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Working on some interaction between the characters.  Really struggling with the feel of the fic.  It just isn’t flowing.  But I am determined to just keep plugging away.



Out of Reach
by Nova

Teen Titans (Speedy/Cheshire)



“Sorry, Slut.” Cheshire said.  “I prefer to be the more experienced person in my relationships.  Beast Boy is so much fun and I’m sure I can teach him a thing or two.”  She wiggled her fingers at the green parrot flying below.

Speedy leaned back against the T-plane crossing his arms.  It was a position he knew showed off his muscles to perfection.  “Come on, a little knowledge can go a long way.”  He bent toward Cheshire, invading her space.  She turned her head and their lips were barely an inch apart.  Speedy could already feel himself moving to possess those full lips.

“Oh, I have knowledge,” she didn’t back up as Speedy continued forward.  Just as their lips were about to touch she said. “Harley and Ivy say hi.”

He jerked back in surprise.  Holy Shit, she did know.  Vicious mirth danced in her eyes.  “So, you see.  I know ALL about you.  It isn’t necessary to experience it myself.”  She turned back to watch Beast Boy.  “Now, the Beast.  He is the unknown and I like a mystery.”

Speedy tried to regain his inner balance.  Despite the fact that she knew about his ‘escapades’, he needed to keep a level head.  “Why do you call him Beast?”  Robin would want to know if others were aware of what happened during the Gar & Adonis episode.

“Well, he’s not much a boy anymore is he?” It came out as almost a purr.

Technically, Gar was almost completely legal, but his friends tended to forget that due to his innocent outlook on life.   Honestly, it had never occurred to him to think of Beast Boy as competition until Cheshire showed up.