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I am doing a series of dreams by Raven.  I intend for it to be Lemons, but I couldn’t write a Cyborg/Raven lemon.  It just doesn’t compute for me.  So, I am making the series progressive.  When I eventually post the fics, it will start light and sweet and progressively more Lemony.


by Nova

Teen Titans (Animated)
(a series of PWP/Lemon dreams by Raven)



Raven found herself staring at the T-Car. It gleamed in the overhead lights. A smudge on the driver side fender caught her attention. For some reason, she found this distressing. Cyborg would have a fit if he saw that. Slowly, as if walking through water she came to the car, using the edge of her cape to clean the offending mark off. That calmed her.

Sensing movement, she looked down to see a metal arm waving from beneath the car. Curiously, she watched the hand moving, wondering what it meant. Should she be doing something? She should know what was going on…shouldn’t she?

Her hand began to feel heavy. Lifting it up she saw a wrench in her grip. It came to her that Cyborg needed this tool.

The action took a long time, but finally the wrench was placed in Cyborg’s out stretched hand. The hand disappeared under the car.

To her dismay, she found another smudge. She spent long agonizing minutes cleaning oily finger prints from Cyborg’s baby. The T-Car roared to life and Cyborg appeared, the black marks thankfully gone. She watched his laughing, smiling face. He was saying how he couldn’t have done it without her.

Suddenly she found herself swept up and perched on one metal arm. He continued to thank her for her company and assistance. It warmed her inside. Here was one friend who appreciated her just the way she was. For a moment, she found a smile on her own face. This made him even happier.

His lips formed ‘Booyah’ before pressing against her own.

Raven’s eyes went wide, but she did not pull away. Cyborg’s lips were warm and firm.

He lifted his head and gave her a huge smile.

Raven found herself in the passenger seat, as Cyborg wanted to go for a ride.

The top was down as they sped toward the horizon.

Raven awoke, a smile still gracing her lips. She snuggled down into her covers and went back to sleep.

Dream 2