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Tempting CirCUMstances
by Nova

Ronin Warriors / Gundam Wing
Ryo x Duo

PWP, Lime

“Come on, please, just a little farther,” Ryo begged the sputtering engine.

Despite the ronin’s pleading the battered van rolled to a stop.  With a defeated sigh Ryo banged his forehead on the steering wheel.  “Damn it, Kento.  If I didn’t love you I’d kill you for leaving me with this hunk of junk.”

Mumbling curses under his breath at a certain orange ronin he climbed out to peer under the hood.  A ball of smoke rolled out in greeting.  With another deep sigh Ryo gazed at the monster of engineering in a vague hope of jiggling the right wire.  “Damn it, Kento, what a horrible day.”

Duo’s braid whipped in the wind as he cruised down the empty two lane road.  Man, it’s a wonderful day, he thought.  The mission finished ahead of schedule and now he had two days to burn.  If Wufei were on earth, he’d have arranged a little surprise for the Chinaman.  Maybe a naked God of Death on red silk sheets or a full body massage with exotic oils.  Unfortunately, his lover was off planet near the L3 colony cluster.

Trying not to think of his denied libido, he turned his attention to the flashing landscape.  It was fall and the trees were turning into a beautiful panorama of colors.  This was something the colonies could never duplicate, the beauty and unpredictability of nature.  Duo’s mind swerved into left field at the sight of a jean clad ass.  He slowed his bike to watch the muscles shift beneath the tight fabric as the owner dug under the hood of a rusted out tan van.  Duo smirked at the interesting tear just below the boy’s right butt cheek.  The smirk became a smile as he stopped a few feet away and listened to the constant strain of curses drifting from beneath the hood.

Duo could feel his own pants becoming tighter when the teenager pulled his head out and shook his black mane of hair.  He adored Wufei’s unbound waterfall of ebony silk, a perfect compliment to the liquid depths in his eyes.  But these dark tresses had a life of their own, moving and twisting in the air like fire and just as hypnotic.

“Need a hand?” Duo called out in a slightly husky voice.

Ryo spun in surprise at the jovial voice offering assistance.

It was lust at first sight.  The lean hard figure was encased in black leather straddling a black demon of a motorcycle.  A long length of braid lay over one shoulder dangling down to the middle of his chest where a gold cross gleamed in the afternoon sun.  As Ryo was drawn into the deep blue violet tinged eyes and reality seemed far away.  He could no longer smell the dying engine or feel the light breeze on his sweat cooled skin.  A shiver of awareness ran across his nerves at the unconcealed unashamed desire in the stranger’s open gaze.

Ryo found himself floundering and unsure of how to handle the emotions racing through him.  This feeling was very different from the slow natural feeling of his desire for Kento.  Their relationship had been that of best friends for years.  Then one day a tussle on the living room floor after an exciting soccer game had turned into a more intimate embrace.  The shift to lovers had come without awkwardness or hesitation.  

Until this moment he had never felt the temptation or a need for any other man.  The hot throbbing desire he felt for Kento had not prepared him for this flash of pure want.  He could hear each beat of his heart, blood pumped thickly burning like Inferno beneath his skin.  In this moment he could understand what had driven Rowen to have the affair that destroyed his and Sage’s relationship.  Ryo didn’t have time to dwell on his friends’s troubles as he watched the knowing smile spread across the stranger’s face.  

Duo didn’t try to hide his grin of pleasure as he watched the boy struggle with the unexpected desire running through him.  It was no surprise for the Gundam pilot.  Very few people who he met didn’t want him in one way or another.  It wasn’t arrogance but a simple truth he had suspected, but was driven home by Relena and Heero.  Two people so in love it was ridiculous that they weren’t together, each admitted to the pull of his attraction.  Of course, it was pale in comparison to the obsession they had for one another, but forever sealed a welcoming place for him in their lives.  They had given him the confidence to chase after the solitary dragon.

Even the thought of his hard won lover could not cool the raging fire this boy sent racing through is veins.  The red tank top clung to a muscular sweat dampened chest.  He was poured into well worn indecently tight jeans.  Like a Calvin Klein ad the message went straight to his brain. I have to have it.

“I’m pretty good with machines.”

