I have been writing fanfiction since 1998.  I was inspired and encouraged to write by the wonderful ladies (and gentlemen) of Minkland.  They were a group devoted to the promotion enjoyment and exploitation of Ronin Warriors Yaoi.  Without their wonderful encouragement and tutelage I don’t know who I would be today.  They were an amazing group to who I can never thank enough.  The website may be gone, but they will live forever in me.  Love you guys!!!


Now that having been said.  I am not claiming to be a good writer.  Most of what I write is just garbage as far as I am concerned.  Be that as it may, I have the writing bug and am compelled to put words on paper.  Here you will find what I am working on and what is inspiring me today.

I am going to attempt to post regularly, but that remains to be seen, since I have never accomplished it in the past.

I need to share my work with someone.  Without feedback a writer cannot grow or improve.

So, here goes…  Wish me luck.