise of so much pain. Lion could not move. He would not leave her at Quatre’s mercy, not for a moment.

“No, Quatre.” Lion said, stepping forward. “Let her go.”

“Stop right there, Trowa” Quatre said. “You wouldn’t want my knife to slip.”

“You won’t kill her.” Lion said as confidently as he could. Quatre liked his play things alive.

“Oh no, I would never kill my Dorothy. We are going to be together for a long time, but I am thinking of getting rid of this eye.” He teased the blade at the corner of Dorothy’s left eye. “She would survive it and it would guarantee no other man would want her. I like that.”

Lion stepped back. What else could he do? All that was left was to delay. Romefeller was coming. They were at least a day behind. He had to limit the damage as much as possible until they arrived.

“If you’re not leaving, then have a seat, Trowa.” Quatre said waving his empty hand toward a trunk. “Since you like looking at her so much, I will give you a little show.”

Lion sat.

Quickly, Quatre cut Dorothy’s bonds and she sunk to the ground. It was too fast for Lion to take advantage of.

“This will be a new angle for you.” He wrapped his hands in Dorothy’s hair and dragged her toward the bed. He sat down spreading his knees. Using his grip on her hair, he guided her face where he wanted it. “She can pleasure me while you watch, Trowa.”

Lion wanted to tear Dorothy away. His heart pounded and he broke out in a cold sweat. He wanted to do something, anything to stop this.

Quatre was watching him, not Dorothy. Those cold alien eyes were enjoying both of their pain.

Lion had spent three years with Quatre; he knew what the monster enjoyed. It was time to turn the tables a little bit.

He could see Dorothy’s head moving, but he kept his eyes on Quatre, doing his best to ignore what he didn’t want to see. Slowly he began unbuttoning his uniform. Quatre loved the scars networking his body. The jacket fell back and his lined chest was in clear view. Lion took one finger and began tracing the scars. Slowly stroking down over the collar bone, twisting just below a nipple. Lion continued to trace his scars, watching Quatre’s lids become heavy and how he licked his lip.

Quatre was paying almost no attention to Dorothy. Lion noticed her hand was now on Quatre’s thigh just below the hand holding the blade. It happened quickly and Lion almost didn’t react in time. Dorothy had a hold of the wrist controlling the dagger and Quatre was screaming. Unfortunately, his hand still had a hold of her hair. He ripped her head back and swung with the knife. Dorothy fell to the floor and Lion was on Quatre wrestling for the knife.

Quatre was not large, but his muscles were solid. Lion had put on weight while under Dorothy’s care, but he was only equal to Quatre’s strength. The insane rage gave Quatre the upper hand and Lion found himself pinned to the bed. Quatre stabbed the blade into Lion’s shoulder. He gave a vicious twist. Lion screamed.

“Look what she has done to you! You are ruined!” Quatre screeched.

“I would rather you were dead,” Quatre said through gritted teeth. He reared back pulling the knife out. Lion could not feel or move his right arm. He tried to hold Quatre off with only his left, but there was no way he could stop the double handed lunge aimed at his heart.

As Quatre started his downward swing, suddenly a thin piece of metal came out of his chest. He looked down on it in shock. It slid back out of sight and they both looked behind him to see Dorothy wielding a rapier, blood dripping from its tip. The knife had cut her from nose to ear, blood poured down her face.

Quatre placed a hand over the hole in his heart. “Dorothy?” he asked in his normal voice. Sounding completely earnest and confused. “How could you?” He looked at her with those large tear filled eyes. “I Lov-”

He was cut off when Dorothy slit his throat.

Lion pushed the man aside and climbed out of the bed to stand next to Dorothy. They watched as Quatre choked to death on his own blood.

When Quatre had quit moving Lion turned to Dorothy. Naked, bloody, armed, and ready to collapse. He led her as far from the body as he could. Her face continued to bleed.

“What can I do?” he asked.

“They… they have… a healer.” Dorothy struggled out.

“Wait here, I’ll be right back.” Lion quickly made his way to the fire where most of the people were gathered. They stood up in surprise, but he didn’t give them any time to speak. “I need your healer now!” One of the women ran to a near by tent and came back with a box. She started to look at his shoulder, but he stopped her. “Not me. Dorothy.”

He grabbed the woman’s wrist and together they ran to Quatre’s tent.


Chapter 9