The braided boy parked the bike and strolled over to the van with a confident stride.  His attitude was that of one who knew the affect he had on others and took it as his due.  Unlike Sage’s almost condescending arrogance, his easy grin and laughing eyes said you’d fall for him, but enjoy the ride.

“Uh, sure,” Ryo mumbled the stranger came to stand at his side.

A slim almost delicate hand was thrust his way.  “Name’s Duo Maxwell.”

“Ryo, Sanada Ryo,” he replied hesitantly grasping the offered palm.

Their eyes met as the fission of contact raced across sensitive nerve endings.  They each new of the other’s mutual attraction.  Duo’s calm acceptance and anticipation ran completely opposite of Ryo’s panicked guilt.

Ryo broke the contact quickly as an embarrassed blush ran over his cheeks.  

The betraying color published his reaction for all to see.  As Duo made the decision to seduce the attractive flustered  man before him, he spared Wufei barely a thought.  Duo knew the Shenlong pilot would understand.  Both were committed to their relationship, but neither had any wish to form anything permanent.  They were young and if they survived the war, a long life before them.  Commitments and promises could wait.  Till then each was free to live life in any way he chose.

“Let me have a look,” Duo deliberately brushed against a flushed Ryo, moving to gaze under the hood.

The bearer of Wildfire clung to the thought of Kento.  He couldn’t suppress the rise of guilt and sense of betrayal.  Even with Rowen’s example, it never occurred to Ryo that he could be attracted to anyone but his lover.  Theirs was an open loving relationship that he couldn’t face losing.  He could never hurt his best friend and partner is such a way.  The way Duo’s braid lay just touching the crack in his ass wasn’t as attractive as it seemed.  Damn it, when did black become so sexy?

Ryo’s attention was drawn from his inner thoughts by the expression of confusion on Duo’s face.  “What is it?”

“This is supposed to be an engine right?”

“Yeah,” answered Ryo confused.

“Which mad scientist did you have working on this?” Duo joked to himself.


“Sorry man, private joke.  I don’t know how to tell you this pal, but I’m surprised you made it two feet with this thing, much less out here in the middle of nowhere.  For that miss matched jumble to actually run defies all mathematical probability.”

“Kento never was any good at math.”

“Well, I can’t fix the van, but I can give you a ride back home,” Duo offered innocently.

“I… uh… well…” Ryo stuttered, feeling like the proverbial moth to flame.  He didn’t know how long he could resist the temptation Duo offered.   Especially if this leather clad wet dream decided to press the issue.

“C’mon, it’s not like I am going to molest you on the bike.”  He teased, watching Ryo’s flush of embarrassment.  God, he was gorgeous with that high color in his cheeks enhancing his clear blue eyes.

It’s five miles back to Mia’s place* and he was right.  What could possibly happen while ridding a bike? Ryo found himself thinking.  He could almost feel the little devil on his shoulder whispering in his ear. Kento couldn’t get mad about accepting a ride home.  Oddly he could not come up with a single reason not to accept Duo’s offer.  Besides the fear that if he touched the stranger he would be unable to stop.

It was a mistake.  He knew it the minute he accepted, but Duo wasn’t giving him a chance to change his mind.  So here he sat straddling the sleek purring bike.  Duo tossed him a helmet, “here wear this.  When you flirt with death you can’t be too careful,” he said, grinning as if he’d cracked a joke.

“What about you?”

“Babe, when it’s my time, nothing is going to stand in the reaper’s way,” Duo replied, climbing on.

Gripping the back of the slick seat Ryo struggled to keep as much space between them as possible.  Duo glanced over his shoulder, a spark of mischief gleaming in his eye.  “You can’t ride like that.”  Reaching back he gripped Ryo’s legs just under the knee, pulling him forward until his lap was pressed tight against him.

“Hold tight.”

Ryo wrapped his arms around Duo’s slim waist as the engine roared to life.  The tires emitted a sharp squeal as they quickly gained speed tearing down the road.

Duo’s braid streamed out like a tail behind them as they ate up the miles toward Mia’s.  The crisp autumn wind quickly chilled Ryo’s bare skin, while he burned where their bodies pressed together.  The vibrations of the engine only seemed to heighten his body’s awareness.

