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by Nova

Gundam Wing AU (Dorothy/Quatre/Trowa)


Chapter 7

Duke Dermail was furious. The Winner family stood in his study daring to speak with him about Dorothy. They had waited until he was away on business to sneak into the city. For a week they had been close to his granddaughter. What had they done while allowed to roam free?

The boy was now a young man, pleading sweetly for Dorothy’s hand in marriage. He wanted nothing more than to order them all put to death. How could they ever think he would allow her anywhere near them. Their babbling was drowned out by the thundering of his pulse.

“No,” he said, unable to stand one more word. “I don’t care if you are a born-again virgin.” His eyes blazed with fury, letting the boy see how serious he was. “I will never trust you with her again.” Only the boy met his gaze. The others shifted nervously, staring at the floor.

“But she has agreed to marry me. We love each other.” His smile was so sweat and earnest. If there had been any doubt in his mind, he might have been convinced. It was a good show. Luckily he knew Dorothy now, she was no more in love with this boy then he was.

He should have killed Quatre six years ago. Nothing from that time could be undone, but going forward was in his power.

“I don’t care what she has said. She is my granddaughter and heir; it is not her decision.” Then he saw a flicker of something in Quatre’s eyes. Something hid behind those blue eyes. “You will leave the city tonight. If any of you are caught within the city limits when the sun rises, it will set on your corpses.”

He looked over the whole group to make sure they understood.

“Now get out.”


Duke Dermail called “come in,” in response to the knock on the door. He saw the Romefeller uniform out of the corner of his eye. Still focused on his work, he didn’t look up. “What is it?”

“Something is wrong with Dorothy.”

Not recognizing the voice he looked up to see Dorothy’s mute guard. Not so mute after all. “What are you doing here? Dorothy freed you. I signed the document myself.”

“Something is wrong.”

Dermail sighed, this was why he hated freeing slaves. They never seemed to know how to leave.
“Just because she removed you from her rooms doesn’t mean anything is wrong. She wants you to take your freedom and go.” He turned back to his work. “But if you want to be a soldier for Romefeller I will give you a recommendation.”

“Dorothy did not call for breakfast yesterday. No one has seen her today and no food has been sent to her rooms.”

He met the young man’s green gaze and actual worry tightened his gut. “Let’s go.” He shoved his chair back and headed for the door.


Dermail stopped to speak with the hall guard. “Have you seen Dorothy?”

“Yes, sir.” He relaxed a little at this news. “Two evenings ago.”

Dermail’s lips compressed in anger. “Have you seen her since?”

“No, sir,” the soldier replied uncertainly; the Duke’s reaction making him wary. “I was told, she was not to be disturbed.”

“Who gave you the order?”

“Captain Sh’ten.”

“Son of a Bitch!” the duke snapped and headed for his granddaughter’s door. It was locked. He cursed himself for not bringing the master key with him.

The ex-slave pushed him to the side. Two vicious kicks and the door smashed open. They rushed in to find the room in shambles. Tables were over turned, drawers lay on the floor, clothes were flung about.

“Guard!” the Duke shouted. The man stood shaking in the doorway. “Go to my personal guard and tell them to bring Sh’ten here.” The young man couldn’t get away fast enough.

They searched the room while they waited. Clothes and personal items were missing, but there wasn’t any evidence of who had taken Dorothy.

The sound of cursing and scuffling could be heard in the hall.

Two guards drug a struggling Sh’ten into the room. Blood trickled from his mouth and ears. Angrily he still fought his captors.

“Where is Dorothy?” Duke Dermail demanded.

Sh’ten looked him defiantly in the eye, “I don’t know.”

Dermail’s anger rolled off him in waves. “Anubis,” he growled through clenched teeth.

The scarred man, his head enforcer, nodded. A sickening pop sounded followed by Sh’ten’s scream. Anubis wouldn’t let him fall to the floor, holding him up by the now dislocated shoulder.

“Where is Dorothy?”

Tears ran down Sh’ten’s face. Panting through the pain, “I don’t know.”


Sh’ten’s knee cap shattered.

When the screaming stopped. “Where is Dorothy?”

“I don’t know,” came out as a whimper.


“WAIT!” Sh’ten screamed. “I know who took her.” His words tripped over themselves in his hurry to get them out. Dermail held up his hand. Anubis stilled. “He was blond, blue eyes. He said he was her betrothed.”

Dermail clenched his fists. “Damn those Winners to oblivion!” He slammed his fist on the nearby dresser, the wood cracked. “I’ll kill Quatre this time.” What horrors would he commit on her this time?

“Quatre?” came the quiet question from the young man.

“Yes. He was betrothed to Dorothy years ago, but I found out what he is and broke it off. He was in the city and I demanded they leave two nights ago.” He glanced at the boy and saw the flicker of fear.

“Do you know Quatre?”

All emotion drained out of those green eyes and he gave a slow nod.

It was the same look that Dorothy had when she remembered her torture. “Yes, I can see that.” He looked around the room in frustration. They had almost two day’s head start.

“What is your name?” He knew what Dorothy called him, but now that the boy could speak, he should be addressed by his own name.

There was a very short pause. “Lion,” It came out strong and sure. He could see the life was back in Lion’s eyes. So, the boy had taken Dorothy’s choice for his own. There was now strength where there had only been emptiness. Dorothy really had saved him.

“You need to leave now. Take whatever you need. I will follow with troops as soon as I can. Do whatever you need to, just save Dorothy.” He glanced at the shattered man in the doorway. “Do we understand each other?”

Lion nodded.

They left in opposite directions.

Dermail shouted orders to the hall guard.

Lion headed for the armory, kitchen, then stables.


The priest looked at the ragged woman seated on the pew of his church. Something horrible must have happened to her. Her gown was expensive quality, but torn, covered in mud and blood. A large bruise covered one side of her face. One eye almost swollen shut, lips split and puffy. Two men he assumed were guards sat on either side of her.

An earnest young man approached him. “How may I help you sir?”

A smile lit up the angelic face before him. “I am Quatre Winner and I would like you to marry me to my betrothed.”

“Well certainly, where is she?” The young man pointed to the woman on the pew. He looked back at the boy in surprise.

Sadness filled those lovely aquamarine eyes. “That is why I need your help. I had to rescue my love from where she was being held. Now she is refusing to marry me. She feels unworthy because she is no longer a virgin.”

The priest glanced at the woman again. Under all the wounds she was most likely lovely enough, but the loss of her innocence was a large strike against her. “My lord, perhaps she is right. It is a horrible shame, but I’m sure you could find another young woman with her innocence intact. It might be best for you both.”

“Oh no.” The young man reached out and clasped his hand between two sweating palms. “She is my soulmate; the only one for me.” The eyes sparkled with conviction. “I can’t live without her.”

He nodded. Quatre smiled at him again, and it was like the sun breaking through the clouds. The boy truly loved her.

Quatre took him over to the young woman. “Dorothy, this priest is going to marry us.”

She looked at him and shook her head vehemently.

“Miss Dorothy, you should be honored that he still wishes to marry you.” He gently reminded the young woman.

Quatre leaned in close and whispered to Dorothy. “Either he marries us or he dies. It is up to you.” Quatre placed a delicate kiss on her swollen cheek.

Dorothy’s eyes dulled and she sat still.

Quatre turned back to the priest. “We are ready to begin.”


Chapter 8