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by Nova

Gundam Wing AU (Dorothy/Quatre/Trowa)


Chapter 5

Dorothy attempted to appear casual leaning against the second floor railing. Below, the Nobles’ daughters flocked around the Winner heir. It had always been so. If it had been any other man, Dorothy would have believed they were only after his power and wealth, but this was Quatre Raberba Winner. With his sweet disposition and beautiful looks, women could not help but fawn over him.

If they only knew, she thought sardonically.

None of those flighty airheads even tried to see beneath the pretty face and soft voice. If even one of them scratched the surface they would see a barely controlled river of emotion. Especially today, she observed, as he appeared quite strained. Dorothy saw the slight force in his smile, an unsteady hand run through blonde tresses, the way his eyes would occasionally dart about the room, and all the other tiny signs of stress. No, everyone saw what he wanted them to see. She just happened to be one of a select few who knew what lay behind the polite smiles and good manners.

A gift she would gladly have refused if given the option.

His eyes again made a survey of the area and landed on her. Relief flooded the bright blue irises as they locked with her own hard eyes. A shudder ran down her spine. How she hated those eyes. As she knew the true him, only Quatre knew the girl she had once been.

Did he really see the person she had been all those years ago? She definitely felt 13 again when he looked at her. He was her one weakness and she hated him for it.

That’s why she decided to order Lion to wait in her apartment. No one needed to know her nightmare. She would face her past alone.

Gently dismissing his admirers, Quatre quickly made his way to her side, settling on the railing just a foot from her. The urge to run welled up inside her. The feeling of panic threatened to wash away her courage. Biting her lip sharply, she forced herself to remain still and focus on why she had come. He was here because she had sought him out. She was in control.

If she could convince herself of that.

“How are you, Quatre?” Dorothy forced herself to ask casually.

His smile was brilliant and obviously strained, “I’m fine.”

“You don’t look well.”

He gave her what, she assumed, was a cute self-deprecating look. “Just a little stress. I’ll be fine.” He reached out to take her hand.

She hastily took a step back. The thought of his touch brought a wave of nausea.

A hurt look crossed his face. “It will be better after the wedding.” He attempted to reassure her, “Then we go back home.”

Dorothy fought down the panic that threatened to choke her. “That is what I wanted to speak to you about.” She took a deep breath, “I broke our betrothal six years ago. You can stop with the letters and the gifts. There will be no wedding.”

Quatre’s eyes went wide. “You can’t mean that.”

“I can show you the formal document signed by your father and my grandfather.”

He waved that away in annoyance. “I’ve seen it, but they didn’t understand how much we love each other.”

A sickening ball of terror lay heavy in her stomach. “I don’t love you. I hate you.”

Again he reached for her and she fled backward.

Quatre’s eyes were starting to look panicky. “You are the only person who truly understands me, I need you.”

Dorothy took another uncontrolled step back, “Stay away from me. Go home. I want to forget you exist.”

She watched the anger flicker in the back of his eyes. Suddenly she realized, he had caused her to back away from the balcony and the protection of the audience below. She made a move for the balcony rail, but he grabbed her wrist. Quickly he twisted it up behind her back. Using the pressure he forced her through a nearby doorway. He kicked the door shut behind them. Twisting harder he forced her against a wall. She let out a pained noise. Quatre pressed his aroused body tightly against her back. He let out a moan of pleasure. “Do it again,” he breathed in her ear adding pressure to her already tortured arm. She couldn’t stop an involuntary hiss, but refused to cry out. “Oh, Dorothy,” his voice was deeper, more in control. “You know what I need. When I get you home, wife, I will teach you all of the new ways I’ve learned to make you scream.”

Panic flooded through her. She was a child again strapped to that table, Quatre whispering sweet nothings as he stabbed pins under her nails. She couldn’t think, couldn’t move. Why had she left Lion behind? She wanted to sob, but dared not make a sound.

All of the hard won bravado and confidence she had gained over the years fell away. Naked fear rode her, wiping out all coherent thought.

Quatre placed tender kisses along her neck as he attempted to dislocate her shoulder. Dorothy whimpered in fear and pain. He moaned in pleasure and rubbed his erection against her. “I haven’t forgotten a minute of our weeks together. Only you and Trowa have ever completely satisfied me. The others all crumbled so easily. You barely begin to play with them and they faint or go mad.”

Quatre ran his tongue up her neck and nibbled on her ear lobe. She shuddered in revulsion. The bitter taste of fear and bile filled her throat.

“Not my Dorothy, daddy’s little soldier. She is brave and strong, a true survivor.”

If the words mocked her, she no longer cared.

He bit down on her ear, wringing another whimper out of her. He collected a droplet of blood on his tongue, savoring the taste.

“I didn’t plan to use you so soon, but unfortunately someone lost my darling Trowa and the replacements they found, just didn’t satisfy me. The last one died a few days ago. So, this little interlude will have to satisfy me until the wedding.”

Quatre’s grip twisted a little more, she could feel the bruises starting on her wrists. The part of her brain that could still function noted that he must be desperate if he was marking her where others could see.

“I wish you could have met him. My darling Trowa, how he could handle pain, Dorothy. You never saw such a face, it didn’t blink, didn’t move. Pain after pain I inflicted on him and he stoically took it. His green eyes would stare right through me as if he could see my soul. He forced me to be creative. I often felt like an artist. I wanted you to watch me work him, how I carefully craftily wrung the screams out of him. Oh, how I wanted you to meet him.”

Dorothy was only half listening, drowning in her fear and pain, but as he described those eyes she knew it was Lion. The monster that had destroyed her had carved up her Lion.

No. Not her Lion. Dorothy forced herself to calm and think. Quatre could never be allowed to see Lion, he could never have him back.

She was going to have to kill him. The knowledge settled like a rock in her stomach.

Quatre had to die to save them both. She would find a way, somehow she would find a way.

“You understand, Dorothy.” Quatre said earnestly, “You understand why we have to be together?”

It came out in a soft whisper, but she was able to choke out, “Yes, I understand.”

Quatre’s voice went back to its clear high normal octave. “Dorothy, I’m so glad. I know we will be very happy together.” He let go and stepped back. Gently he turned her around, clasped her face in his hands and gave her a soft kiss on the lips. “I have to go, but I will see you soon.”

And he was gone. Everything right with his world.


Dorothy didn’t know how long she stood there with silent tears running down her face. When she could bring herself to move, she carefully tested her arm and it appeared to be sore, but fine.

How was she going to rescue them from Quatre? Somehow she would. She had to find a way to save Lion. She didn’t question whatever it was she felt for Lion that gave her strength. She didn’t want to look at it and see it for what it was. It gave her strength, so she used it.


 Chapter 6