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by Nova

Gundam Wing AU (Dorothy/Quatre/Trowa)


Chapter 4

Chapter Four

Inane conversation of pampered nobility flowed in a constant river about her.  She remained untouched by the flattery and empty compliments directed her way.  Dorothy had long ago become immune to those trying to gain her favor.  Long ago she had mastered the political arena.  Duke Dermail was quick to put his granddaughter’s ability to use.  His sphere of power grew swiftly under Dorothy’s clever direction.  His enemies feared there was nothing to stop the spread of Romefeller’s influence.

That is until the devious heir met her match in an orphan turned Princess Peacecraft reborn.  In Relena, she found a determination and innocence of spirit she could not manipulate or control.  Absolute enemies in public and true friends in secret, each in their own way sought to change the world around them.

Dorothy absent mindedly gave a scathing retort to Amelia, the newest addition to Relena’s entourage.  Though her gaze was on the small dark haired girl before her, she did not see the tears rise in the child’s eyes.  All of her attention was centered on the green eyes she could feel watching her.

Lion was never far away.  Out of the corner of her eye she could see him; arms crossed leaning against a wall.  He took his position as her bodyguard very seriously.  She couldn’t help the stir of something that lanced down her spine when looking into his emerald gaze.  More than one pair of appreciative eyes followed him about the castle.  Much had changed on the last six months.  Gone was the ragged loin cloth and trappings of an auctioned slave.  The deep blue and gold uniform fit his trim athletic form to perfection, displaying his new station in life.

She allowed a small smile curl her lips knowing he would see it and wonder at its meaning.  The poor boy was so confused by her actions he didn’t know how to react or what she would do next.  Despite disapproval, Lion slept on a pallet by her bed.  In the face of anger, her Lion did not wear a slave collar in public.  At her order no one was permitted to touch or command him.  Openly she flaunted her desire, but did not bed him.  Daily she told him, he was her possession, yet gave him more freedom than any commoner.

Every look, touch, and action concerning Lion was carefully planned out.  Dorothy was putting to use all of her knowledge of human behavior to bring her treasure’s soul back from where his previous owner had buried it.  Lion’s confusion would hopefully lead to her first goal, his voice.  Everyone was convinced he was mute, but she knew better.  They did not hear him cry out as nightmares tormented his sleep or watch him curl into a ball whimpering in remembered pain.

Dorothy abandoned even the appearance of conversation and made her way toward her shadow.

I will never understand the humor of the gods, she thought to herself.  They send an angelic noble to crush my heart and then a scarred slave to crack my bitter shell.  What is it about you that pulls me?  Hatred has been my only companion for so long I can barely remember anything else.  Why you?  Why me?  Why now?

The part of me that was once a woman is gone.  Any desire for a man’s touch was buried under a layer of pain and humiliation.  Can you resurrect the dead, Lion?  Can your touch repair my shattered womanhood?  Dare I even wish for it?  Do I care enough to make the attempt?  So many questions.  I don’t know.  I just don’t know.

As she approached Lion a sudden wave of excited voices drew her attention to the entrance.  A gaggle of empty headed females stood in a chirping, squealing crowd.  The swarm moved forward as Dorothy tried to discern their interest.  A huge man suddenly entered the door and charged his way into the fluttering cloud of gowns.  For a moment the women parted and she caught sight of a young blonde haired man in their midst.  They quickly crowded close again, but Dorothy’s blood ran cold.

She stood frozen unable to move, fear holding her fast.  She knew that face.  Her mind rushed back in time, trapped in the horror of her 14th year.  He was her friend, neighbor, and confidant.  Only no one warned her of the monster lurking behind those beautiful eyes.  They forgot to tell her his sweet voice could spew forth hatred and profanity as if quoting poetry.  Not a word of caution that his smile and gentle kiss were just a distraction until he forced a branding iron into your flesh.  He turned a childish exploration into weeks of torture that even now her mind could not completely comprehend.  Those soft blue eyes and sweet pink lips professed is undying love while his hands tore at her flesh, stealing her innocence and scaring her soul.  The feel of the metal cuffs digging into her wrists, the heat of the flame near her skin…

A touch on the arm drew her from her trance.  Dorothy jerked back as if burned.  Lion looked at her with questioning eyes.  Though it shamed her, she knew her fear was plain to see.  She spared him no words.  Turning, she swiftly headed toward her apartments.

Her worst nightmare was back to haunt her.  Lion’s voice and needs were now far from her mind.  Escape.  Her soul screamed for her to run, but to where?  There was no choice.  Hell had not yet called back its demon.  She would have to face her past.



Chapter 5