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by Nova

Teen Titans (Animated)
(a series of PWP/Lemon dreams by Raven)


She was surrounded by blurry gray bodies. They were moving and swaying to the thumping beat that seemed to radiate through everything. She recognized the club her friends liked to frequent.

The gyrating bodies were very close, but always pulled back just short of touching her. The band on stage were just vague shapes. They moved about as if playing, but she could not hear any music; only the pounding beat that radiated through her body.

At first she fought to stay removed. She did not want to feel whatever emotion drove the faceless crowd. Control was instinctive, even in this obviously dream environment.

The drumming didn’t slow. It continued to throb through her, her skin tingling. She could feel the rush of her blood with each in tempo beat of her heart. It sought to consume her, rolling over her in waves.

Raven fought, tried to remain separate. Each emotion isolated, controlled, that was the key. But the edges were blurred, she couldn’t grab onto or hold the feeling crawling through her. The shell that kept the world out cracked and crumbled at her feet. The emotions burst over her, engulfing her in so many sensations.

She found herself moving, joining the crowd, worshiping the beat. Her hands came up, sinking into her hair as her body gave in. A small part of her mind insisted that this was not like her, that she should fight. It was drowned out by the pumping of her blood. Her arms reached for the ceiling and the relentless beat consumed her. She moved and swayed, becoming one with the crowd.

She broke free for a moment with the shock of a pair of arms wrapping around her waist. They pulled her back against a hard male body. The beat throbbed through him and back into her. Once again, she was overwhelmed. Her skin burned where he touched. Trails of fire followed as he stroked down over her hips and thighs, his expert hands massaging her body. Her breath came in short gasps as desire rolled over her.

She could feel his warm breath brush her ear. A tongue gently traced over the shell. She let her head fall to the side to give him better access. The edge was followed to the lobe which he worried with his teeth. Each little tug sent shock waves through her system, centering at her core where she burned. The lips moved down, sucking and biting, his tongue drawing patterns on her skin. A moan forced its way out of her throat and she sank her fingers into his short soft locks. It felt so good, so good.

Their bodies continued to move with the beat. One hand moved up to cup a breast. Nimble fingers teased the tight nipple. She gasped at the feel of him against her naked flesh. Had she been wearing clothes? Where’d they go? These thoughts flickered briefly and were quickly swept away. His other hand settled on her hip pulling her tight against him, so that with every move she could feel his hardness grinding against the small of her back. It made her blood flow faster as the beat increased.

Passion roared through her. Only he and the beat existed.

The hand on her hip slid down to cup her heat. She moaned in pleasure, arching against his fingers. Vaguely she felt a smile curl against her skin, but her focus was on the hands that plucked and played her so expertly. Each movement of his fingers sent tremors through her body. They slid inside her moist passage pumping in time with the beat.

The tempo continued to increase. The pleasure was building and building. How was she going to stand the pressure? Her lover lifted his head to look her in the eye. His green eyes twinkled at her knowingly, a familiar arrogant smile on his lips. Then his thumb found her and she shattered.
Raven opened her eyes staring at the ceiling above her bed. Her heart was thundering in her chest and she could barely catch her breath. The sheets were damp with sweat.

One word escaped her in a whispered gasp: “Speedy.”

Dream 7