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by Nova

Gundam Wing AU (Dorothy/Quatre/Trowa)
Chapter 6

He watched her.

Something wasn’t right. Lion knew something must have happened.

During their time together they had established a rhythm, a predictability. When in private she would speak softly to him. Telling him of her day, what she was thinking. Sometimes she would ask him questions, wait a moment and continue as if he had responded. In public she flirted with him outrageously. Everyone thought they were lovers. Only the Duke seemed aware that it was all an act. The gossip surrounding her was vile. The people were intimidated by her and came up with the most terrible lies.

She rescued him from slavery. Treated him like a human being for the first time in his life. How many of those gossips had walked by him? Had they noticed or cared? He owed Dorothy his life. Somehow he would find a way to repay her.

Now she was behaving oddly.

Since that day she fled the ballroom, things had been different. She was agitated, pacing the room. A messenger had been coming around a couple times a day delivering letters that she balled up and threw into the fire.

The one sided conversations had stopped. She no longer went to the dining hall for meals.

Then today she had left, refusing to allow him to accompany her. For the first time he thought of disobeying. She shouldn’t go without him. He was her bodyguard. Part of him had been a slave for too long. So, he stayed.

Now she was back and there was fear in the back of her eyes. For the first time she wouldn’t meet his gaze. She immediately put long gloves on as if she were cold, but it was a lovely late summer afternoon. She moved to stand at the balcony doors, white blonde tresses danced, as the warm breeze gently moved though the room. Dorothy hugged herself staring out over the horizon.

She looked so alone. He wanted to help her.

Touch her, speak to her, comfort her in some way. Could he find the a way past his fear and training? He was torn, frustrated by his own inability to take action.

Then the moment was gone.

She grasped the doors and closed them firmly. “Goodnight, Lion.” Dorothy said as she moved to the bedroom, the door locked behind her.

Lion felt an unfamiliar pain in his chest. Being dismissed and shut out. He didn’t like it. The irritation took him by surprise. When had he allowed himself to start feeling anything?

Disturbed, he stared at the closed door.


It took her a few days, but the arrangements finally came together. The envelope had been delivered just minutes ago and she placed it next to the money bag.

“Lion,” she said. “Come here.”

Her bodyguard moved from his chair near the door and stood in front of her desk. Watching her with those silent eyes.

She ignored the tight feeling in her chest and the burning behind her eyes. Struggling to keep her face as emotionless as possible she pushed the letter and money pouch across the desk toward him.

“Here is your declaration of freedom and wages for the past six months of service. There is also a letter of reference and a list of possible employers. The top name came to the palace to hire guards for his caravan yesterday. I recommend you start there.”

Lion blinked twice, but did not move toward the items.

“You are free and dismissed. Please gather your things and leave my apartment today.” She tried to make her voice firm, but feared he might have detected a quaver in it. “I have done all I can to help you; now it is time to go out on your own.”

She stood up, breaking eye contact. His confusion was like a living thing, wrapping around her, squeezing. Finally, she could admit to herself she didn’t want him to go. Couldn’t imagine life without him.

Dorothy clenched her fist; she had to get a hold of herself. The only way to save Lion was to get him away from Quatre. If he found his ‘Trowa’, they would both be condemned to hell.

She walked around the desk and headed for the door. Refusing to meet his questioning gaze. “I want you gone by the time I get back.” With that she left, her throat burning with unshed tears.


Chapter 7