Duo grinned like a maniac at the open road.  There was no way for Ryo to hide his body’s reaction molded together as they were.  He fought the urge to draw Ryo’s hand down to the bulge in his own pants.  Duo maintained control.  His prey wasn’t ready for such a bold move.  Patience Maxwell, patience.

All too soon a huge white house came into view.  Duo gave a low whistle as he slowed to a stop in the drive.  Hanging around Relena and Quatre he was used to large residences, but Ryo just didn’t look like the type to live in a place like this.

“Nice place.”

Duo mourned the shortness of the ride as Ryo leapt off the minute the vehicle came to a stop.

Ryo pulled off the helmet, his face flushed and breath coming in quick gasps. The short jaunt home felt like it would never end.  It wasn’t that Duo had done anything to warrant his skittishness.  It was his own reaction to the want in Duo’s eyes that had him frightened.  He was home now and for his own peace of mind Duo needed to leave.  

Yet, as he stood there gazing at the boy’s cheerful face, he couldn’t form the words.  Though Duo put him on edge and the sexual attraction made him uncomfortable, under different circumstances they could have been friends.  Kento would have liked him.  They both had easy smiles and laughing eyes.  There was also the underlying sense of danger.  Kento’s was a by-product of his large size.  While Duo, there seemed to be a darkness hidden under the shining smile.  Ryo was ashamed to admit he just couldn’t trust himself.  Duo had to go.

“It… uh… belongs to a friend, but she lets us live here.”

“Us?” Duo prompted.

“Me and the guys.  Sai, Rowen, Sage, and Kento.

“Five guys shacking up with one gal.  So, which of you got the girl?”

“Sai,” he answered looking nervously between the house and Duo.

“Which one did you get?” he asked, a teasing smile twisting his lips.

“Kento,” Ryo said in a rushed whisper.  He immediately felt relief wash through him just saying the name.  Now Duo knew he wasn’t single and nothing could happen between them.  

‘So, he already likes guys,’ thought Duo smugly, ‘that will make it even easier.  He seems a little antsy about the whole boyfriend thing, but he’s so on edge it shouldn’t be hard to overcome.  Any twinge of guilt he might have felt was drown out by the urge to capture those flame like black strands and kiss the pink lips that Ryo nibbled so enticingly.

Ryo’s peace was short lived.  He was disconcerted to notice that Duo’s expression didn’t appear disappointed, but if possible more predatory.

“And where is he while you were stuck on the roadside?” Duo asked casually, pulling his braid over one shoulder and undoing the rubber band.

Ryo’s mouth went dry as he watched Duo slowly unwound the strands.  “I-in… In town I think,” he rasped, struggling past his parched throat.

Duo’s smile of pleasure was hidden behind the curtain of chestnut strands freed from his braid.  With a calculated flip of the head the hair flew into a wide arc around his shoulders.  Judging by the stunned look on Ryo’s face the action had had the desired effect.

“Hey, Ryo, can I use your bathroom?”  Duo asked turning the engine off, “I can’t go anywhere until I fix my hair.”

“Oh… umm… uh… yeah,” mumbled Ryo incoherently.

What are you doing?! his mind screamed as soon as the words dripped past his lips.  The big empty house did not hold any feeling of security and offered too many flat surfaces for his peace of mind.

Ryo mentally railed at himself as he led the way to the door.  Stupid. Fool. Idiot.  What is wrong with you?  You’ve seen hair before.  But not like that.  It was so long.  So you aren’t the only person who wears it at an unfashionable length.  And it looked so soft.  Stop right there.  You aren’t actually thinking of touching it?  You are!  Get a hold of yourself!

So wrapped up in his internal argument, Ryo forgot who was waiting on the other side of the door.

Duo was considering his next move as Ryo turned the door knob.  He was forced to stumble back as a large white body bound out the door and slammed Ryo to the ground.

“What the fuck?!”  Duo instinctively reached for his gun.  His would be lover was buried under the body of a huge white tiger.  The creatures attention appeared to be centered on the struggling boy beneath it.  Drawing his weapon the Gundam pilot took careful aim and clicked off the safety.  At the tiny sound Duo found himself staring into the intelligent eyes of a truly deadly beast.  With Ryo’s cries of stop ringing in the air Duo didn’t hesitate, pulling the trigger.

