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I want to try my hand at a Speedy fic.  Writing witty, funny interactions is difficult for me.  I am going to attempt to stretch myself.  To make it doubly difficult I have added a second character to banter right back.  We’ll see how it goes.


Out of Reach
by Nova

Teen Titans (Speedy/Cheshire)

Jade smiled at the officer in the front seat of the squad car.  He was barely older than her.  She had him pegged as the rookie and openly flirted to pass the time.  The blushing stuttering man was another easy conquest.  Too bad his partner put a squash on the offer to come visit her during her probation in Jump City.  Brian, I think that’s his name, was pointing out all the sights of Jump as they drove through the city.  Of course, she had already studied the city in detail, but made all the appropriate noises of interest.  She knew just when the Tower would come into view and when her guide made the dramatic reveal she was all shock awe.  Brian had no idea she already knew the complete layout of the structure.  Soon she would be on the island and would get to see it for herself.


“Speedy, thanks for helping fill in.”  Robin said.

“No problem Rob,” Speedy replied.  “but why did you need the back-up?”

“We are participating in a probation program.  It was Kid Flash’s idea.  With the conversion of Jinx to a Titan, he suggested the idea that some other young criminals might just need the right environment to change their way too.  So we are going to be sponsoring a young woman convicted of petty theft.  The system seems to think she is a good candidate for rehabilitation.”

Speedy’s eyebrows went up.  “Wow, that seems really nice of you guys to let some criminal stay in the tower.”

“I’m not excited about it, but Flash may be right about some people just needing the right chance.”  Robin glanced around to confirm they were still alone in front of the tower.  “I have to wonder what would have happened if we could have helped Terra sooner.”

Speedy nodded in sympathy.  The whole Terra incident was still a sore spot for the Titans West.  Luckily it hadn’t prevented them from welcoming more heroes into the fold.  Titans were sprinkled across the globe.  It was really noble to try and help other youths find a better path.

Robin touched his communicator.  “Titans, the car approaches.”

Starfire reached them first flying directly at him.  He wrapped the beautiful alien in a hug.  “Friend Speedy!  I was not aware you had joined us on this much anticipated day.”

“Hey gorgeous,” Speedy greeted.  “Robbie asked me to be another pair of eyes on your guest.”

“Wonderful, we are much unsure of this unknown person.”

The other Titans arrived just as the patrol car was pulling up, but Speedy took a moment to throw a wink a Raven.  The empath just rolled her eyes.  He grinned, any reaction from Raven was a win.

The driver stepped out and approached Robin.  “Hello Robin,” the cop shook hands with the Titan’s leader, “it is good to meet you.  Do you have all the information you need on the prisoner?  Background work and code to the Shackle?”

“Yes, sir.”  Robin said, “Cyborg has prepared a special room and an alarm system that should warn the Police Station if we lose her for any reason.”

The officer nodded approvingly.  He handed Robin a small black remote.  “Here is the activator for the Shackle.  It will work as a shock collar if necessary.  We have her powers turned off right now, but you can adjust it through that.  If you need anything else, just let us know.”  He waved to his partner.  A young man scrambled out of the front seat to quickly open the back door.

Speedy smirked as the young officer actually offered his hand to assist the passenger out.

An amazing young woman stepped from the car.  Speedy have a silent whistle.  A very nice bust was wrapped in a green leotard.  Shapely legs were encased in very high heeled boots.  She wore a jeweled green choker at her throat.  Her hair fell in a riot of jet black curls down her back.  When he finally made it to her eyes, brilliant green gems met his gaze boldly, a large grinning smile graced her full lips.  Speedy responded with a smile of his own.

He was disappointed when she turned the smile on Robin.  She gave an Asian style bow before Robin.  “Thank you for allowing me to stay in your home.”

“You’re welcome, Jade.  We look forward to getting to know you.”

“Please, call me Cheshire.”