In a move reminiscent of Heero, the tiger dodged the bullet and knocked the Deathscythe pilot down.  The gun went skittering across the gravel well out of reach.

Of all the ways he imagined dying, getting mauled to death by a tiger never occurred to him.  Hundreds of successful missions, dozens of stupid suicidal risks, multiple narrow escapes, and he walked away unscathed.  That he would die trying to have a little fun had to be the biggest irony.

“Are you ok?” came Ryo’s terrified shout.

“Um, not…”  Duo trailed off as Ryo turned not to him, but the enormous tiger.

Ryo frantically looked for the bullet hole.  “Did he hit you boy?”  Finding no bloody wound or crimson soaked fur he sighed in relief.  He threw his arms around White Blaze’s neck and clung for a few moments.

Duo tried to remain still and quiet, he really did, but Ryo didn’t seem in any hurry to move and those fangs were much too close for comfort.  “Uh… Ryo?  A little help here?”

Ryo finally pulled away enough to look down at the pinned Gundam pilot.  “What were you thinking?  You could have hurt him!”

“Well, I was sort of worried about him hurting you.  Usually getting attacked by a tiger is considered a bad thing.”

“Attacked?  He wouldn’t hurt a fly.”

“hehe… right.” Duo laughed nervously, not believing a word of it.

“Wouldn’t hurt a fly.” Duo snorted to himself as he wrapped a towel around his waist.  He should actually be thanking the white beast.  The assault had given him the perfect excuse to get wet and naked.  Ryo couldn’t deny him the use of the shower after his wallowing in the gravel drive.

Duo left the bathroom and followed the sound of Ryo muttering.  He entered a kitchen, where Ryo was talking to himself leaning over the sink.

“Thanks for the shower,” Duo said.

Ryo turned around obviously intending to say something, but instead stood there with his mouth parted gazing at the half naked Gundam pilot.  Duo gave him a smile and walked toward his stunned prey.

Ryo couldn’t stop staring.  Duo had the smallest towel possible slung low on his hips.  The muscles of his chest rippled under the skin.  The gold cross dangled perfectly between dusky nipples.  Ryo’s heart was thundering in his chest.  He was so dazed that by the time he realized Duo was moving, they were barely an arms length apart.

Ryo took a couple hasty steps back came to an abrupt halt. The cool surface of the frig pressed against his back blocking his retreat. With no where to run and uncertain if he would have given the chance, Ryo watched the pilot stalk toward him. He couldn’t stop the rush of excitement that washed through him. The realization that this beautiful devil wanted him and meant to have him touched the cord of his previously non-existent ego.  Duo quickly closed the few feet separating them.  
“It won’t hurt, I promise,” said Duo as his lips settled over Ryo’s.  Ever so softly they caressed.  Gently touching, slight suction.  It was so sweet.  They teased, they tempted, begging him to open up and join them.  With a final whimper, Ryo submitted.
When he felt the lips part and Duo took complete advantage slipping his tongue inside and plundering Ryo’s depths.  He sunk his fingers into those fascinating black locks.  Angling Ryo for a deeper penetration.  Stepping forward he ground his arousal against Ryo’s hard length.

“Holy Shit”

Ryo ripped his lips away to stare in guilty horror over Duo’s shoulder.  “K… k… Kento.”

Duo felt a twinge of guilt at Ryo’s pain filled voice.  The poor guy really was in love.  He couldn’t let his would be lover suffer because of his out of control desires.  If he assumed full credit for seducing Ryo, maybe the guy would take all his anger out on him.   He owed Ryo that much.  Resignly, he turned to face the most likely enraged lover.

“Hell.”  Duo felt a sinking feeling in his gut as he looked at the man in the doorway.  Ryo’s lover casually held the massive tiger like a house cat.  White Blaze gave him what he would swear was a knowing smirk before hopping down and trotting out of the room.  Not that he thought on it long with the now unobstructed view of Kento’s muscular form.  Water clung to chest and shoulders slowly slipping down over hard abbes to indecently tight swimming trunks.  Damp grey blue locks framed a stubborn jaw and short thick neck.  Eyes like storm clouds watched them with surprise, jealousy, and no small amount of lust. “Oh, damn.”